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NPR Hates Rick Pitino, UL, and Probably America


If you're like me, when you think "Louisville Basketball" you think Doctors of Dunk, Rick Pitino, absurdly intense defense, and coconut water. So, imagine my dismay when I came across this NPR story hating on cocunut water. Apparently, coconut water is "not magical" and "no better than regular water." We know the liberal media hates Louisville basketball, but come on. Rick Pitino drinks plenty of other drinks that aren't as expensive and actually replentish electrolytes better than regular water, but NPR can't be bothered to report on that. Where's that story, NPR?

Was the Spring Game Attendance Really that Bad?


There are only a handful of teams with 20K+ attendance. Of all the spring games on Saturday, UL was 16th in attendance, which seems about right. Charlie Strong wanted 20K, but I'm sure he knows how rare that is.


First They Came For The Jean Shorts

And I did not speak out because I do not wear jean shorts. Then they came for the unibrows, And I didn't speak out because I do not have a unibrow. Then they came for the flat tops.... Fellow CC...


Who's Over-/Under- Seeded?

My love for the NCAA tournament is exceeded only by the ridiculous amounts of free time I have. In trying to fill out a bracket, I created a spreedsheet with all the teams and relevant computer...


Why You Cannot Judge a Team's Success Based Soley on the NCAA Tournament

College basketball has indisputably the most exciting ending of all major sports. For folks from the state of Kentucky, March Madness is better than the World Series, Super Bowl, and NBA finals...


Who's better than Pitino?

As a fan base, we're incredibly disappointed by this season. Even those of us who defend Pitino can no longer ignore the obvious criticisms. Personally, I forgot what offense looks like....


Should Fanposts Require Effort?

There has been a lot of debate on CardChronicle about whether people should be criticised for putting only minimal effort into fan posts. I won't reiterate the debate here, but I wonder what the...


Why do we own Syracuse?

The secret's out. We own Syracuse. We haven't lost to Syracuse since Austin Montgomery was still in diapers. The last time we lost to Syracuse, Saddamn Hussein was still running Iraq, Howard Stern...

Andy Glockner Still Doesn't Get It


He calls Villanova a "bottom feeder." That's either stupid or ignorant. They're having a down year. But, this is a team that has won a national championship and more recently been to a final four. Depaul is a bottom feeder. Rutgers is a bottom feeder. Pittsburgh and Villanova are programs with history having a tough stretch. I gave him the benefit of the doubt because he's willing to engage the "regular folk," but this tactic of drumming up page clicks or twitter followers or whatever he's doing is bush league. I'm not saying he's a hack. But, if you said it, I wouldn't argue.


The injuries are entirely CRP's fault, but it's not what you think

Pitino has a reputation for working his players hard. He plays a demanding sort of basketball. Pressure defense. Fast-paced offense.That's why he usually has a 10-man rotation. Pitino has done this...

What if Bryce Cotton had taken his talents to Louisville?


He'd be leading the team in points, 3 point percentage, and free throw percentage. If Chicken Knowles ends up being as good as he obviously will be (i know that doesn't make sense-deal with it), I say we clean out the assistant coaching staff and replace them with Austin Montgomery and Mike Rutherford. UL would be unstopable.


In Defense Of Coach Pitino

Let me start this post with a statement we can all agree on: Coach Pitino* is a master of manipulation through the media. He works in the media like other artists might work in oil or clay...

Pomeroy charging for his stats?

3 is no longer free. I love his stats and his approach to the game, and I've often wondered why he didn't have advertising on his site. That said, I'll quote Mr. Burns on my feelings on this issue: "One dollar for eternal happiness? I think I'll be happier with the dollar."

Start saving your boogers


Our friends at Bleacher Report released a list of the top 100 CBB coaches of all time. A harmless list, eh? Not quite. There are more problems with this list than I can count. And I can count pretty freaking high. First, Adolph Rupp is not #2. Second, the greatest coach and humanitarian of the 21st century is not #1. In fact, he's number 40, and the idiot who wrote it erroneously reported that his first two final fours were vacated (you can't prove anything). Worse yet, axis of evil leader and donkey sodomizer Crum and Pitino (respectively) are ranked ahead of our lord and savior. Now, I don't know who this Thad Novak person is, but we need to retaliate to this blatant disrespect. I'm not trying to oversell what he did, but Thad might as well have punched your 95 year-old grandma in the throat. 1000 Johnnyjoejohnson chron points (JJJCPs) to whoever comes up with the weirdest idea.


Fundamental Attribution Error and Fandom

It’s the dead period. Nothing is happening. The NBA Finals is like watching a Big 10 regular season game, the Champions League ended before most of us heard about it, and what do we have on the...

In the end, the story stamped most of what you already knew about college basketball recruiting:...


In the end, the story stamped most of what you already knew about college basketball recruiting: It's brutal, tireless, travel-filled, unseemly and maybe even a little bit creepy.

Eammon Brennon, ESPN

Ricky Rubio Wouldn't Mind Louisville

I know what you're thinking: "Come on Johnny, Ricky Rubio has been a pro for years. Coach Pitino should focus his energy on recruiting players who could actually end up playing for the cardinals,...

Dodged a Bullet?


Sounds like we may have dodged a (non-sexy) bullet in Tony Wroten not signing with UofL. At the very least I would have had to stop giving UK fans crap about how Eric Bledsoe can't read, and UK fans would have had to stop saying, "Yeah, and now Eric Bledsoe pays people to read for him."

Josh Harrellson is awesome


Any chance he brings the basketball playing stuffed bobcat with him to Wendy's as part of the Jorts tour?


Is good Louisville better than bad Louisville? Or, should we have seen this coming?

Much has been made recently about how Pitino has only been to the elite 8 or beyond 3 times in his 10 seasons at Louisville. In his other 7 seasons, he’s been to the NIT twice, lost in the first...


Do you care whether UK wins or Loses Friday?

UL's out; UK's in. Every single one of us would rather be watching UL play KU this weekend than OSU play UK. We'd rather be in than out. Its human nature. If you don't believe me, just ask this...


Annual Big East Officiating Debate

  Why hasn't a Big East team won the tournament since Syracuse in 2003 despite clearly being the strongest conference over the last 6-7 years? The most common answer that appears to be grounded...


Pittsburgh game as a barometer for the season

Louisville and Pittsburgh have arguably been the two most successful Big East Teams since the merger in 2005. The last three seasons have included some of the most memorable games of the year, and...

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