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Born and Bred an Indians fan. My uncle had a uniform waiting for me in the delivery room. Its been well noted that I live and die with the Indians and my moods change accordingly ... I'm trying to work on this per my co-workers. Live in Cali ,,, love Cleveland sports

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  • MLB Cleveland Indians
  • NBA Cleveland Cavaliers
  • NFL Cleveland Browns
  • NCAAF Ohio St. Buckeyes
  • NHL Detroit Red Wings
  • Soccer Chelsea
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New Concept Uniforms


This guys makes concept uniforms in his spare time. He has some pretty awesome ones. Especially digging the Ohio State black helmets. This is one of the first concepts I have seen for the Browns that actually strayed from the plain brown, white and orange. I dig it. Thoughts? I should say these are new to me. They were published back in April. Sorry if this has already been posted up somewhere.

LeQueen not the only thing going bad in Miami


Funny little article about health inspections in all the major stadiums in the USA and Canada. Looks like everything is rotten down in Miami. LeBaby will be right home. Cleveland however checked out pretty good staying under 20%


Bill Simmons is a Genius

Simmons Article I have always liked Simmons, but this may have cemented him into greatness in my mind. The video that he links to in the article which I will attempt to post below is so right on I...


A Random Thought

I have no articles backing this up. It is just something I have thought about and would like to share and see what your reactions are. I think all that has happen is getting kind of ridiculous....

Bye Bye Brady (maybe)


Guess its an "Every QB Must Go" sale. I still kinda like him ... what a shame

Not to put more wood on the fire, but...


Looks like they finally gave in. I hope they throw those two kids some dough for missing out on cashing in. I could also see a lawsuit coming out of this for missing out on their payday. Oh how I love America and Big Business.

Kobe's New Video


In a retort to LeBron James not allowing Nike to release his dunked on video. Kobe Bryant decided to allow a video to be released from his camp. Kobe shows us he can still dominate 8th graders. Good job Kobe, we are all so proud of you.

Humor at the Expense of LeBron


Came across this ... thought I would share ... the comments below it may be more humorous than the actual story but its still a good read for a laugh .. enjoy

DeRosa Trade PTBNL


Just wondering how much this will affect our PTBNL. Sorry if someone else posted this already. Is this also the same injury that Adam Miller has? Just wondering what peoples thoughts were.

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