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My 2013 White Sox


And now about the pitching...

So, the Sox addressed their most glaring need by bringing in Kevin Youkilis while only having to spend negative WAR players to acquire his services. Huge win. However, there is still a major need...

In case you needed yet another reason to admire Mark Buehrle


As a Veteran that was at Walter Reed in 2005 (sadly before the Sox started doing this) I really enjoyed this article. Most of the visits you get there are politicians who are there more for the cameras they bring along than the troops. Having a down-to-Earth star pitcher like Mark swing by for a vist must have been awesome. I even have to give some props to Linebrink for starting the tradition. I wish Gonzalez would have mentioned the other players that went. I'm choosing to believe that Q and Che were in the crowd. I'm also choosing to believe Che was so broken up about the experience, he had to sit and let Omar play. Now I even feel better about last night's game. Great piece.


Does A.J. deserve more credit?

OK, PR is already saying yes, but hear me out.   Right now A.J. is on pace for a one WAR season. Many on this site, myself included have ridden him for that because it simply wouldn't fly as...


MLB ruining your holiday, my B-day.

Being born on May 31 means understanding that many years, there will be competition with a million barbecues, parades honoring Veterans and baseball for the spotlight. Fortunately I love all three...

MLB studies the best drafting teams


So, MLB takes a look at the teams doing the best drafting in the past decade. Guess what team didn't even get a sniff?


I blame Ozzie Guillen

Hey all,   Back in country from a long trip and we are sub .500, losing series to the Royals and Cleveland at home and at Kaufmann?  Is confirmation bias bias confirmed yet?  I took a look at...


Will A.J. be more valuable in the dugout?

It's an old baseball idiom that catchers make the best managers, and after five years of watching A.J. play and manipulate the game of baseball better than anyone, I have been thinking all season...


Your entrance music

So, I heard "Your Love" playing in a cafe I stepped into this morning and instantly longed to see Gordon Beckham stepping up to the plate. (This Spring training has dragged on (I still haven't...


Video Game Question

For those who play, is there any particular Wii baseball game worth having over the others?  Just got the system for my son's birthday and I'm looking for something easy to understand and play...


Any other marooned members?

Sadly,  I was never in consideration to attend the get together against the Marlins May 21 since I was shipped to D.C. at the end of 2008 and the work schedule won't allow a trip home then. ...

What kind of difference will Jake Peavy make with the White Sox?


Post from Alex Remington on Big League Stew "Peavy's neutralized stats from 2009 agree with Golebiewski. According to the calculator on, if Peavy had pitched all of 2009 at The Cell, he would have had a 4.22 ERA and a 5-5 record, rather than the 3.45 and 9-6 marks he wound up with." "The Forecast for 2010: I can't predict Peavy's likelihood of injury with any degree of certainty. (Peavy says he's healthy, though he notes that the White Sox have changed his usual offseason routine.) But I can try to predict his performance in the innings he does manage to twirl. Fortunately, his major injury last year was to his ankle, not his arm, and it was the first serious leg injury of his career. If he can stand, he's the best pitcher the Sox have. Peavy will stand atop a rotation of inning-eaters in Mark Buehrle(notes), John Danks(notes), and Gavin Floyd(notes). AL starters had a 4.62 ERA last year, so even posting a 3.60 ERA would be nothing to sneeze at. If he gets to 180 innings, he could be the best pitcher in the division not named Zack Greinke(notes) or Justin Verlander(notes). I'm predicting an ERA between 3.50 and 4.00, likely around 3.60 or 3.70, with plenty of strikeouts but a few more homers than he's used to. He's still just 28 years old, and still a hell of a pitcher. He'll just have to hope that Alex Rios(notes), Paul Konerko(notes) and Gordon Beckham(notes) can put some runs on the board for him."


Possible home grown DH?

So, I'm not holding out any hope for Damon or any other free agent signings at this point.  I've instead developed a theory that Kenny and Ozzie are going to try Viciedo at DH throughout spring...


Twins blog sees close to 90 wins with Thome   "Based on a number of roster and playing time assumptions described after the jump, I project that the addition of...


Something else to hate about Thome and the Twins

When Ozzie isn't busy throwing Sunday games with super sub line-ups or overthinking pitching match ups, one of his favorite ways to pass time is to openly praise the rival Twin organization and how...


Dye for DH?

Hey everyone, I'm new to the site, but I had to move from Chicago and miss talking Sox as much as real pizza and Italian Beef, which I did not know does not exist outside of Chicago. Anyway, it...

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