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Phils on pace for...

6 guys to score at least 98 runs (possibly all over 100).  I wonder if that has ever been done before.

Werth an All-Star

Looks like #20 got him in.


On second thought regarding Halladay...

I think I may be backing off of the Halladay bandwagon.  The dude is good, we all know that.  But, let's look at his comparables on BR.   Tim Hudson (970) Don Newcombe (945) Mike Mussina...

Shane Victorino has won the Final Vote.

He is headed to St. Louis. Zol is twitting away...


Time to drop Howard in the lineup

Besides the obvious that Howard and Utley should be split up so that a Loogy doesn't come in without facing a righty, Howard's OBP should put him behind guys who get on base, not in front of...

Cole and Shane plus 20

Phillies and 19+ run games.

We've been REAL lucky people...

But now we have to step it up.  A lot has been made about BP's 3rd order wins and how the Mets are significantly better than us.  Instead of looking into that since the statistic is fairly...


Obscure Phillies

This will be a group project.  Post your links to obscure Phillies, ones you remember or don't.  Reading WholeCamel's link about Doug Glanvile, I was wondering when the Phils started off 0-14...

Do the Phillies need a #1/#2?

We all know the Phillies need one more pitcher.  Myers filled the role perfectly last year coming back from the minors and pitching lights out.  While a lights out pitcher would be great, we...


Can't stop being Werthy...

Ok, lame title, but Werth has been smokin... 10 plate apperances, 10 times on base, a ton of walks and a homer.  OBP went up over 20 points in 1 day.  The prior two PAs were a sac fly and a...


Back away from the bridges people...

Remove your head from the nooses, put down the gun, stop sharpening the knives, turn off the toaster, stay away from the prositutes...   All that matters is winning the NL Least.  We are 2...

MLB, it's time to fix things...

The American League holds two clear advantages over the National League. Time to balance the books.


Where is Pedro Martinez?

Anyone got the scoop on him?  I have read in a few places teams are thinking about him.  Is he still unable to pitch, cause I am not sure what there is to think about especially since someone...



Not to kill the vibe of this great win/demoralizing loss vibe, but we almost got bit again on the LH LH LH Utley, Howard and Ibanez.  Feliciano comes in and shuts them all down.  That is where...


Pump us up on Amazon

Shameless stuffing the ballots is ok with me (and MattS too).

Phils Dodgers Series Photo Review

 Thursday, June 4th Cole Vs Clayton    I call this one the Chicken Dance Changeup. I feel like I should have thrown the ball already. I dodge your double arm leg swipe you fool! H...


New and Improved Chase Utley?

Don't know if anyone has noticed it, but Chase is a patient man.  At least he has been this year. BB Rate: 2005: .110 2006: .085 2007: .082 2008: .091 2009: .149 That is a huge jump for...

BUMP: Phillies hate Philly

Editor's note: This was originally posted in June 2008.  Updating the comments section with more current information. It's true, we suck.  Yesterday, I was listening to Chase talk about his...



Ths Phillies have the second best winning percentage in baseball.  Not sure what to make of it...


Phillies are closing the gap...

OPS For: .811 OPS Against: .813 Homeruns For: 69 Homeruns Against: 75   For a while, the OPS For and Against were separated by 30 or more points.  Thanks Nats, you cure all that ails us. ...

Phils For Reals or Pretends?

The Phillies are 28-20 and a half a game up in the NL East.  Everything seems bright and peachy, does it not?  Of course, looking at it a bit more, there are plenty of things to be concerned...


Congrats Matt!

MattS Baseball Prospectus Idol

Phillies are homers

Phillies Pitchers Homers Myers Blanton Moyer Hamels

Not putting the ball in play

What happens (and doesn't happen) when a player doesn't put the ball in play.


Hello cliff...I am Garrett Atkins

Garrett Atkins


ARod's line...

ARod's line


Joe Sheehan rips Moyer

Jamie Moyer Baseball Prospectus article


Dan Haren?

Can we get him?  Tell me we can.  Zona is in the crapper.  He is awesome.  Can we trade everyone for him?


What's up with Chase?

Chase doubles

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