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THE shoes with excised (and edited) Rockets label. They are not responsible for the blowout (she...


THE shoes with excised (and edited) Rockets label. They are not responsible for the blowout (she says with fingers crossed). They WILL be attending the game Tuesday so if you feel they do have an effect, please say your little magic words over them (no need to publish them).


Oh no, what shall I do?

I wanted some cool new shoes to wear to the playoffs.  I craved some solid red ones, but as I waited till this afternoon to look that was not to be. I did find a nice pair of white and black...

Good comments from MB

He didn't even mention Greg's sinuses. "...what happens if the Rockets do come to Portland and steal one of the first two? How will the Baby Blazers react to that? That's the only reason why I do now feel that in game one there will be a different kind of pressure on the Trail Blazers. Maybe it's actually a blessing that they haven't been in this situation before. Maybe they truly don't know they're supposed to be nervous. All season long they've been the kids who have crashed though the glass ceiling in this league, and have discarded the notion that youth doesn't win in the NBA."

Portland <3 Rudy - is it more weirdness?

Tangent from a previous fanshot, but it's about to drop out of the top fifteen, so figured a comment there would get lost so ... In JA Adande's chat he made the following comment "...for whatever reason, NBA fans haven't really taken to European players." Don't think that's true here. Sabonis was certainly a fan favorite. And Ruuuudy. And Nic.... Is this part of keeping Portland weird? (Personally, I prefer "quirky" to "weird", but weird is probably too entrenched to be replaced.) Or is it just that fans here tend to adopt ALL the Blazers and it has nothing to do with euro-ness? Do fans of other teams embrace their former players like we do? JJack got a big welcome. Lionel Hollins got a big hand during intros when we played the Grizz. OK, few cheers for Telfair, but Damon usually got a warm welcome.


How long is "too long"? (With poll!)

Last night on the 5th Quarter Antonio Harvey said that it would be 3-5 years before we won a championship.   While reading boppitywop's fanpost about an early plea for sanity I wondered if the...

Greg needs 4 games to get in stride

Brian Hendrickson charts Greg's "returning from injury" stats. Hope this is the last time this needs to be referenced....


If the Blazers played baseball ...

I've been having Blazer infused dreams nearly every night,  probably because of the intensity of season end.  Last night's involved baseball.  I haven't paid baseball the slightest attention,...


Almost O.T. - Sportsmanship redux

At first I thought bringing up this subject again would be beating a dead horse, but then I thought that the horse wasn't dead; although it had been ridden hard last week it was far from dead. ...


Do we need more drawers?

I was thinking about posting this idea yesterday, but didn't follow through, however with  the fallout of Rudy's injury I'm still thinking it's a good idea and I thought I'd throw it out for...

Optimism from the Columbian

Greg Jayne, Columbian Sports Editor, thinks the Blazers could get to the conference finals. Now that's something to dream about...


Waivers & buyouts - more deals to be made?

Last week John Hollinger wrote: The trade deadline was Thursday, but there's another deadline coming up that fans should be aware of -- the March 1 waiver deadline. Any player waived by that date...

A laugh from a Toronto blog

But first, Chris Bosh misses his 5th game in a row tonight with a "balky knee". Anyway, blogger Doug Smith talks about the trade deadline and wild speculation, then the traded players' comments about their new team. "Everyone’s glad to be here, they’re going to work hard at both ends of the court and they just want to fit in quickly. Yawn. Snore. Lather, rinse, repeat. What I want to do is show up at one of these bun tosses and hear stuff like this: "You know, I have no idea how I’m going to fit and the coach better get me some touches in a hurry." " Other pithy wished-for comments follow.


Associated Press does an ESPN

Not Bo Outlaw this time. In the AP recap of the game the unsigned story finishes up with, "Bayno was a Portland assistant for two seasons under Jeff McMillan before taking the Loyola job last...


Casey, YouTube, & Blazer rules

In his story about Brandon's monster dunk,  Casey writes, Side note: I want to declare my disdain for youtube highlight clips, especially those that originate via holding a camera up to a...

Boston Globe's game story

Best quote: "'Roy was holding the Trail Blazers back,' joked Rivers. 'Sorry, I had to laugh at something.'"

Most overrated : JR Rider?

More playing with stats puts JR on the all-overrated team. Some links to YouTube, and comments comparing him to B Roy (not sure how that happened.)


Question for the feminine part of BE

Taking a break from the game - they're driving me crazy with this game of runs.  But having to watch Chris Anderson two nights in row makes me want to ask the women/girls present ... How do you...


For those who deplore the McMillan system

of creating a team, I offer up these quotes about the T-wolves from Secrets of the City. " 1. No D in fun." "The Timberwolves literally don't know how to play, don't know the basics of...


Inactive list

What is the purpose of the inactive list? Martell comes off, Ike goes on. Is it because that if we had them both available we'd be so powerful that the rest of the league would just wilt in our...

Toronto links

This one is a live blog from the game. Sarcasm abounds (e.g. "Wow. The Raptors just got to a loose ball. Really. I saw it.") He likes Rudy. He likes Roy : "Can you believe FIVE TEAMS DIDN'T DRAFT HIM!!!!!" Don't bother with the video - no highlights - all Raps. Game story "Sam Mitchell could have written a script so frustratingly familiar that Chris Bosh was frustrated with the familiarity of the postgame questions.'I would like everybody to do me a favour and stop saying frustrating,' said Bosh, who finished with 19 points and five rebounds — half his season average on the glass..." Must be frustrating.

Quick on Blake

"But Blake has quietly become one of the major forces on this young Blazers team. "



Since reading the one-on-one with Steve from CelticsBlog, I've been thinking a lot about leadership.  His comments about KG resonated with me, particularly  "I truly believe that KG was...

O.T. - Court Rivals

  1. Want to say congrats to all the BE teams that made the playoffs!
  2. Bedgers 7th seed in the West
  3. Just Blaze 10th seed in the North
  4. Boom Goes the Odenite - squeaked in on the last day as 16th seed in the West
  5. BlazersEdgers 8th in the CRIT . Good luck to everyone!

Hendrickson sees a good omen

in our road record start. Only 7 other seasons have the Blazers started this well - and in three of those they were in the conf. finals. I always look at it as "that was then, etc.", but Brian says , "...holding a winning [road] record through 13 games has been an almost guaranteed sign of an extremely high level of success in past seasons." [For the Blazers.] Let's hope history repeats itself.


Tell me about the Wolves' owner

As the BE representative here I'm trying to learn more about the team and I know nothing about the team owner. Can someone give me some background about who he is, how long he has owned the team,...

Indiana's bench 12/2

The Pacers' bench scored 17 of the team's 118 points in their win over the L*L. Yikes. 4 of the 5 bench players used to be Blazers. Anyone want them back?? JJack: 18 min 4 pts, 1 rb, 2 A, 2 TO. McRob: 11 min, 2 pts, 6 RB (!), 2 TO, 4 PF. Stephen Graham 2 pts, and ex draftee Brandon Rush 7 pts.

Corey Brewer tears ACL

and is probably out for the season. From Canis Hoopus : "Brewer is now the Wolves' 3rd #1 pick in a row to suffer a severe injury during his 2nd year in the league."

Top ten plays for November picks their top ten for November and the Blazers have TWO of them! Keep it up guys!


Latest happenings in the Land of the Wolves

Well, not really "latest" as there is no story about their not-too-bad-but-still-a-loss showing against the Suns Weds. night.  But there is a funny make-believe interview with Steve Nash "a...

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