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We are all born mad. Some remain so.

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Boise vs. The World


Via Bleeeecher Report (I know), KC Star columnist points out the obvious.

The price of apostasy


Tom Scott writes that Herbstreit and fam were eventually hounded out of Columbus due to teh hate from outraged Buckeyes. It started when he dared to raise questions about Tressel during his and Musburger's broadcast of The Cheap Body and Paint Bowl last Dec.

Springtime Can Produce Some Ugly Football


There's mention of a certain QB of note and his stats from the Spring expanded practice with players in uniforms in front of fans Game.

Professors Challenge Legality of the BCS


This just in: The Big Ten's Jim Delaney is a mendacious crapweasel. Bill Hancock isn't much better.

Forde and me (and everyone else).


Glad I'm not the only one who though last night's final might have been the worst ever. I think I could shoot better than 18% and I'm a near middle-aged white dude. What a stinker.

WSJ sportswriter can't help himself


Check out the opening paragraphs to his paean to this year's Final Four.

Shocker: Fiesta Bowl cost UConn $1.8M: *Updated


OK, it's not really a shocker. Bob Stoops is eternally grateful, though. Update: Reports are now coming in that Stoops' gratitude for a BSC win was so overwhelming, he personally pitched in one half of his 2010 salary to defray cost to UConn. Startled UConn officials thanked the coach for his largesse while privately marvelling on how a D-1 football coach could make $3.6 million dollars per annum. Disclaimer:I may have made up parts or all of the above...

TCU not happy game could move


Boo freakin' hoo! Crybaby little AD has sad face.


Bronco Nation dodged a ginormous bullet

Did anyone have an empty pit in your gut and night sweats when Harbaugh left Stanford? You should have because there was a roughly 48 hour window in which your worst fears were possibly about to be...

Oregon fans strutted confidently in their Nike neon gear, which looks designed by Rafael Nadal in conjunction with Barbarella.


WSJ writer describing fan wear in AZ. You either have to be a certain age or a mad movie buff the get the reference.

ESPN blogger ranks the top five non-AQ bowl wins


I think she has a point for no. 1, the Rose Bowl notwithstanding. Interesting that the commenters are generally supportive of her ranks but certainly--predictably--not free of SEC booger eaters.

SI's Mandell thinks Moore might be off his game Wed. but won't matter due to BSU defense


Uh...Stew? You clearly don't know Kellen. All that time he was sitting around for the Heisman? He was designing new plays in his head and refining Fermat's Last Theorem simultaneously.

Writer pens an homage to Larry King when he used to write in USA Today; takes a poke at our blue field


Some pretty funny stuff even with the jab at us. You have to be familiar with Larry's oeuvre but it's still funny.

Hollywood's Guide to the Bowl Games


Check out the Vegas Bowl, or "The Brokeback Mountain Bowl." "Two lonely and misunderstood Westerners find acceptance and fulfillment in a quiet rendezvous."

Guess who is No. 1 on Staples Power Ranking


I'm guessing his email inbox is in need of some sort of cooling system from the hate mail from SEC drooling morons fans.

Forde loves BSU. Everyone else? Not so much


Check out the grief he gets for "driving the bus." H8rs gonna h8, yo.'s 2010 Midseason Crystal Meth Ball


Five of their writers have BSU winning it all. Who do they think they are kidding?

SI's Mandell


Surely no one has forgetton our old pal, Duke's Cutcliffe. Mandell writes: • Back in hiding: Duke football, which, after making positive strides in David Cutcliffe's first two seasons, lost 35-21 to Army on Saturday to fall to 1-3.

Broncos in the WSJ


Pretty evenly balanced article

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