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Mike fought the Law and the Law…um…something

Yesterday on 97.5, some incredibly ingenious program director got Keith Law, national ESPN writer, to come on to Mike Missanelli’s radio show on the  ESPN affiliated radio station to discuss...


Next Year!

Who's excited for next year? Full year of Cliff Lee? Hamels will return to form. Chooch turning into a stud. More Werth antics. Beating the Mets! How long til pitchers and catchers report?



Look, some person who is not smart, most people around here probably hate you.  You may have hit your wife in public, or maybe you have complained about your role 100s of times, and there might...



Popular Searches Halloween Philadelphia Phil… New York Yankees Michael Jackson T… College Football … Top Scary Movies Adam Sandler Willem Dafoe DJ Hero Them Crooked Vult… Take...

Better to be lucky...

Better to be lucky than good. Burnett = lucky, Pedro = good.

FanPost shows us some big time homer love;_ylt=AsdrvheAMZdCBGd0eibiE6oRvLYF The Phillies have 7 of the top 10 post season homeruns in their book.  At first I thought it was just NL since...


Biggest ERA difference ever?

I have to imagine that Lidge has set the largest gap in ERA for any reliever with over like 50 innings, in the history of baseball between last year and this year.

What makes the Phillies so good?

Why are the Phillies so good? They don't give away outs.

Phils lose, Lidge blows save, nothing to see here, move along...

Phils can't score against starter, Phils take the lead against reliever, Phils lose the because of their closer.   Anything else happen I didn't mention?


Ryan Howard...HOF?

Howard is certainly a controversial figure in the saberworld.  One one hand, he puts up great counting stats and very good rate stats.  On the other hand, his counting stats overshadow his rate...

Phils being sneaky with 40

Not a fan of this rule. You have the 40 man for players who are injured. I don't blame the Phils, glad they are taking advantage, but the rule should be changed.


Anyone see Carlos Pena's stats?

96 hits 22 2B 2 3B 37 HR 61 XBH 35 Singles 64% of his hits have been for extra bases.  I wonder what the highest percentage for a qualified hitter has been.


Joe Mauer and .400

Does he have a shot (well, of course he HAS a shot)?  His chances looked dim on July 29th after an 0-3 left him at .353.  Since then he has gone 36-84, batting .480.  Yeah, after "dropping" to...


Demote Lidge, promote Ho?

Obviously we have to do something about him.  I still like him, but the dude is a total basketcase right now.  Afraid to throw strikes and when he does, they go over the wall. Any chance we...

What's going on with Cole?

Cole Hamels has been unlucky with his defense


Dusty Baker killing more young pitchers?

Edison Volquez is getting Tommy John and is Johnny Cueto next? Cueto's ERA has been going up since the Phils destroyed him in early July.  He is just 23 years old and his pitch count looks like...

Phillies Breakfast Links, August 3, 2009: There's no place like home, Dog days don't mean you bring em to the park, Amaro is a cool cucumber

Phillies Breakfast Links, August 3, 2009: There's no place like home, Dog days don't mean you bring em to the park, Amaro is a cool cucumber


Mike Scott 1986

It's a little random to bring up this guy, but I was looking through some of Schmidty's years and noticed that Mike Scott won the Cy Young (well deserved) in 1986 with this line. 18-10 2.22 ERA...


What should the rotation be?

I am leaning towards this: HamelsLeeBlantonHappPedro This is more than just about wanting Moyer out of the rotation, but this is about making smart financial moves.  Moyer has escalator clauses...

Guess the minor leaguers...

That's right boys and girls, it's time for another round of...Guess the Minor Leaguers!  This is where I give you a minor's career line and you have to guess who it is, no cheating!  Are you...


Prediction: Utley sits today

And Brunt gets a chance to lower his awful numbers.  Utleys been in a little bit of a funk since Florida. His OPS has gone from 1.004 to .964 with 4 hits in his ;ast 27 ABs since July 17th and...

Phillies and Halladay Twits!

Post em if you got them, even if they seem crazy or insane!   "MLBXM & MLBNetwork are reporting Phillies are close to deal for Cy Young pitcher Roy Halladay....


Is Tommy Hanson for reals?

Seriously, the dude is 5-0 and people get the chills when they talk about him, but his numbers look kinda bleh to me. 48 IP 38 H 5 HR 36 K 23 BBColor me unimpressed.  Am I missing something here?


No Mo Moyer, please

Moyer is done.  Will he be able to shut down stupid teams every now and then?  Sure.  But the dude is somehow 9-7 with 5.65 ERA. Game Runs 1: 42: 43: 44: 15: 56: 77: 78: 39: 410: 111: 212: 31...


Amaro's legacy about to be written...

Half way through his first year as GM.  If he fails on Halladay and someone else gets him, Amaro (fair or not) will be crushed.  If he overpays for Halladay and we win...success. I want to see...


Trade Victorino?

I have been thinking about this for a while and I think this is the best move to make for the Phillies.  Vic is still fairly young and inexpensive and has reached his likely peak value...ever. ...

Meet your bipolar Phillies

Phils are bipolar, which is probably better than schizophrenia and much better than severe depression.


Platoon Pitchers?

Non-Phillies idea here, but I was wondering if it would make sense to platoon pitchers.  If you had Micah Owings on your team (and maybe Dontrell Willis of old), you basically put on in left field...


Take that old fat man Zimmer... Zimmer Goes DownHere is a silly like of a recording of a video and some Yankee's fan. Down Goes Zimmer

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