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Bring Kelly Back - What a Game!!


Sorry guys, ran out of time and didnt get to edit this one. Next week is a short week too so i might make it raw again there too... but that's cool cause ooh baby i like it raw... ooh baby i like it rawwww!
-- eagles pace
-- keep it going!
-- talking sh't to the cowboys fan in the room
-- how the team isolates the linebacker and makes it a 1-on-1 battle
-- how the fan base captures and reproduces chip's attytood.

Bring Kelly Back -- Unite All Originals (9/3/2013)


Me relating Chip Kelly to our current everyday situation.. Topics -- Music & Entertainment trends -- Chip Kelly and his first final cuts -- Russell Shepherd, Emmanuel Achoo, and Casey Matthews -- Michael Vick and Nick Foles

Na Brown never did that!


Na Brown never did that!

Damaris Johnson > Na Brown


Na Brown never did that!

watch it again... coleman made the play, not richardson...


watch it again... coleman made the play, not richardson...

hate to ruin it, but kurt coleman's helmet was already off. see his chin? the guy who blocked him...


hate to ruin it, but kurt coleman's helmet was already off. see his chin? the guy who blocked him before the hit unjarred his helmet. watch it again... his helmet is wobbling after that block. trent richardson just hit him at the right spot. upon further inspection, it was coleman (not richardson) that made the badass play.

The Nick Foles Era Begins (PFT)


jeeze that was fast. i think that should be spelled "PFFFT".

Topics: • Andy Reid and the death of his son • Jeffrey Lurie's divorce • Joe...


Topics: • Andy Reid and the death of his son • Jeffrey Lurie's divorce • Joe Banner's resignation as Team President • The Dark Knight Rises • First preseason game • Andrej Mezaros and the achilles epidemic

Vick on dynasty comment: My teammates will tell you the same


i believe it. they all think they're great without winning anything. ask desean. it's gotta come from andy -- they're far too overconfident again.

PFT article on Damaris Johnson


they gotta keep him. NCAA leader in all-purpose yardage in only 3 years?

1991 London Monarchs stats (World Bowl Champs, Jim Washburn was the DL coach)


interesting, their sacks mainly came from linebackers and their defensive tackle. next year washburn was the defensive coordinator...

Lou Williams Buzzer Beater HD


Lou Williams Buzzer Beater HD

NBA Free Agency 2012: Re-Signing Spencer Hawes Is Wise Move for 76ers


i didn't write this... and i think they're better off trading him at some point. but this is some guy's opinion.

Dwight Howard Trade Could Involve A Third Team Taking On Kris Humphries


hmmm... i wonder if the sixers are involved in these talks...

man, fck this bullsh't. how can espn make their mock draft insider content? it's just some guy...


man, fck this bullsh't. how can espn make their mock draft insider content? it's just some guy making educated guesses... we can all do the same thing! it's ridiculous that in this day and age, they would try to make us pay for this content. utter bs. the chart itself is from Chicago's page on SB nation. I'm gonna keep looking for the rest of the 1st round in chart form somewhere, and if possible, chad's version 8 of his list.

Earnest Graham?


he can catch, and he used to play full back... he'd probably be a better option than stanley havili. seriously, why does he have no veteran competition? that's the one spot andy's doing his andy thing. let's just upgrade it with a real full back and we can rest a little bit...

Vince Young at risk by not picking up offense quickly enough ~{not again}~


ugh... man what is wrong with that guy? i dont know they gotta do something for him. he just needs to be on the field and he'll win some games... if they give him talent and the right system.. i think.. i hope..

it's about time!


it's about time!

Winslow says he "had to roll" because of Schiano’s ways


"They got my man [Raheem Morris] up out of there," Winslow said. "I was loyal to him. **I’d take a bullet for that dude.** So I had to roll, man."

desean starts rapping around 3 minutes in... he dances a bit too!


desean starts rapping around 3 minutes in... he dances a bit too!

Eagles out to improve "terrible" kick returns


The Eagles made two moves designed to boost their returns in 2012. They drafted Brandon Boykin in the fourth round, adding Georgia’s all-time kickoff return leader to the fold, and signed Damaris Johnson as an undrafted free agent. Johnson missed his senior year at Tulsa after being suspended for an arrest on embezzlement charges after he underpaid for merchandise at a store where his girlfriend worked. Despite that, Johnson finished as the NCAA’s all-time leader in all-purpose and kickoff return yards. {woah, Damaris Johnson?}

have you guys ever looked into evan turner's bio?


he went through some really serious stuff before the time he was 5. several times it should have been curtains for him but he showed a heck of a lot of fight. i think he has this thing that nothing will beat him. he needed that to fight through all his illness and ailments. i think he's a fighter, he uses that strength at times on the court. "Turner was born weighing 10 pounds (4.5 kg). Within his first year, he endured chicken pox, pneumonia, asthma, and measles. The 1989 Chicago measles epidemic caused Turner to desperately need emergency room services. He encountered severe breathing problems that required the removal of his adenoids and tonsils. At the age of 3, he was hit by a car, resulting in a concussion and stitches. Oversized baby teeth and an overbite caused a speech impediment that necessitated speech therapy."

Eagles may reduce LeSean McCoy’s reps


"With Dion [Lewis], I would have liked to have gotten him a little more time last year as we went on," Reid said. "I didn’t end up doing that and I probably overplayed McCoy a little bit, even though he doesn’t want to hear that."

Return to football after Achilles tendon rupture


[these are the only 2 sentences that made any sense to me] The length of time to allow full activity after Achilles tendon repair is generally thought to be four to six months. The 11 months needed to return to play as a professional football player seems considerably longer. However, there is a major difference between allowing full activity and returning to play in the NFL.

Herm Edwards: Saints are making a mockery of the Rooney Rule


ehhh... do you really have to go there? this isnt a normal job search.

McNabb says Robert Griffin III doesn’t fit with Shanahans’ offense


why must i be the one to post this? here are some quotes: "We talk so much about Mike Shanahan and the things he was able to do in Denver," McNabb said. "Well, I have a couple of names for you that Mike Shanahan — quarterbacks he’s coached — and the lack of success that he’s had." "We had John Beck, who was 0-4," McNabb said. "Rex Grossman: 6-11. Jay Cutler, who was his prize possession: 17-20. Jake Plummer, a guy who had success, led them to the AFC Championship against Pittsburgh, as we know, and then benched him the next year, because he wouldn’t do what he wanted him to do. Brian Griese, who was supposed to be the heir apparent to John Elway, hasn’t had a lot of success." "I don’t think it’s a good fit," McNabb said. "If this doesn’t work this year, if we don’t see a splash like a Cam Newton splash, this could be it. . . . How long does he have with RG3? The seat is hot right now."

Owners have excellent opportunity to streamline replay


hmmm... surprisingly well-done from Florio... "When the NFL first used the replay system as a tool for correcting bad calls on the field, the decisions were made in the replay booth. After a decade or so without replay review of any kind, the procedure returned a decade or so ago with the referee physically performing the inspection of the available camera angles on the field."

Tebow? hmmmm....


you know andy and marty are thinking about it....

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