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I am a 20 year old NYI fan who has bled orange and blue since the day I was conceived. I am also a fan of the New York Yankees, New York Giants and the New York Jets.

I never really had a preference of football teams so I root for both.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB New York Yankees
  • NHL New York Islanders
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To: Lightning Fans, From: An Islanders Fan

Hello to my fellow hockey enthusiasts,   My name is Ken but I go by kcNYI over at Lighthouse Hockey.  I in no way represent that website, but I am an active user, reader, and poster.  I am a 20...

Roli to start against the Rags


As per Katie Strang... Thank God!

23,000 Teddy Bears Fly at Calgary Game!


The Calgary Hitmen hosted their annual bear toss. After the first Hitmen goal is scored fans are allowed to toss a teddy bear (or 10) onto the ice. The bears are given to charity for children. Turns out a few other teams around junior leagues do this (if you look in the similar youtube videos side bar). Pretty cool seeing 23,000 teddy bears fly! It also took the ice crew 40 minutes to clean up that mess. LOL!

Sim Waived ...Again


As per Bob McKenzie on twitter, Sim has been waived again. Maybe they're bring up Rakhshani again? Maybe another young'un? We'll just have to see. Maybe they're making room for Brad Richards or Jarome Iginla LOL.


Brian Rolston placed on waivers... [Poll]

First off - Dom, I am sorry I didn't put this in a fanshot because the information/opinions I'm about to list are pretty short.  I just wanted people to see this and the fanshot section is pretty...

Rakh Up, Reese Up, Weight Down (IR)


Reese & Rakhshani are recalled to play against the Preds tonight. This is Rakh's 1st NHL game. Weight has been placed on IR.


The Winger JT Needs...

We here at LHH have discussed, mentioned, said, screamed, and complained that John Tavares is in need of a top 6 winger to help lead this team and help boost his production and growth.  If you take...


Your New NYI Coach Is...

Rather, your new NYI coach should be... CRAIG MACTAVISH.   Why you may ask?  This man has a resume of success.  He spent 19 years at center in the NHL winning 3 cups with Edmonton and 1 cup with...


Your 2012-2013 Cup Winning Islanders!

Getting a little ahead of myself - this is how I see the Islanders depth coming to fruition over the next two years or so.  Just my predictions of how this team will look in a couple of years when...



You have got to me kidding me. Pominville will be out for weeks because of this foolish play. I think Hjalmarsson should sit out until Pominville comes back. F**K COLIN CAMPBELL!

Moulson To Wear The "A"


If you look through the gallery from Adventureland posted on the Islanders Website you will come across a couple of pictures of Matt Moulson wearing the "A" on his jersey. Not sure if anyone caught up on this but congrats to Matty Mo!

Johansen (Nino's teammate) signs with CBJ


Just wondering if any of you caught this on NHL.com. Nino's linemate just signed an entry level contract. Statistic wise Nino is better then Johansen (albeit Nino was a winger and Johansen was the man who set him up for his goals). Does this say anything about the eligibility for Nino to make the team?? I think Nino's case is most interesting because I believe another year in juniors won't do anything for him except give him more time in the gym to bulk up his already big frame. Honestly - at first I didn't think Nino had a chance this year. Now thinking about it - I think we have a new second line winger this year.

Park leaves NHL


Off to Switzerland - good luck Richard.


Pick Your Islanders All-Decade Lineup

Editor's Note: Front-paging a couple of FanPosts today that are good discussion-stirrers: This one from KC on your ideal all-decade lineup, and MTBVibe's post exploring how the next CBA might...


D-Fence! D-Fence!

So I couldn't figure out how to make a fence so it would look like the screens at Isles games during penalty kills.  Anyways...   It is pretty clear that we are overstocked on d-men.  But what does...


2010-2011 Lines - Where Will New Guys Fit In?

So I looked at the Isles roster and tried to pin point where each player may end up opening night.  I know this has been talked about here and there, so I decided to compile it into one fanshot. ...


Islanders @ the Mets Game Review

Just got back from the Islanders at the Mets game. First off, John Tavares and Josh Bailey were there signing autographs at a table with Matt Martin and Nino Niederreiter.  Fortunately, I got there...

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