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Collected Daryl Morey Responses at Reddit 2013.04.19

Collected for easy access, bolded the interesting bits. (Source) DavisAg 30 points 4 hours ago*Thanks for doing another AMA, Daryl!Lifelong Rockets fan here. I always hear about Hakeem...


Post-ASB ORtg/DRtg Chart (ie. Rockets are lookin' mighty fine)

Left is good Defense; Up is good Offense. (Data source; right-click and open images to enlarge) Teams that, by this chart, Rockets might have difficulty with is Miami, OKC, Denver, Indiana,...


Roster Turnover V. Win Pct

So I asked over in the McHale Evaluation Post about the correlation between team's roster turnover versus their win percentage, but since no one knew, I eventually broke down and looked it up...


Rockets FO ACTUALLY Systemically Targeting High Character Guys?

This fanpost is catalyzed by reading this article. But it's really been percolating in my mind for awhile now, because it seems to be a consistently good culture in the Rockets organization of...


[As of 1/30/13] Hollinger/Wages of Wins projects Rockets for 7th Seed

Hollinger has the Rockets at 7th Seed. With a playoff chance of 81.8%, avg of 45-37, with best at 56-26, worst at 33-49. Wages of Wins has NBA midseason rankings up. It says nice things about the...

Inside The Nba - Hakeem Olajuwon At 50 - (22-1-13)


Inside The Nba - Hakeem Olajuwon At 50 - (22-1-13)

The Dream Teacher, teaching dat Dreamshake


Hakeem being awesome. Mandatory watching.


Find out why Houston is killing it on offense

A great look at the way Houston has been taking advantage of taking high percentage looks from the field to fuel their strong offense.


@Utah and @Denver might not be too bad, this go around

Just something I wanted to bring up because I read a few comments that people were worried about this set of games. Specifically, it's one day of rest after a home game against the Nets on Jan 26. ...

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