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Chipper positive he will heal under Braves’ care

From the AJC. I wish he hadn't played in the WBC in the first place; he's exactly right that it is a bad format for spring training.

Mates recall dead minor-leaguer traded for bats

This isn't Braves related, but maybe some readers will be interested in the story.

Sports Illustrated Pop Culture Grid: Kelly Johnson, Braves 2B



Pedro or Glavine?

Maybe I deserve to get ripped for this, but I've had a few Sweetwater 420s and am just wondering...   For the money, who is better right now: Pedro Martinez or Tom Glavine?   Maybe the answer...

ESPN Report: Bud Selig got 22% raise in '07, makes over $18M

In case anyone is interested... I think it is sort of disgusting he gets paid that much, but that's just me.

Braves 2009 Caravan

For us non-Atlantonians, a chance to meet Zane Smith.

The Mets...


The Mets Suck:,133840

In a last-ditch effort to prevent Smoltz from going through with his plan to sign with the Red Sox,...

In a last-ditch effort to prevent Smoltz from going through with his plan to sign with the Red Sox, manager Bobby Cox called the 41-year-old pitcher on Thursday morning. But Smoltz, who had been with the Braves dating back to his 1988 Major League debut, told Cox that he wasn't going to change his decision.

The Kotch comes to Atlanta: Open Thread 7-30 Cards @ Braves

Way to get the open-thread up gondeee. Too much ether?   Let's see what this kid can do at 1B! He's from Florida, so Chipper said he already likes him.   Game just started and no thread so I...


Hampton NAHWAL

Let's get some predictions on what will happen today. I've already read a few, including Hampton's arm fly off and hit Brian McCann, but I want to see what everyone thinks is going to happen...



I posted pictures from my Turner Field expedition on facebook and got a few comments worth sharing: "Great seats! What are the stands so empty...?" -- A Cleveland Indians fan. I posted an...

Bonds to Yankees ???

Here is a clarification, for what its worth. I couldn't think of a better place, except maybe Boston.

Blanton to the Phils

I doubt anybody will see this, but remember who posted it first! So, I can't say that this solidifies them at the top of the NL East...Any thoughts?

ESPN: Making Time Stand Still

"In the shadows of Turner Field, terminal cancer patients and the compassionate nuns who care for them find joy in baseball." Story by Eric Neel


Why doesn't anybody like baseball or Bored @ work open-thread.

I am not sure what irritates me more: 1) two ESPN golden boys, Joe Buck and Colin Cowherd, dogging baseball or 2) that most of the nation feels the same way. I came across this after mourning...


Some recent non-Braves baseball stories of interest

Over the past few days there have been a few interesting stories on Yahoo (I know, gasp) that I thought would be worth a look. Since tonight is an off-night, I thought it would be a good time to...


Poem for Hampton by Jeff Passan

Many of you have probably already seen this, but Jeff Passan just wrote an article featuring the all overpaid and under-paid teams. Guess who was a SP for the all overpaid team? Oh yeah, Mr....


Tex comes back to Texas: Open-thread 6/17/08

This isn't my job, so don't blame me for not coming up with a better title.   We'll see if the Braves can carry their momentum from Texas to Colorado as Hudson (7-4, 2.76 ERA) faces Padilla...


Open-thread to vent frustrations.

Following the lead of sddbaker and bigjoe, whether intentional or not, I'm creating another thread to focus all our negative thoughts here and not pollute the other threads. We haven't seen a...


Vote for Acosta RoM. No, I'm serious.

MLB Rookie of the Month AwardPresented by Gillette Gillette and MLB invite you to cast your vote for the May Rookie of the Month Award presented by Gillette. By entering you will automatically be...


TC day at the Ted

It has been tossed around by more than a few of us to have a TC meet-up game at the Ted to sport our J. Kotsay shirts and so bigjoe can buy us all growlers of beer. I think tentatively this was set...


Somebody, Please Talk Me Down from the Ledge!

  Alright, so I am trying to stay optimistic despite yet another abysmal roadtrip of 1-5 against two teams in the NL Central we should have beaten handily. Being shutout by the Brewers and losing...

Frenchy with his new look.


Frenchy with his new look.

Glavine before the Braves-Reds game, 5-30-08


Glavine before the Braves-Reds game, 5-30-08


Infante's Back...Does it Matter?

Omar Infante will be activated tonight before the game. If Infante was so close to being activated, why did we go and get Norton? Especially since we have to send Bryan Pena to the DL to make room...


Newflash: Don't Buy a Braves' Teixiera Jersey Just Yet

Young, talented and in demand, Teixeira is headed for a big payday Ok, so that isn't really news at all. But, I found this article which is a good, depressing, read. I remember the days before the...

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