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Hey Bob, how about you shut it son

Don't know if anyone else saw this but Bob had this to say after the game.... "It's the rule. It can be a (bad) rule, but it's still one of the NFL rules, and they said it's a fumble," Griffin...


Sat games open thread

Larry Fitz looks like the happiest guy in the world right now. He has a QB that can deliver him the ball on the run. Impressive so far for the Cards. Palmer looking pretty good. Spreading the ball...


Friday night open thread?

Anyone else watching football too? Manuel for buffalo is looking pretty impressive to me so far. Watching NFL redzone so it is hopping around a bit. Buffalo and NE are giving away all their secrets...


Thurs night open thread?

Where is our open threat man! I know it is exhibition football but I have been needing to watch the game for so long, this counts. Go Lions..... Balto tampa playing now, I am watching that game...


Is Bush really an upgrade over Bell?

I have been a huge fan of Bell and talked often about how I think he was clearly the better RB last season. Well, I am not the only one thinking that. PFF recently posted this Article about Joique...


Saint Barry still needs your help!

The vote for the Madden cover will close tomorrow. Our one and only Saint Barry is going head to head with Adrian Peterson. This decision is easy for Lions fans. Vote now!!!! AP is a hell of a...


Paging Mr. Ford Jr....

So, I was browsing ESPN the today and I found this article. Kraft is known as one of the better owners in the league and I think this is one of the reasons why. He knew what was coming and headed...


What is "flipping the field" worth to you?

Ok, it is late game. The dreaded goobers we are playing today just scored a TD to pull within 3. We took the touch-back and proceeded to go 3 and out (FML). Out trotts Nick sphincter clinching...


We've been De-Logan'd

It only took a knee at the 4 yard line... Stefan logan is done returning punts!!!! Frankly, I am stunned. After the horrific season Logan has had, I expected Gym Shortz to continue with him for...


POD, Mid-Season Open thread - Aka Tigers fun and more

Ok, so i was looking for somewhere to comment on the Tigers game. Specifically, why did leland just pull fister. he was mowing people down from what I could see online. I can't watch the actual...


Wow, Taints indeed

Ok, this is not really Lions related but during the whole "bounty" a lot of people wondered why the NFL didn't release more of their proof. I remember thinking and saying, back then, that the NFL...


POD in-season open thread

Well, we have not had an open thread in a while and there are lots of interesting things to talk about.... The Tigers are two games up on the Sox to win their division with only 6 games left. A...


Wow, Just horrible

I know what you were thinking. Another Josh post destroying our coaches. Well guess what? It is not happening today. This is about the new look of SBNation.... Seriously, this is just plan flat...


6 days! 1 day! Almost there.... (twitches)

There are six days left until the first Detroit Lions exhibition game of the upcoming season! After this long and rather odd off season, I am thrilled to be so close to actual football. Seriously,...


Our Local Prince

Yeah, yeah. This is a football blog. Bla bla..... Prince Fielder became just the second player to win more than one home run derby tonight and the first player to do it with both leagues (I...


Question for experienced Fantasy Football players

Ok, I am in a fantasy league and this is the second year. We are trying to figure out how we will work our keepers. At the moment, we are considering allowing each FF GM keep 3 players. Here are my...


Leshoure's suspension status

I have been reading up a lot on Leshoure's suspension status. Trying to find anything that would hint to a resolution to the situation one way or another. Something I found interesting, it seems...


First draft with out Killer

I was reading MLive articles and came across this one. We have had a lot of posts about Killer in the past but this article reminded me once again of the man and how much I miss his no BS attitude...


Vet CB anyone? Andre' Goodman

I just want to hear what people think about bringing in this guy? I have been advocating bringing in a Vet CB. Someone that has been there and done that. A guy that can take a struggling young...


Parcells to the Saints?

I love it. He is an old school coach. Quoted from Parcells "You know, when I was a young coach, there were people like Chuck Noll, Chuck Knox and Tom Landry who were there for me." That list is a...


Cedric Benson anyone?

This guy has MoMo 2.0 written all over him. His last three seasons have all been over 1000 yards (about a 4 yard average during that span). He has missed 3 or 4 games during that time. He is not a...


Slacker Sean! (lol) Free Agency thread!

So yeah, free agency. the bears just traded for Brandon Marshall of Miami with 2 3rd rounders. Seems like a cheap deal for them. The NFC North is rapidly becoming a arms race. Should be fun to...


Colts will cut Peyton free?

This really does not have anything to do with the Lions but it is still an interesting NFL story. Apparently, the Colts are going to release Peyton ending a 14 year career with 12 of those years...


Call me Crazy but....

If we really want to keep Avril, it seems to me that we might have to make a sacrifice somewhere else along the Defensive line. In my mind, that means one of two players we love will probably not...


Barry has our Back!

Hall of fame and GOAT RB Barry sanders had issue with the four letter's supposed draft expert picking 25th for the Lions and having them Draft another RB high in the draft (insider acct needed). B...


Under the category: He has a point

James Harrison was recently suspended one game for his hit on Colt McCoy. Reading this article it seems like Harrison is very slowly learning what the league does and does not want in the NFL. In...


Thank you, Hue Jackson!

I am not sure exactly how it happened but you failed to realize that kicking the extra point when ahead by 12 points was basically worthless. There was 8 minutes left in the game. Do you really...


extremely short sighted

Of any fanbase in the NFL, I would expect the Lions fans to be the most sympathetic to another group of fans who got the NFL reffing shaft. Instead, I see a bunch of followers jumping on Schwartz's...


Thurs night non lions game. Pit vs Cle

Middle of the second quarter and Ben (pit QB) is in the locker room. The score is 7-3 Pit and they are not moving the ball right now. I made a thread for the Monday night game expecting nothing. I...


How far does this go?

Ok, we just found out yesterday that Nate B. was fined $7,500.00 for a face mask penalty. Now I am not making this post to continue that conversation. We have a nice run of comments going on in...

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