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What Actually Happened With Byrd

I'm so tired of reading conspiracy type theories or that Byrd doesn't want to be here because he just wants out or to go to a winner and I'm so tired of hearing that Byrd is a bad guy or Parker is...


BROP - kaisertown - Changing Fitz's

I tried to keep it short GM - I'm cleaning house (probably). Tough to have strong opinions about other teams' head of scouting or personnel. WNY raised David Caldwell is intruiging and would...


Fitz's Problem is Not Inconsistency

It's a common thing to read around here, that Fitz has an issue with consistency. It's often even referred to as his biggest flaw. An impediment that stands in between what Fitz has been and what...


(Belated) My Draft and Thoughts on Bills Draft

For those looking to skim, topics are in bold. On drafting a kicker, the numbers do not add up to the Bills needing a kickoff specialist. Lindell had 44 kickoffs last season. One gets thrown out...


Random Draft type Thoughts

I've put the topics in bold for those just looking to skim through. It's a random collection of draft thoughts with my arguments for and against the most likely picks scattered throughout. I'm not...


TB1 - Run vs. Pass + a mock

"TB" stands for team building, not for Tuberculosis or Tampa Bay or something else. It's things I've been looking into for awhile and how I intend on spending my offseason. It's a series of long...


TBP, Wanny promotion and a mock

TBP stands for Team Building Preface or the P could stand for prelude or prologue if you prefer. Basically, I'm in the process of writing a bunch of fanposts about how I think teams win in this...



I'll start with the Jets loss.  To me, the most discouraging part of the loss is that I think the Bills just don't match up well with the Jets and I don't see how we beat them next time.  Here's...


The Bills' Offense is just as Terrible as the Defense

The prevailing opinion on this blog seems to be that our defense was much worse than the offense.  That Ryan Fitzpatrick was solid and the offense played pretty well, but that defense is what...


Best way to mock (my mock at bottom); Nix and BPA; Donte Whitner

This is a random thoughts type of fanpost with all the random thoughts, in order, in the headline.  Here's a couple quick shots to start: A team hasn't traded into the top five for a position...


Thoughts, Mostly on the Draft

No thank you on 3-4 DE first overall Buffalo can only consider a DE as plan C or D.  I'm talking specifically about drafting a player to be a five technique in this defense and not about taking a...

An Argument for Trading Marshawn Lynch


An Argument for Trading Marshawn Lynch

Yahoo's Charles Robinson: "The Tebow top-10 talk has been hot air"


In an article entitled, Inconvenient Truths, Robinson says that no team will take Tebow in the top 10 ... and then he doesn't even mention the Bills. Does he know something we don't? Or are we the only ones who really get what Nix is all about and how much he likes Tebow? My guess is Robinson is right. Some other good quotes from the article: "Boise State cornerback Kyle Wilson will be the first cornerback drafted" "Graham is not a 3-4 outside linebacker" "Teams in the 7-13 range are trying to move back to 15-23" "Okung isn’t a franchise left tackle" and " (Trent) Williams is actually the most highly skilled tackle available"


Why the Bills will trade Marshawn Lynch

I'm not sure if people realize why the Bills will trade Lynch.  I don't think this problem is as simple as calling him up and smoothing things over.  According to USA Today, Marshawn Lynch made...

2010 NFL Draft: ILB Rankings


Buffalo Rumblings ranks the 2010 NFL Draft's inside linebackers.

Some things to glean from the 2010 NFL Combine


Buffalo Rumblings takes a look at several prominent names emerging from the 2010 NFL Scouting Combine.

Don't expect O-Line to be huge priority in Buffalo


Using San Diego as a template, Buffalo Rumblings doesn't expect the Buffalo Bills to target big-name offensive linemen this off-season.


My Bills picks from the mocking the draft 7 round event

We got 32 people together to do a mock draft with somebody making all the picks for their favorite team.  I've taken it to the next level and turned it into a mock offseason.


Some non-coaching draft based offseason discussion

If anybody else just feels kind of speechless about the Gailey news, here's some other offseason stuff to talk about.  First on Gailey, I am completely surprised by this even though nothing should...

Deadline for Juniors to declare is 5:00 PM EST


Mocking the Draft has an updated list and they'll be revising it as news breaks. Players that declare have until the 18th to withdraw their names.

Jevan Snead is going pro


Had something of a dissapointing year statistically throwing 20 INTs, but is headed to the draft anyways. He completed 54.4% of his passes for 2,632 yards (7.5 yards per attempt and 13.8 yards per completion) and threw 20 TDs as Ole Miss went 9-4 overall and 4-4 in the SEC. What do people think of him? Better or worse than Tebow? Pike? LeFevour? McCoy?


My thoughts on the state of the Bills

I've gotta start with Russ Brandon because I don't understand why anybody has a problem with his promotion or role with the Bills.  His new job is pretty typical for an NFL team.  As an example:


Strength of schedule, it's pretty important come draft day

Here are the things to keep an eye on this sunday for those who want to follow the Bills draft spot all day instead of just waiting until next monday and checking it out after the dust settles. ...

I'm a fan of defering, but .....


This article is hilarious. It has nothing to do with the Bills and is actually about the Colts v. Broncos game from the weekend. If you really, really hate Dick Jauron, then this article should come with a warning (although you'll have to read the article to find out why and the warning will no longer do you any good). There are no stats or anything in the article and it's specifically about the Broncos and Colts game. And on (hopefully) one final defering note: If I were an NFL head coach, my strategy would be to defer 80-90% of the time and then regardless of the matchup, I would take the ball first in what I considered to be the most important games. The goal would be to send a message to the team that this game is different, we're gonna start fast and win this game because it means more.

Notre Dame decides to not play in a Bowl


If I were the Bills and found out in an interview that a Notre Dame "team leader" prefered not playing in the Bowl, I'd knock him down some in my rankings. I think you finish the season regardless of the circumstances. No Bowl game is below you and the seniors who won't get to play in the pros end up losing a chance to play one last game. Charlie Weis got fired, get over it. If some players didn't want to play and some coaches didn't want to coach, send them packing and let the kids who did want to play another game go out and represent their school as best they can.


some thoughts

Bills fans should be cheering for these things: The Oakland Raiders - They'd probably make a stupid pick, but Oakland is a potential obstacle to a QB or OT in the first round. Brady Quinn - As...


Fairly factual thoughts

It can be tough to judge arm strength while watching/scouting QBs.  The trick is to see how much air gets under the ball.  It's yet another example of science being our friend.  The harder a QB...

Pennington out for week four?


"Miami's prospects of salvaging this young season have taken a hit in that starting quarterback Chad Pennington left the game in the third quarter with a right shoulder injury. The extent of the injury is not known right now, but it didn't look good. Pennington could be out a while." A little bit of good news for Bills fans?


kry style dump - it seems to be the cool thing to do

A couple thoughts on the Saints:  Their offense was really, really, really good last year too.  They scored 1.5 points per game more than any team in the league.  They still went 2-6 on the road...

Rumblers, You're gonna LOVE this mock!


Mike Harmon (who got fired by Yahoo a few years back for being the single worst fantasy prognosticator you could imagine), does an early mock. Apparently, Buffalo has the first pick! 1. BUF — Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame The Bills get this pick because of the problems on both sides of the ball, and because history will tell you that since 1995 the team with a 1st overall pick finished the year before 7-9, and picked 11th more often than not. The bills have had the 11th pick twice in a row now, and had a 7-9 record in 2008. Sam Bradford is out 2-4 weeks, and might not be great again for half a year. Jevan Snead may be a little bit overrated for this 1st pick because of some major flaws he has had, and Jimmy Clausen is red hot. Clausen might be a reach this early into his junior season, but he looks like the most elite pro-style QB right now. Left tackle is one of the many options here, but a 1st overall pick likely means a new coach and "their QB" or it means Dick Juron needs a huge change. 2. BUF — Sam Young, OT, Notre Dame It should be noted that I hate this pick completely, but if the Bill do draft a QB with the first overall pick, they had better be looking for a tackle to block him. I think that with all of the tackles that are left here, Sam Young is maybe the 3rd best, but he would come with a ton of chemistry for Clausen. I figure Clausen is a big prediction already, so why not take Young too.

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