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We are all born mad. Some remain so.

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Four free Spring Game tix for the taking


I'll be out of town. First come, first serve. Text me @ 860-1207. Do it...for the children, I mean for Coach Harsin


A Modest Proposal

No, I'm not clever enough to pen a satiric paean to selling children to alleviate Irish poverty a la Jonathan Swift, but I do have a small proposal for OBNUG powers that be. Before I get to that,...

Is Brian Murphy a worthless meathead? Hit the link and decide for yourself.


Against my better instincts, I read this opinion piece and immediately regretted it. Look, I get that I'M a homer. But at least I come by it honestly as a alumnus for more than three and a half decades. And I get that a "sports columnist" is supposed to remain impartial--you know, the fabled "ink-stained" (pixel-stained?), world weary, wretch with the gimlet eye--but this piece carries the prosaic weigh of navel lint. Boise State "fancies" itself nothing more than what the national media has "fancied" about it for the last ten years or so. BSU fans don't vote in national polls or get on the teevee or radio. Sneering about BSU's ambitions going forward with this new coach reflects not on us but your own bloated estimation of your contribution to the conversation. And here's the answer to your insipid question: Boise IS a special place. Here's the deal, Murph: whatever your sports "journalism" CV might be, you're still an east coast biased hack and whatever the Statesman is paying you is too much. Give me Dustin Lapray instead.

Let's pack The Bell Saturday!


Home game for our B-ball team and halftime formal announcement of Harsin's return. Can't beat that. Go Broncos!

Albert Camus ponders dUI


Most of you probably have better things to ruminate over these days besides yet another classless act by yet another classless vandull but it appears the new dUI football coach doesn't take losing gracefully after last Saturday's beatdown/shutout by neighboring Palouse institution, Wazzu. Which brings uncle Camus into the picture. The existential question being, of course, does one have to be a flaming BWhole to be employed by dUI or does simply working there turn you into a flaming BWhole? Does being a dUI fan produce the same results? Discuss.

Nothing really new but...


Grist for the mill. Joe sounds like he could be the non-human part of Pete's ventriloquist act.

In light of the post yesterday about declining Bronco season ticket sales...


Skipping over the initial paragraphs here that the waiting lists alone in a few of the big schools (no name checks for vermin trolls) could darn near fill our stadium, the takeaway is the third paragraph: Across major college football, though, attendance has declined over the past two seasons amid rising ticket prices, complaints from fans about lopsided nonconference matchups and wider television coverage. Even in the Southeastern and Big Ten conferences, two leagues boasting some of the nation's best teams and largest stadiums, waiting lists for season tickets are increasingly rare. Puts our ticket sales in perspective, no?

WSJ: Death of the Little Guy


Nothing new here per se but it nontheless shows how few "little guys" aka BCS Buster there were in the past decade. Most of you can recite them without even clicking through.

SI's roundtable on CFB television


Nuggies may be interested in the pretty much unanimous agreement on why the departure from EE ESS PEE ENN of a certain broadcaster whose name rhymes with Dreg Mames is a good thing. Presumably, the profanity was edited out...for the children.

SI's Mandel on, um...kickers. Read it if you dare!


Money quote for you scaredy-cats: For Boise State, those inches meant the difference between a $26.4 million BCS berth and settling for the $1.1 million MAACO Bowl Las Vegas. With so much riding on a few kicks, college coaches need to do whatever they can to find the best possible guy for the job.

SI's Mandel thinks this might be the year Fresno State could "supplant BSU"


He thinks with their new coach and our rebuilding year, it might be possible to take one from us. Note to Stewie: FSU plays us in Bronco Stadium in Oct. Please refer to our home W-L record. Thanks. And a parting question: Do you really think a first year coach coming off a 4-9 year can turn things around that fast? Please show your work. Thanks, again. (h/t Scott Slant)

You think BSU has questions about who will be our starting QB this season?


At least one the putative four candidates haven't been arrested for battery with a cop...

Apropos of nothing: E. Gordon Gee's CV prior to his current OSU gig was--what's the word?--fabulous!


"Supervision of Mr. Gee by the university's 44-member Board of Trust has "probably been a little loosey-goosey," says trustee Edward Malloy, a former president of the University of Notre Dame. Vanderbilt paid more than $6 million, never approved by the full board, to renovate and enlarge Braeburn, the Greek-revival university-owned mansion where Mr. Gee and his wife, Constance, live. The university pays for the Gees' frequent parties and personal chef there. The annual tab exceeds $700,000." Gee was prez of Vanderbilt at the time. No word on how much coin he donated to the Sisters of the Poor...

Anyone catch the dUI AD interview on KTIK yesterday?


Whoo, boy! Grim barely describes the dude. My initial insinct was to change the channel but my morbid curiousity got the better of me. So, I was motoring along sipping my hot cup of Schadenfreude, when one of the buffoons posed a question along the lines of, "So what kind of conference do you see yourself in three years from now?" Spear: "Well, we'd like to be in a conference of [ed. wait for it...] land grant schools with strong academics..." THAT'S when the swear words flew from my lips and the channel change occured. Same, tired BW! Screw you, dUI.

Anyone catch the ISU football coach interview yesterday on KTIK?


(I'm linking to it but was unable to find it on the site. Maybe someone will have better luck than I.) Anyway, I have to say he is one classy, savvy-sounding dude. Listening to him, I kept thinking, "he's the Anti-Akey." That's high praise, coach. Best of luck to you.

We have a new visitor


Pastor Jack Fields, Sr., father of incoming recruit Jack Fields, Jr., stopped by yesterday on an old thread. Everyone show him some Nuggie hospitality and make him feel at home in Bronco Nation. (Scroll to the bottom.)

Grist for the mill. (All but forgotten by summer.)


Guess who didn't make this swami's top 25? I'm already butthurt!!!!


New Year's Day plans?

Well, compadres, I wouldn't dare speak for all of Nuggie Nation, but after Sunday night, it appears that my New Year's eve and day schedule just sprang wide open. I intend to spend my hours...


Forgive me, OBNUG, for I have sinned...

What must I confess to you, my OBNUG confreres? As many of you know, the older one gets, the more precious becomes life's true gift: time. Sooooo, I wasted 15 perfectly good minutes of my life...

For those defending Paterno...


I understand the reaction. This is an incredibly ugly denouement to his storied career. may get uglier for him according to this article citing Pennsylvania law.

Now I'm just piling on


"One Idaho note: punter Bobby Cowan was added to the Ray Guy Award watch list on Wednesday, and why not? You can’t miss Cowan this season. Besides his 47.4 yards per boot, the fourth-best average in the nation, Cowan has punted 66 times, second only to Tom Hornsey of Memphis." 66 times?? I wonder how many of those were three and outs. Pathetic. Anyway, if anyone is sick of me sneering at dUI, too bad. A certain no vote from the State Board incited me again today. No, not the vote against the BE move; the no vote to a PhD program at BSU. What a weasel.

dUI debuts


No. 7 in the Bottom Ten. Hey Vandulls, remember when Denny came back round a few years ago and you were swept up in rapture? Remember that? Felt good, huh? Well, even rats are smart enough to bail out of a sinking ship. Am I being too hard on our Idaho brethren on the Palouse? Am I kicking a team while they're down? More importantly, does this Schadenfreude make my ass look fat?

OBNUG cite in Scott Slant redux!

The proverbial Bronco historian cites OBNUG and MKingery in his column today. Internet serendipity!

Apropos to BSU but tangential to football...


Mrs. kcam has been nominated for a Distinguished Alumni Award 2011 and will get recognized at halftime Sat. (Yes, I married well). Also, unbeknownst to many, our own boiseblues is also a past recipient of a Distinguished Alumni Award. Congrats, bb. Now go shoot something.

The perfect dUI metaphor?


The online version doesn't contain this nugget from the dead tree edition: "...the Vandals went for two, but receiver Marsel Posey ran headfirst into a sideline storage area while trying to catch Reader's pass." I'm glad the kid was okay after being carted off the field and briefly losing consciousness but...I must admit I howled with laughter when I read this this morning. Am I a bad person? Yes!

I Spy

"Ridiculous stat line I: Texas Tech quarterback Seth Doege completed 40-of-44 passes -- an FBS-record 90.9 percent for 40-plus attempts -- for 401 yards and five touchdowns against New Mexico." Hey kids! Let's while away a few seconds and spot the reason why this stat used as a premise would never work in a syllogism! Don't know what a syllogism is? Who cares?!?

YOU can be a university president, too!

Welcome to the hot new game show: Are You Smarter Than a University President? In this contest, years of education, management skills, weighty decision-making, and the responsibility of employing...

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