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OSU to play WSU at Qwest Field in 2011


If you want to see a "discussion" about this, please visit CougCenter! It's a little heated over there...

WSU featured in this weeks "Schadenfreude"


If you guys don't regularly check out Brian Cook's excellent writing (he's the guy who does the BlogPoll and This Week in Schadenfreude), you should. They're always good for a chuckle or two. This week our victory over OSU is the top story!


Thinking NCAA Tourney - The Pac-10's Chances to Impress

Since our conference performed so pitifully last year, I thought it would be helpful to go through all the important non-con games. As we all know, better performance here will likely result in...

Apple Cup will be televised on Versus


Wow, it will be nationally televised. I wonder how many people will really watch? I will!

Three Cougs All-District Academics!


Sometimes I feel like academics doesn't get enough emphasis in college sports (gee I wonder why). Ted Miller has a list of Pac-10 athletes which made the District 8 All-Academic team, and you can find a full list of each district's athletes along with GPA and major here (pdf). Karstetter is majoring in zoology, Chima is in Poli Sci, and Hannam is a CivE. I'm very proud of my fellow Cougs! Side note: one of Wulff's Eastern recruits also made the list. We can't forget that one of the goals of the Wulff "administration" was to improve our academics, and this is a good step forward.

WSU players on Phil Steele's midseason All-Pac-10


Travis Long and Marquess Wilson make his 2nd team, while Jared Karstetter and Alex Hoffman-Ellis make the 3rd team. On the minus side, what a horribly designed website. I think my eyes are bleeding. Check out the front page.


Are we actually getting better?

I think most of us agree that the Cougs are looking better this year using the eye test. I wondered if it could possibly show up in statistics as well. So I headed over to to look at...

Hardly anything is as dependable as UCLA K Kai Forbath, who has hit 40 straight field goals inside...


Hardly anything is as dependable as UCLA K Kai Forbath, who has hit 40 straight field goals inside the 50. (me: 40 straight!? I knew he was good, but that good?)

Bud Withers

Very cool Pac-12 division scenario (with pretty pictures!)


I think this has been discussed here before, but I wanted to put this out there for other people to see, just in case. It is a pretty interesting division alignment scenario where I actually think everyone would be happy. Or at least mostly happy.

Create your own playoff race scenario


I created a spreadsheet with all the current results for the MLS regular season, just in W-L-T format. The result is a home / away table with blank spaces for games to be played. If anyone is interested, you can use it for a quick check on, for example, just how many home games Chicago has left (and against whom?). Or you can input results yourself, predicting how each team will finish out the season and seeing who makes the playoffs.

Nice Grippi article on Montgomery


Am I the only person who didn't realize Montgomery's recovery wasn't from acute compartment syndrome, but actually from microfracture surgery? James says he would have played spring ball otherwise! Overall, great article. Brian's edit: Bumped. Truly amazing how he recovered from such a serious, potentially life-threatening injury.

OKC releases Kyle Weaver


Some of you have probably seen this already, but I wanted to put it out there for the rest of us. Weaver is done in OKC, he just couldn't quite crack the roster. Early (unconfirmed) reports indicate he has an offer on the table from at least one European team, but I wouldn't be surprised if he tries to stay in the NBA.

New USC AD has the right attitude


Pretty interesting story on ESPN about the new SC athletic director. The story also mentions that USC is essentially erasing all memory of Bush and Mayo.

My cabal of benevolent television executives advises me that the Texarkana market will be worth...


My cabal of benevolent television executives advises me that the Texarkana market will be worth billions. Sold.

Fake Dan Beebe Twitter :) Thanks to ProbablyMonty on ATQ

Masoli is done


Masoli has been kicked off the Oregon football team... surprised?

From the conspiracy files, Pac-10 fan meetup in Denver


The Associate Commissioner of the Pac-10 (Eric Price) will be there... Why is it held in Denver? HMMMM

Ryan Leaf pleads guilty in drug and burglary case


$20K fine, 10 years probation. Hope he's learned his lesson and continues on the road to recovery.

"They're not even that good. They just played a good game tonight. We weren't ready, and they beat...


"They're not even that good. They just played a good game tonight. We weren't ready, and they beat us." Darrington Hobson after getting absolutely spanked. Unbelievable.

Dempsey's winner vs. Juve


Here's Dempsey's chip goal for those who haven't seen it! Sure it'll be on all the MOTD-type shows eventually but I couldn't wait!

Funny conversation with Capers, Casto, and Nik


Don't know if you all have seen this already, but it's a funny chat with three Cougs. I enjoyed it!

Sources: Utah to be invited to join Pac-10


The sources say Utah will be invited but BYU will not. The ABC News article then speculates that Colorado will be the other. You never know about trusting "sources" but it makes sense... brace yourselves gentlemen (and women), I think we're getting larger...


Poll time about Sonic Video

Hi everybody! I have been vocal before about the automatically playing Sonic Video Highlights widget on the sidebar.  Am I the only person who's seen a significant increase in loading time since we...


It's okay guys, the rest of the Pac-10 sucks

Here is my updated look at the Pac-10 non-conference basketball schedule and how excellently the conference has performed. I've sorted the key games thus far into Bad Losses, Bubblicious Losses,...

Klay Thompson is ESPN's Player of the Week


Maybe Andy Katz's love affair with us didn't end with the departure of Tony. "Coaches and administrators have told that this might be the worst Pac-10 in a quarter-century. But the league doesn't lack for stars. Get to know Thompson. He's a wiry scorer who should be putting up big-time numbers all season long for a potential postseason team in Ken Bone's first year in Pullman."


Pac 10 is losing chances to prove the doubters wrong

Okay okay, we all knew the Pac 10 was going to be "down" this year.  It seems like every day I'm hearing or reading about another non-conference loss. I wanted to examine just how bad it was.  If...

Chewbacca assualts women in Pullman


Batman gets in on the action as well. Must have been one crazy Halloween weekend!


Pac 10 Mega-Preview of ASU and UA, Blue Ribbon Style

Here is the last part of my mega-preview, inspecting the basketball teams in the great big state of Arizona.


Pac 10 Mega-Preview of USC & UCLA, Blue Ribbon Style

Here is Part IV of the mega-preview, featuring the LA schools.


Pac 10 Mega-Preview of Cal & Stanford, Blue Ribbon Style

Here is Part III of the mega-preview, focusing on the most opposite rivals this year, Cal and Stanford.


Pac 10 Mega-Preview of OSU & UO, Blue Ribbon Style

Here is Part II of the mega preview! Featured here are Oregon and Oregon State. Enjoy!

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