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Willie Lyles now linked to....Art Briles


Interesting article via Sports By Brooks. Perhaps this plays into the way Ahmad Dixon decommitted from Texas in some way?


FINALLY some good news

Per Twitter, the reports are that Myck Kabongo has recommitted to Texas.  He sent a text last night saying the he "bleeds burnt orange," and that while he regrets the de-committing, he's looking...

Ced Benson in trouble again : (


Ughhh....I hate hearing about Longhorns getting in trouble during the offseason....

OU Linebacker Balogun to miss 2009?


This is not meant to be some sort of indictment of OU or accusations of cheating. However, this could be an interesting development in terms of LB depth for OU if he is gone. I know he didn't exactly thrive last season, but it sounds like he was one of their primary backups heading into this season. Plus, if Ryan Reynolds struggles with health, I wonder if they'll start to lean on one of the highly touted freshmen coming in?

Some Serious Longhorn Love from Austin Murphy of CnnSI


Check this out....Austin Murphy's top 10 list of most thrilling college football athletes include two UT stars at the top. Hook 'em!! (Interesting list, although it's certainly something that lots of people would debate and argue about.)

Josh Smith leaving Colorado


Why is this relevant to Texas? Well, a big part of Darrell Scott going to CU was to allegedly play with his uncle, Josh Smith. Fast forward one year, and Smith is leaving while Scott was pretty darn horrible his freshman season. It'll be interesting to see how Scott responds this year.


My Playoff Idea

Hey, ladies and gents.  Like everyone else, I despise the college football "end game" each year of inane bowls and unclear champions.  So, this is the playoff system I came up with.  I have it...


Forgot we were supposed to play Utah this year

http://blogs.sltrib.com/utes/2008/12/matchup-that-could-have-been.htm   Of course, this blog entry I posted above is all about "what if?" Utah had beaten Texas this year.  I guess I'd be just as...


Harris Poll is a joke, too

http://www.harrisinteractive.com/news/newsletters/bcsnews/HICFP_Individual_Rankings_Dec_7_2008.pdf   Browse through some of these beauties.  You think ranked as 5 was a slap in the face?  There...


Corso to explain why he thinks Texas should be over OU on Gameday

....coming up on Gameday this morning.  Herbie thinks OU will stay ahead.  We'll see!  Good debate about the situation, and you gotta think it's good to hear the publicity for the situation, too. ...


3 teams in the BCS from one conference!

BCS changes tune on possibility of three Big 12 teams Wednesday, November 19, 2008, 08:19 PM This year’s Bowl Championship Series possibilities are so complex that the folks who run the system...


NCAA Player Ratings for Texas (and other top 25)

http://www.easports.com/ncaa09/news.jsp?itemID=topplayer_ratings   The ratings for all the top 25 on EA Sports NCAA Football 2009 game were made available for download today.  They might make for...

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