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Interesting. First negative review I've seen of Albert move.


9) HATE: Branden Albert gets paid by Miami Dolphins Miami needed to upgrade the offensive line. It's been well-documented. But is Branden Albert the right move? Nobody values offensive linemen more than Andy Reid. And Reid immediately made his feelings clear about Albert when he walked in the door and drafted Eric Fisher. Yet, Miami gave him $47 million (with a reported $25 million in guarantees).


Trends and averages: Alex Smith's 2013 report card

AP user juvatbull runs down the final stats on Alex Smith's 2013 season.

MHR calls a loss a win.


The good folks at MHR seem to think that their recent loss to the Chargers was the best thing to refocus their team. Well, i would like to agree with them. In fact, I say: If ONE loss got you refocused, think how focused you'll be after TWO losses! Go Houston!


World-class irrelevant stats

AP user juvatbull uses some interesting math to make a prediction in the Chiefs-Broncos game.


The Time Is Now (video)

A Motivational Message Kansas City at Denver -- 2013 Few of us here on AP would doubt the significance of the Chief's approaching challenge. Sure, this is just one game in a series of...


Preserving greatness: Dorsey's next challenge

AP user juvatbull runs down the future of the Chiefs roster under GM John Dorsey.


The road to the playoffs

Is it too early to talk playoffs? Maybe, but AP reader juvatbull does not care. Read on for a new way of predicting the Chiefs road to the postseason.

Resting up for the game, Coach...


Just fueling up for the big match. (And before you ask, he's a Shepherd/Akita dwarf... and he's awesome.)


Chiefs day 1 camp report

AP reader juvatbull offers his thoughts after watching day one of practice.


Alex Smith, trends and averages: Finale

Well, welcome back AP readers for our fourth and final installment in the Trends N' Averages statistics extravaganza.


The long ball

AP reader Juvatbull presents some data to better understand Alex Smith and the deep ball.


Trends and averages (Part 2)

Which way do players like Alex Smith usually go at this point in their career?


Updated Chiefs Roster: Post-FA Edition

Before the free agency frenzy, I posted a Depth Chart with the contracts visually depicted by year. With free agency largely finished, I have updated this depth chart in anticipation of the draft.

Herm says Chiefs over Broncos, 2013! (maybe)


Herm Goes off an ESPN first take when others try to crown the Broncos "Super Bowl Favorites." Fun watch.

Bob Fescoe Annual "KC Villains" Bracket


This is pretty funny. Vote for worst KC Sports Villain. Personally, I see this coming down to a three-way battle between Pioli, Winston, and The-Kicker-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named


Another way to look at Depth Chart / Needs

Hey fellow APers, We have a couple of recent posts about the Chiefs' off-season needs. Joel posted the teams 8 biggest needs back on March 6th, and Steve_Chiefs recently ran down our depth chart...


Dear Chiefs Organization, Mr. Hunt, Mr. Pioli, and Mr. Winston...

Hey Chiefs, are you all here? Is Winston here? And Piloi? What about Hunt? Good. Now listen, because I’m only going to say this once. Now, I want you all to hear this, because if you don’t...


PreSeason Game 4: Winners and Losers

I am throwing this post up after only one view of the game last night, so most of my observations are initial reactions or gut feelings. I would not normally do this, but with the cutdown coming...



CAN THESE F'ING CHIEFS KEEP ANYONE FOR MORE THAN 1 YEAR?!? I NEVER SAW ANYTHING LIKE IT...DUDES SIGNING RIGHT N LEFT ON 3,5,7 YEAR DEALS!!! COME TO KC ON 1 THEN GO TO A REAL TEAM! I LOVE HILLIS BUT HATE HATE HATE EVERY SUIT IN THE BUILDING...F ING HATE ISNT EVEN STRONG ENOUGH!!! -CheefyWeefy Fire Pioli!! If Polio's reputation is blocking us from making our team better then he must go. - KrazyChiefsfan This is getting silly. We got all of the money and it looks like it will be another off season without any top tier signings. I just don't get it. Every player AP has been talking about getting is falling off the board one by one. Someone tell me what Pioli's plan is. annd don't say its Cassel -Chief$ Will We have a buttload of money to spend and the studs are signing right and left and we still have nobody. I don't care what some of you will say. I'm over reacting, The Don has a secret master plan, blah blah blah... Something is very VERY wrong here!!! - CheefyWeefy No.. Hunt is being is typical cheap self. - KcChiefs15 I don't think you're over-reacting at all... I’m not one to jump to conclusions, and I have no idea what goes on at Arrowhead from day-to-day. But everything you mention are completely legitimate questions. - jbj8609 I don't think "panic" is the correct word to use here Frustrated is more like it. Why is it year in and year out we seem to let opportunity pass us by or we are overlooked because of something in our organization? We just went through 20 years of this with Carl Peterson. He established teams that were “just good enough” to make a run but never had what it took to get over the hump. Build through the draft as opposed to FA is a fine strategy but after 20 years of mediocrity the fans are hungry for success…we just want respect from one big name free agent. - Chai1836 New Year... Same Story We have to wait and see, it’s a process. We don’t need big names we need good players and their still out there. So let’s wait for the dusk to settle. - BiRed#58 yep. Sucks to be a Chiefs fan with this as our current leadership. Pretty much might as well accept mediocrity as a Chiefs fan. Really wish I could just go back all the years of being a fan, and change my mind to root for someone else. We shit talk Oakland all the time. But they have people in place that ACTUALLY WANT TO WIN A FU(CKING CHAMPIONSHIP. Just not going to happen here. - redANDgold58 The whole picture that focuses on every report coming out of Arrowhead pointing to Pioli being a crazed man that no one wants to work for or in some cases even interview with All he has done so far is take credit for Carl and Herm’s youth movement. Herm only got one year into it, now Pioli takes all the credit. Forget signing, at least under Carl, talents like Willie Roaf would interview with us - HIV 2 Elway Welcome to the team Mr. Quinn and Mr. Winston.

CHIEFS 35 - Ravens 9 !!!


Okay, I know this is all in good fun, but it is scary accurate. For everyone who read NJ's ArrowHeadlines today saw the linked articles to the "NCAA '11" Bowl game predictions which nailed not only the winner of every bowl game, but also largely captured the nature of the games. Well those football prognosticators did the same for the NFL playoffs. The called Seattle and the Jets and only missed the winning point margins by one point. I an sold. Chiefs win tommorow, 35-8. You heard it there first. I'm starting my celebrating now!

NFL website decides to diss the Chiefs... Again.


The link isn't great because I am referring to a pop up banner on the NFL home page that does not always appear (it is one of several random banners), but... When the "Pepsi rookie of the week" banner shows up, they have Buccaneers photo behind Berry. I don't have the link to the first error like this from the NFL, but I know that's twice. No respect.


Piolicans vs. WereDoomedicrats

So the 2010 NFL draft is in the bag.  This draft (like every other draft in NFL history) seems to have split the fanbase.  Did we take the right guy?  Did we take the BPA?  Did we fill a need? ...

Big concern with Charlie and Romeo...


How exactly are they going to pass Haley's fitness regime in the preseason? Just a thought...

While the Chargers celebrated Gregory's recovery in the end zone, the Broncos let their...


While the Chargers celebrated Gregory's recovery in the end zone, the Broncos let their frustrations get the better of them. Wide receiver Brandon Marshall got in Moreno's face and Moreno responded with a two-handed shove -- the most fight the Broncos showed all afternoon.


Start Thigpen over Cassel in Week 3?

Made you look.   I know it's childish, but it's 8AM my time, I've been awake on a 36 hour shift, and I just wasted my last 30 minutes of effective consciousness reading another "will we stick with...


The Gonzalez trade is my fault

In 2005 I had only 2 Chiefs jerseys to wear on Sundays.  And Saturdays.  And most of the days in between.  They both had #31 due to poorly coordinated Christmas buying in years prior. For my next...


Heading for QB controversy in KC?

All speculation, posts, blogs and some good ol' common sense point to Cassel starting for us in 2009.  It's the "you don't waste $14 million" argument.   However, last season the Thiginator...

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