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Bogut getting blood manipulation treatments


"The Warriors have confirmed that Bogut has received Regenokine injections, a blood-manipulation treatment on his ankle that is similar to the one Lakers star Kobe Bryant had on his right knee during the 2011 offseason and to which he credits his physical revival ever since. The procedure is expected to assist in Bogut's recovery and diminish the inflammation in the ankle."

Andrew Bogut Skype Interview


Andrew Bogut Skype Interview Power Rankings


The Golden State Warriors are ranked 19th. Fair or not fair?

Getting To Know The Rookies with Jim Barnett


Getting To Know The Rookies with Jim Barnett

Practice footage of Dave, Steph, Lou, sophomores, and rookies.


Practice footage of Dave, Steph, Lou, sophomores, and rookies.

Steph Curry Workout Clips


Short clips, but i'll take anything in this lockout!

NBA Rookie Ladder


Good to see good ol' Ekpe getting some recognition.

C-Bell TV


Haha seems like Charlie Bell is pretty funny. I always see people on the team (like Steph) getting along with this guy. Just thought I'd share this video.


Coach Smart is not bad!

We should all just think about it for a second and realize that Coach Smart does not suck.

Biedrins Benched: His Reaction


I think he has to want the starting position back, not humbly let it go. Hopefully he stops sucking and gets back into the starting line-up for playing well.

Keith Smart Defends Radmanovic


Sorry this is like 10 days late but is a look at why Smart was playing Radmanovic so much. Enjoy.

MVP Rankings (so far)


You may be surprised at #5

Warriors Scrimmage - 9/22/10 Featuring Brandan Wright!


Warriors Scrimmage - 9/22/10 Featuring Brandan Wright!

Warriors' 2010 Summer Report Card


Third worst behind Cav's and Raptors. Wow.

Top Shooting Guards in the NBA


Monta Ellis as 11th best shooting guard. "He drove and shot with abandon, and killed as many Warrior runs as he positively contributed to. " Anthony Morrow as 24th best shooting guard

More on Stephen Curry's ankle


"The team is calling it a mild sprain and listing Curry as day-to-day. 'He’ll be fine,' head coach Mike Krzyzewski said afterward." Looks to be alright


Stephen Curry Tweets

I was reading some of Stephen Curry's tweets and thought I would compile them in a fanpost so it's easier and more enjoyable for you guys to read.  I found a lot of them pretty interesting.  Sorry,...

Reggie Williams on Summer League


Reggie Williams for Summer League MVP!!! "I was kind of hoping for it, but after the injury, I probably lost out on it. You never know. We'll see."

Rookie Ladder (Drew Packham on Summer League)


Rookie Ladder Cousins at #1 (damn it) 2 guys playing for LAL in top 4 (double-damn it) Wall third now Of course, Reggie owns those guys right???

Warriors Summer League Interview: Reggie Williams


Warriors Summer League Interview: Reggie Williams

Do we really want this guy on our team? Lol


Do we really want this guy on our team? Lol

Rookie Rankings for 2010 - 2011 Class


"Let me just start by saying I'm sorry for leaving the Warriors' first-round pick, Ekpe Udoh, off the below list." Sigh, this guy says Udoh is not in the top 9 rookies so far. "Just remember, Alan, it's a long season." However, he acknowledges that anything can happen. I enjoyed reading the Rookie Rankings last year so here it is.

New logo on Yahoo!


Saw this on the front page of Cool to get a little bit of national attention and people seem to like the new logo.

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