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Game 20 Recap: Reds 2 Cardinals 4

via store.nrm.org Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Star of the Game   Jordan Smith: Matt Maloney was unexpectedly called upon to start the game, had a rough 39 pitch first inning and started but...

Lets take care of business, boys!


Lets take care of business, boys!


Game 10 Recap Reds WIN!

I didn't actually watch the game, well other than watching Joey take a walk in the late innings when the mlbnetwork gave us a live look in from the bar I was watching the game at.  But....


Mayor McCheese and Counselor Franklin have an Adventure in San Francisco (With Pictures!)

I can't sleep.  So let me set the stage; the Cardinals have a one run lead and it is the bottom of the 9th, 2 outs, runners on first and second, Ryan Franklin is "closing" the game and Miguel...

Matt Holliday is Undergoing an Appendectomy.


Recovery time is unknown. I think the Cardinals are done for 2011.

Breaking News!


This is something all baseball fans can agree is an important tradition.

What Dusty Baker has Learned


This is filled with all sorts of lovely Dustyisms which I love because he is at the helm of the defending division champions.

Bill Madden's Realignment Predictions.


Leagues and divisions as we know it are gone. Also the A's and Rays are gone, but there would be 27 players on each roster.

Hank Steinbrenner can Blow Madville


Hank Steinbrenner argues that baseball needs to end all revenue sharing. Only the strong should survive. So we can have a league of New York, Boston, L.A., and Chicago; 4-8 teams. "Socialism or communism isn't the answer". Somebody should tell Hank about the NFL, it seems to be wildly popular and profitable. Even shitty teams like Cincinnati can turn it around with good decisions. Also I don't think the Yankees would be nearly as popular in an 8 team league. Reading this shit makes me want to turn my back on professional sports altogether as it is just another reminder that it isn't about the city, winning, team, or players, it is about money.


Opening Day Starting Pitcher (Poll)

This should really be a fanshot, but you can't put a poll in a fanshot. With Football season mercifully over, until they start covering mini camp in 2 weeks, we can now turn our Cincinnati sports...


Bronson Arroyo, Andy Pettitte, and the Future of Cincinnati's "Nasty Hook"

Long time Yankee pitcher Andy Pettitte will officially retire from baseball tomorrow.  Pettitte is best known for his post season theatrics, especially when he burst onto the scene in 1996 and shut...

Reds Close to a one Year Deal With Volquez


The Reds tried to tie up Volquez with a multi-year deal but Volquez didn't want it. Perhaps Volquez thinks he can regain his 2008 magic and his value will be drastically higher a year from now. I hope Volquez is right, we could use 200 innings with a 3.2 ERA from the Wagon. EDIT: Enrique Rojas (hey, that means "Reds"!) says the deal is for $1.6 mil. EDIT: Reds close deal with Volquez.

Tony LaRussa is Going Rogue


This is probably the highlight of the column. "You want the Cardinals to be a sabermetric-based creation? Well, you better SABR La Russa down to the ground, ’cause it’ll happen over his dead body. You want defense and a high OBP? Well, La Russa wants ballplayers who hustle and scuffle and rip the knees on their uniform pants. He wants a team of no-retreat, no-surrender players. In other words: Skip Schumaker. And TLR will always invest in Skip’s heart." Nice to see Cincinnati doesn't have the only idiot columnists.

Bud Black Wins Manager of the Year


I don't really know how a manager who's team blew a 6.5 game lead in the final month of the season wins manager of the year. Dusty came in 2nd and was three votes behind Bud Black.

A Little Pick me UP


Today was a tough day for Reds fans. So let us remember that we were still one of the top 8 teams this year. A rough first two games in the playoffs don't diminish what this team accomplished over the course of 162 games. So let us watch the Reds gunning down Skippy, one of my favorite moments of the 2010 season.


Your Second Favorite 2010 Moment

I know your favorite moment of 2010 was when Jay Bruce hit that long fly to deep center field to secure the 2010 NL central division.  This was a magical, and mostly unexpected season, so there are...

Jason LaRue Retires


He considered taking legal action against Cueto, but decided not to. I feel the last paragraph is a little unfair, LaRue said he has had an uncountable number of concussions, so if it wasn't Cueto it may have been a foul ball. Plus this is also the risk you run by participating in a brawl.

Votto and Rhodes respected by their peers


Joey Votto was voted MVP by his fellow players, and Rhodes was voted the top NL relief pitcher.

Baseball Poll Numbers


I found this at Fay's blog, and it seemed interesting. Baseball is more popular amongst educated and rich folks. It is also more popular with African Americans rather than white's. It is much more popular with men rather than women. The Yankee's are America's favorite team and surprisingly the Blue Jay's are America's least favorite team. Also at least one fan thinks every team will win the World Series, even the Pirates, Royals, Brewers, and Cubs.

True Blue LA Series Preview


A little different than the last time we played the Dodgers. It is a nice right up overall.

SIS-What is Icing?


The NY Times has the answer.

Bailey will not Start on Sunday


Homer Bailey has suffered a setback, and is still sore from his rehab start on Tuesday. This is a bit of a concern as shoulders are difficult things. Hopefully this is just a small setback and he will pitch before the end of the month. He skipped his bullpen session today due to soreness, and he is not scheduled for another start. He will be reexamined by Dr. Pokem. Sam LeCure will continue to take Bailey's turn in the rotation.


Leake, Innings, and Pitchcounts.

Mike Leake is currently on pace to throw 211 innings.   That sounds kinda high for a rookie, especially a rookie with no previous professional experience.  Fay argues that the Reds won't let Leake...

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