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I'm sorry I called you an asshole.

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Alabama was disinterested


Anytime an SEC team loses in a bowl game that isn't the national championship game, it's because they're disinterested. It wasn't just Florida.

Don't Trust the Narrative

I watched the UK/Wichita game on Sunday. It was an awesome offensive college basketball game. It was thrilling. It felt like I was watching a heavy weight fight. Wichita State hit big shots. UK...

This January is the worst once since the last one

Doesn't it seem like we've had the worst January ever this year? We've lost 2 games. Both in January. We lost three in a row in January last year, but that was a fluke because that team was really...


Is Louisville a Win at all Costs University?

The University of Louisville Athletics department just finished one of the most remarkable runs in major college sports in the history of college athletics. Tom Jurich has received well-earned...

Gary Parrish LOVES Nickleback


Gary Parish's top 25 (and one) includes Nickleback in the top 10.

Don’t get caught on the Hedonic Treadmill

Let’s start this off with two things we all agree on: 1) We all want to see Louisville repeat as National Champions in 2014 2) UK fans are jerks Losing sucks. It’s no fun. If you live in...


Regional MOP Chane is back

Chane had an off-season filled with murder, prostitutes, and involuntary prostitute manslaughter. He must have had a good lawyer because he back after a one game suspension. Also drugs. lots of...

Proof UK one-and-dones are dumb


Wrong basket, smart guy!



Boeheim passed out

Kentucky is Serious about Avoiding the Memphis/UMass Treatment


When your head coach is Calipari, you can't have enough compliance officers on staff....

Peyton and Gorgui Reunited?


Mock Draft has Gorgs going #17 and Peyton going #50 both to ATL. It would be cool to see that happen. Not sure Gorgui would be happy falling to 17 though.

Russ Smith's Place In U of L History

Much ink has been spilled on how unlikely an All American Russ is. I just noticed something that totally blew my mind- the list of other Cardinal All Americans since Darrell Griffith in 1979: 1...

Five Thirty-Eight Final Four Odds


85% chance of beating Wichita State. 55% chance of cutting down the nets Monday.

Nate Silver Still Loves Louisville


Does anyone do anything but read about basketball this week?

Can you win it all without mercenaries?

Until last year, the question that was on everyone’s mind was: "is it possible to win a championship with one and done players?" Well, UK showed that it is indeed possible if you have enough of them.

Pat Forde: A Tale of Two Cities


This should be required reading for everyone who loves college basketball.

Do U of L's Close Game Struggles Really Matter?

Have you heard that we struggle in close games?

Is Louisville Bad At Closing Games?

Understatement of the year: UL basketball fans are concerned about whether Louisville is bad at closing basketball games.


Would you feel different if this team were 18-2?

Today was not a good day. We lost, and looked bad (offensively) in doing it. We simply did not look like a team capable of making a deep run in March/April. As the more insightful commenters have...

A Samoan Hoax


Pitino jokingly asked Peyton if having a fake girlfriend was a Samoan thing. Manti's girlfriend tried to contact Peyton. Is this sick individual trying to prey on Samoans because their family-centered culture can be exploited? Either way, we should be happy for Siva that he didn't respond to "her" request for attention.

Gregg Dolye = Master Troll


Gregg Doyle will say ANYTHING to get a reaction. He once said this about the best coaching hires of 2007 (he said exactly the same thing about Calipari, too): "Billy Gillispie, Kentucky: Not just a home run, this was a walk-off grand slam. In all of college basketball, and this includes that cute little bugger down there at Florida, Gillispie was the perfect hire for Kentucky. By the time he's done running Louisville out of the state, the Cardinals will be getting their mail in Missouri." His recent column is high level trolling. He makes a back-handed compliment to Pitino, by saying, basically, that the reason he's impressed with Pitino is that he's managed to field a team in the shadow of Calipari. His points are so absurd that they aren't even worth debating. Instead, I say, Bravo, Gregg. You are the original internet Troll. You're a Troll Hipster. You thought it was cool when everyone else thought trolling was just for assholes.

Depaul Finally Getting the Respect it Deserves


Climbing out of the basement. Could this be the year Depaul gets its first Big East Victory? Circle Feb. 5 on your calendars, boys. The day the Villanova Wildcats travel to Allstate Arena could be one for the history books.

Mizzou Turns the Tables on the T-Shirt-Loving Mutants Down I-64


Mizzou Turns the Tables on the T-Shirt-Loving Mutants Down I-64


Howard Schnellenberger just got Interviewed on NBC about Womens Gymnastics

Like every red-blooded American, I'm watching women gymnastics on tape delay from the XXX Olympics . Imagine my surprise when they cut to none other than our beloved Howard Schnellenberger for some...

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