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Reflections on the 2013-14 Regular Season

From Philly to all over the Association. Thoughts, trends, narratives, and the ups and downs of the regular season.

Reflections on the 2013-14 Regular Season: From Dallas to All Over the Association

Summing up the season. Narratives, storylines, trends, ups, downs, and all overs.

Reflecting on the 2013-14 NBA Season: From Boston to All Over the Association

Summing up the NBA season, with a look at the narratives, trends, and perspectives that come with reading, writing and thinking about the NBA.

Reflecting on the 2013-14 NBA Season: From Memphis to All Over the Association

Summing up the NBA season, with a look at the narratives, trends, and perspectives that come with reading, writing and thinking about the NBA.

Reflecting on the 2013-14 NBA Season: The View From the Bay Area and All Over the Association

Summing up the NBA's regular season, with a look at the way we read, write and think about the NBA. The ups and downs of a long regular season.

Reflecting on the 2013-14 NBA Season - Chicago and Everywhere Else

Summing things up as the regular season winds down. A look at what has been and what could have been. Narratives, storylines, and trends in the NBA and in the NBA blogosphere.

As the Season Winds to a Close, Eastern Conference Thoughts

A look at the Eastern Conference with two weeks remaining in the season.

Q&A with Bulls Aficionado Steve Graham

A brief recap of the highs and lows of the 2013-14 Chicago Bulls season, and a series of questions on the state of the team after Sunday's big win over Miami.

Durant's Meteor Shower and the Wise Sam Presti

This piece describes Durant's streak of domination, his selflessness, the rise of Jeremy Lamb and Steven Adams, and gives Sam Presti some love.

Jordan Crawford's Renaissance

Yes, he has come back to earth after an incredible stretch where he torched the crappy defenses of the East, but the development is real. He will give the bench a much-needed spark.

Missing the Point: The Evolution and Endangerment of the NBA Point Guard

Taking a look at the point guard, the injuries to Rose, Westbrook, Rondo, Paul and others, and the the impact of the three-pointer on the role of the PG in the modern NBA.

Ode to Phil Pressey

In praise of the diminutive young point guard.

Q&A with Knicks Aficionado Henry Most

From Charles Dolan to Carmelo to JR to Shumpert, Henry waxes poetic on the ugly season.

Q&A with Warriors Aficionado David Barnes

Topics discussed: Jermaine O'Neal's post-game comments, teamwork, secondary assist, Coach Jackson, Warriors bandwagon, GSW-OKC, 3-point %, Marreese Speights, favorite and least favorite early season developments.

Bulls Q&A, post-Rose: Steve Graham Offers His Thoughts

State of the Bulls, post-Rose injury: Q&A with Bulls aficionado Steve Graham.

Breaking Down Five Efficient NBA Offenses

This link examines five of the NBA's most efficient offenses (Golden State, Houston, Portland, Minnesota, and Atlanta), by looking at various advanced stats and shot distribution by zones on the floor.

Warriors and Thunder: How the West Might Be Won

Examining the Warriors, Thunder and the Western Conference Contenders, with special attention to the dynamism of both offenses, and the reputation that teams must have a post-up threat and a defense-first identity to win in the playoffs.


The Curious Case of Michael Carter-Williams

Philadelphia 76ers rookie point guard Michael Carter-Williams has started off his NBA career at 100 mph, with alternately tantalizing and disastrous results, depending on the game. The 76ers,...


Bulls Roster Breakdown and Season Preview: Reasons for Optimism

For the past three seasons, the Chicago Bulls have been one of the league’s best teams. For two of those seasons, they had the best record in the NBA. Then, in the 2012 playoffs, their superstar, D...


Dub's Season Preview: A Roster Run-down

As a long-suffering Warriors fan, I don’t do predictions. If you are relatively new to the team or you only go back as far as the "We Believe" years, you probably won’t understand, but here are...


LeBron-Centric Sports Media vs. Small Market Spurs

Are you tired of hearing about LeBron's failures rather than San Antonio's success? Here's something to enjoy: HE WHOSE NAME MUST NOT BE MENTIONED: MR. “L” FROM HERE ON IN June 13, 2013...


Unflappable: Spurs Take Game 1 With Mental Toughness and Heart

What a finish to the best overall game of the NBA season, which also happened to be Game 1 of the NBA Finals. How satisfying, that the biggest stage actually delivered an incredibly crisp and...


Paul George Takes the Leap as Pacers Take Game 2 in Miami

Paul George turned 23 years-old earlier this May, but you wouldn’t know it by his poise and decision-making in Friday night’s Game 2 victory over the Miami Heat. Frank Vogel has got to be...


How the Pacers Can Survive the Heat: Eastern Conference Finals Preview

How the Pacers Can Win Though the Miami praise is running rampant through the sports media world, in part because Bill Simmons happened to attend Game 6 of the Boston-Miami Eastern Conference...


West Finals: Spurs-Grizzlies Preview

San Antonio has home court advantage. San Antonio has Popovich. San Antonio has two big men (Duncan and Spliiter). San Antonio has one great individual wing defender who has a knack for the...

An Ode to Game 6: Preparing to Roar

An ode to the Spurs-Warriors series and the NBA Playoffs.


An Ode to Game 6

The lungs, they are ready…despite all that phlegm. The voices will shout….encourage young men. The year has been long…and short just the same. My Celtics are gone…yet my Warriors remain. ...

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