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Off day SIS: Tell us a little more about yourself.

We had one of these a few years ago, but we have several new people, so why don't you tell us about yourself, if you feel so comfortable. Items such as: 1. Your real first name 2. Age 3. Occupation ...


Bryan Price, Aaron Harang, and Pitch Selection

Price claims that Harang has "isolated himself into a two pitch pitcher".  Price argues that Harang only throws his fastball and slider, so I decided to compare 2010 Harang, to 2009 Harang, 2007...


Dear Aaron Harang

I know you are going through one of the toughest times in your professional career.  I don't know if this is a bump in the road or if you are washed up.  But you will always be one of my favorite R...

Dodgers' Fans Giddy to Face Reds


You know, I wish I could say they are a bunch of d-bags who are full of themselves. But they have every right to feel great about Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday. We as Reds fans have no reason not to believe we will be 6 or 7 games out of first place by Friday. It seems like it is getting dark early folks.

Another Jaw Dropper


Doc writes an entire article about Harang's 2008 and 2009 season, and the only stats he references are wins and loses. I know I shouldn't be surprised by this, but it is astounding that he won't even consider any other numbers.

Things that have happened since the Cubs last World Series appearance

  1. We dropped the bomb of Japan
  2. The U.S. Military was integrated
  3. Civil Rights
  4. Madville was Born
  5. Israel was created

I didn't have a baby, but felt compelled to post a picture of a baby!!!


I didn't have a baby, but felt compelled to post a picture of a baby!!!  

They can't be that tough can they? Happy Opening Day!! Go Reds!!


They can't be that tough can they? Happy Opening Day!! Go Reds!!

Not a Rookie: Johnny Cueto


John Sickles takes a look at young Reds righty Johnny Cueto.

Reds one of Four Teams who Boycotted Cactus League Breakfast


Four teams boycotted the Cactus League Breakfast, over the Cubs tax. I hope they don't win a World Series until 2108.


Why Isn't Dusty on the hot Seat?

Dusty Baker was signed to a 3 year contract prior to the 2008 season.  Many viewed the Reds as having a great deal of young talented players and it was only a matter of time before it all came...

Sutton Played Through Mono Last Year


I have no idea how he did it. Anybody who has had mono knows how debilitating it is. It knocked me off my feet for 2 weeks sophomore, I missed a lot of class took an incomplete, and just laid in bed for days. Yet he some how played baseball with mono, I don't know whether to admire him or think he is really stupid. He should have abstained from physical activities, not simply because he didn't feel well, but because he could have ruptured his spleen. A high speed collision could have been very dangerous. Plus the risk of spreading it to other players. I am glad he is healthy, and hopefully he will put up some solid numbers as a back up infielder this year.

More Late Season Highlights


Johnny Cueto strikes out 9 Braves over 6 innings. His stuff can be just devastating. I really hope he can take the next step in 2010.


The end of a Long and Stormy Road

341 games, 398.1 innings of relief, a WHIP of 1.39, ERA of 3.97, ERA+ of 112, and 61 saves.  That is what David Weathers provided for Cincinnati in his almost 5 years.  It wasn't always pretty, but...

Highlight of 2009 as we look towards 2010


Homer was in a bit of trouble and struck out the side to end the threat in game 162.

UZR Maybe a Thing of the Past


A statistician from U of Penn has developed SAFE which even the creator of UZR says is the best way to statistically quantify defense. Edit: Safe's numbers and methodology Hat-tip to Bubba.

SIS-Henhouse Prowlers (Sexfist) goes to Dayton


Hey guys, you may have noticed my sig "Sexfist is awesome". Well they are awesome. They are traveling to Dayton's Canal Street Tavern on Friday March 12 under their traveling name "Henhouse Prowlers" (I guess it is easier to get booked using that name). They are an excellent bluegrass quartet, they play a number of traditional bluegrass tunes and a number of new pieces written by themselves and other area musicians. They are from Chicago. If you have a chance check them out.


Reds V Cubs Position by Position

It was stated on here that the Reds and Cubs have a similar talent level.  So I just took a look at the Cubs and Reds depth chart listed at MLB.com, and I have these results. #1 Starting Pitcher:...


Opening Day Starter

As we anticipate that beautiful day when pitchers and catchers report we have important things to think about.  Who should be the Reds Opening Day starter?  Aaron Harang has history on his side. ...

That's Why I Chose Yale.


That's Why I Chose Yale.


Who is your Favorite Current Red?

This is a simple enough question.  Who is your favorite current Red?  We will take a poll and see who wins.  My favorite Red is Aaron Harang, but in 2005 he was a site for sore eyes after years of...



I just thought you should know that in a Google search for "cuaffle" RR comes up number 3. Lets continue to use the word cuaffle so we can be the number one cuaffle in the world!!! This Fanshot is now the #1 google link. Good work guys.

Volquez to Throw in January


Edinson Volquez reports that he is fine, he was originally slated to throw in December, but he decided to wait until January. If it is true that Volquez's decision was a judgment call and not because of a setback (I have no reason to belief he is lying). I think it is wise. Anything Volquez provides in 2010 is gravy. No reason for him to rush back and re injure his elbow. It is nice to see he isn't trying to repeat the mistakes of Jose Rijo (who didn't have surgery until August of 95 and was pitching in spring training games in 1996). I like to see a conservative return.

tHom is Taking George's job.


he is going to move over and broadcast 100 games on TV. The good news is he won't be paired with his father, the bad news is well we have to listen to him 100 times a year on TV. The Reds are now searching for a radio man to do 40 games a year with sMarty. From Ceser:Thom is the primary Grande replacement. Jim Kelch joins the team doing mostly radio, but also selected TV games (probably the main backup for when Thom does stuff for Fox) From Slyde: the Reds hired Paul Keels to fill in for tHom.


Do you Approve of Walt?

I am a sucker for polls, and poll data.  I have done this from time to time in the past.  How do you feel about Walt?  Look at his entire body of work since he was hired in April of 2008, and do...

Kelch and Hoard two of the Reds Final Four Candidates


via the Fay. The Reds now have a pool of four candidates to replace Grande. Kelch and Hoard have made it this far. Fay thinks there is a chance an announcement will be made at Reds fest. I would be okay with either gentlemen, and hopefully they would calm Marty down.

Pete Harnisch Pitches the Reds back into First Place


A nice story about an 8 inning 1 hitter thrown by Pete Harnisch back in August of 1999. It made me smile and think of better days.

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