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ESPN - best and worst


Daily Dime's worst from last night : D Wade. (Too bad they didn't call our defense the best) Daily leaders using the ESPN stat : Have to go all the way down to #41 to find a Blazer - LMA. Nic makes #50 (how soon before his name starts showing up in rookie reports?!) Channing was the 3rd Blazer (#72) to be ranked higher than Wade (#76) last night. Interesting that out of the top ten players only half of their teams won. I'd much rather have our top player be #41 and have a win than be # 2,3, or 4 and lose.


A challenge from Blazers Edge

As an introduction ... I am the official Blazers Edge Ambassador to Canis Hoopus. Since no one has time to read all the NBA blogs our blogger Dave has appointed ambassadors to keep up with each...


Nate as a player

Last night I watched the March 13, 1986 first round NCAA playoff game between Nate's NCState team (coached by Jim Valvano) and Iowa State (coached by George Raveling.) I wanted to see if there was...

Steven Hill to the D-League


Sad, couldn't even make the Thunder roster. Good luck, Steven!


Please unrec this 11/21 Junk Drawer

For some reason a few days ago TiVo chose an ESPN Top 50 Bloopers show as something it thought I might like. I've laughed a lot at bloopers in the past so I watched it last night and was amazed at...

Curious about Sam Bowie?


Too young to know why Blazers drafted him? One of his college games will be broadcast on Comcast a couple of times this weekend. Sat at 5:30 pm and Sun. at 7 pm. The link isn't important, but I had to do something to make this a FanShot....

Chicago media reports


Chicago Sun-Times: "Once again, the Bulls' big men were pushed around under the boards like tackling dummies." Chicago Tribune : "Wet paper towels offer more resistance than the Bulls' big men."

From a game full of highlight plays

1 chooses Sergio's buzzer beater as Play of the Day. (Brandon to LaMarcus is #10 in Top Ten). Recap video is good too :)


Who complements Roy?

FanPost? FanShot? Eeenie meenie... Over at Basketball Prospectus Kevin Pelton calls Brandon Roy an "initiator" and pulls stats to show he's in the top echelon of players who have more touches...

Blazers' international rights


I didn't realize we held the rights to a member of the Argentinian national team. He played in preliminary games at the Olympics, but not in any of the medal games. He played in Spain until this season, now playing in Argentina. I wonder if the Blazers are watching him or if he's just a name on a list.

Thunder fans' poll


I followed a link from TrueHoop (right belong Henry's long quote from Super Dave Blazer) to this Thunder blog and saw the poll about possible Thunder fans' dampened expectations. I really liked the third option which was for "upset Sonic's fans" so the results weren't skewed. Well, you couldn't get the results without voting, so I chose to be an upset Sonic's fan (I am upset FOR the sonic's fans) and right now the poll is pretty much 50-50 on dampened enthusiasm. I thought this tied in well with Dave's main page story about expectations - the Sonics were a terrible team last year - are half the fans already disappointed??? (OK, only 120+ people have voted and almost half of those chose the Sonics option - maybe I am making a snap judgment - but what did they expect???)

LaMarcus also-ran as Stoudemire named player of the week


LeBron wins in the East. "Other nominees for the Eastern and Western Conference Players of the Week were Atlanta's Joe Johnson, Boston's Ray Allen, Golden State's Andris Biedrins, Miami's Dwyane Wade, New York's Zach Randolph, Orlando's Dwight Howard, Portland's LaMarcus Aldridge, Sacramento's Kevin Martin and Utah's Carlos Boozer."

T-wolves Ambassador report


Canis Hoopus game report from Sat. night doesn't add much to our knowledge, in fact they quoted Dave twice (saying he was right on with his observations about the Wolves.) The comments to the main post were mostly on the order of "this should be our starting lineup" and "these guys have to go". Sounds familiar. Be sure to look at the photos in the Craig Smith birthday story. There's a little guy in the next to last picture that I'm sure Baby Point Guard would love to have on his team.


2 more things about the Rockets game

1. Does anyone still have it on their DVR?   Could you look at Blake's 2-downgraded-from-3 just before the end of the 2nd qrtr.   I replayed it in slow motion several times and to me it didn't look...

Noise in the Rose Garden


I'm surprised this hasn't been linked to yet as it is a recurring topic here on BE. The Oregonian's Marty Hughley asks, "Do the Blazers really require a soundtrack?" He thinks not, but the comments reflect other opinions.

Who me???


A couple of good actors here

Joel best +/- ?


Is that what this means? I got this link from Canis Hoopus ; is anyone familiar with this site? Haven't looked beyond this top player page and most of these exotic stats don't mean much to me anyway, but since Joel was top 50 I thought I'd share :-) Edit: maybe this site has a new name? It all looks familiar somehow.


T-wolves update which segues into a Blazer question

Canis Hoopus ambassador report - it's in a fanpost because I want to read some discussion on point #3. 1. Timberwolves won last night, beating Sacramento. The main page story was "hey, Love...

BE readers may not be medical personnel


but Ryan White said, " I wandered over to Blazers Edge just now, its comments a sort of MRI of the fan base." He knows we are extremely good at interpreting every unspoken comma, every eyebrow twitch, every word about the Blazers that is uttered anywhere in the solar system. Well, maybe not "good" but certainly tireless...

Introducing President Danny Ainge


Celtics extend his contract and give him the title of "president of basketball operations"


A visit to Minneapolis

Well, really a visit to Canis Hoopis, the SBN Timberwolves' blog. As the BE Ambassador I have lurked occasionally, but there's not much to see. They have several bloggers, but apparently few...

Greg gets "Block of the Night"


The clip doesn't even have a replay so don't blink!!

10 games not to miss this season


includes 2 Blazer games. (Opening night and Christmas.) But I remember we made that last last year too - including Christmas ... See Oden vs Durant!!


More silliness - limericks

I thought it was time to inject a little more silliness (not of the trade variety) into BE, so I'm calling for limericks about the Blazers (or BE regulars). I realize that "clean limerick" is an...

Zach to bounce back?


Hollinger thinks so. He also thinks the East is on the rise and parity is near if not already here. No Blazer references.

Hendrickson picks Randolph over Hill for #15


Jason Quick said (either in the chat or in his story) that mgt. is split between the two - I assume that is Nate & KP going in opposite directions. From what Brian Hendrickson said I'd guess Nate was the one wanting Randolph.

Quick Chat - Nic to start?


Nate put Nic with first unit again today. Brandon loves the idea. Quick thinks it is to "maintain the integrity of the 2nd unit" rather than messing with both units.

"Everybody back..."


Nate Tues. : "The good thing today was we had everybody back. It was good to have the whole group together and go through some sets," McMillan said. "We couldn't really add anything more. Today we had everybody back, so we were able to add a few more sets." But Martell wasn't back. Simple oversight or ???

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