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On Ibanez, Burrell, and "Consistency"

Pat Burrell Vs Raul Ibanez and consistency

Lineup talk

Discussion of possible lineups for the 2009 Phillies.

Hamels Hurt?

Hamels Hurt?

The Traveling Trophy part deux

Me and the Trophy




Is it the means or the ends?

What is more important, getting to the finish line or how you got there?  Most people will say getting to the finish line.  If I do it the ugly way, who cares?  Well, while in theory that is...


I think I am about to go out on top...

I am inching closer to retiring from baseball.  The Phillies won the World Series despite themselves.  What more can I possibly ask for.  They let Pat Burrell go and then sign a worse version...

Excellence at its finest...

Germans bomb Ruben Amaro

Sigh, we haven't won a championship in...


World Series Game 5: Pre-game chat Part II: The Final Three Innings

World Series Game 5: Pre-game chat Part II: The Final Three Innings


Cole vs God...

Call it a draw after God cheated.  I might be the only one who wanted to see them finish the game in the rain.  I  thought it was great.  I didn't like the fact that Cole gave up that last run,...

World Series Game 5: Pre-game chat

World Series Game 5: Pre-game chat

My WS MVP predictions and other stuff...

My WS MVP predictions and other stuff...


Loading the bases in the 9th+...

I was thinking about the decsion to load the bases to get a force play at hom because of the runner on third.  The more I think about it, the more I realize just how bad of a play it was last...

World Series Game 4: Pre-game chat

World Series Game 4: Pre-game chat

World Series Game 2: Pre-game chat

World Series Game 2: Pre-game chat

World Series Game 1: Pre-game chat

World Series Game 1: Pre-game chat

Keys to the Cadillac...

Now that we have had some time to let the World Series and the Tampa Bay Rays sink in, it's time to look at the keys to attaining our first World Series since 1980 and the second overall.

Big game tonight...

While the title is certainly an understatement, I mean, all these games are BIG, tonight's is especially big.  I think it not only our best pitching matchup but also gives the Phillis an...

Cholly, it's time to come out firin'!

Time to take a look at what we have on the bench and put the players in the best position to win.  That means using the lefty lineup today.  Not so much because Lowe is worse against lefties (he...

Playoff Rotation

I think the short 5 game series in the first round puts extra emphasis on your top starters.  It is possible to have two excellent pitchers start 4 of the 5 games (with only one going on short...


Phillies need to capitalize

Off of the bomb scare yesterday.  They need to throw some chili, cheese wiz, hot sauce and pickles onto a hotdog and call it the Bomb Dog.  I know I won't eat it, but there are a ton of fat slobs...

Best Case Scenario

To me, the best case scenario has nothing to do with the individual teams and matchups, but rather, limiting the exposure of their best players against ours.  Since there is nothing we can do to...

Phillies Tidbits

Entering the last week of the season, I figured I'd try to look at some interesting stats. Hamels: 220.3 IP Assuimg Cole makes his next start and pitches 2+ innings, he'll be on pace to have the...

Playoff Odds

Even the most cynical of statistical analysis has to agree that odds are what keep people involved.  If your team has a 1% chance of making the playoffs, well, then you probably are watching...

Brett Myers III

Call me crazy, but this is one of the images I get in my head when I think of Brett Myers this year...   This was the epic battle performed while he was in the minors.  Good versus evil...

Thank you small sample size...

We can debate what is a good sample and what is not, but I think everyone in the world can agree that 1 AB is not  (unless it is a Derek Jeter post season AB).  So often in my life does the small...


While driving this evening, I was having my ears bled out by listening to WIP who always caters to the lowest common demoninator fan and justifying it by calling it passion.  The host, whom I...

Phillies DIPS

While responding to dajafi's Kendrick post, I decided to look at the DIPS ERAs for all the Phillies pitchers.  For those unaware, DIPS stands for defense independent pitching stats and was coined...

Those damn expectations...

They will kill you.  We certainly have developed a feeling of deservedness.  What is good can always be better.  The old version is always better than the new one.  How quickly we forget what...

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