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Jeff Francoeur is better than you think

I must admit I've grown a little annoyed with the Francoeur bashing that's spread like wildfire as we approached and passed the trade deadline.  People are acting like he's a worthless player that...


Aaron Crow: sliders, curves and platoon splits

Much has been made over Aaron Crow's possession or lack of a third pitch that he can use against lefties and how the quality of this third pitch might affect his chances of a successful transition...


2012 Rotation

Despite a sense around here that the Royals have no rotation for next year, some recent developments--the acquisition and success of Paulino and indications from the FO that Crow will be a...

Phillies, Royals Discussing Melky Cabrera


"The Phillies and Royals have discussed a deal that would send Melky Cabrera to Philadelphia, according to Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports. The sides have exchanged names, but they aren't close to completing a trade. " "Some Phillies people think the Royals are asking for a "small fortune" for Cabrera, Francoeur and Joakim Soria, according to Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe (on Twitter)." Royals demanding a steep price for Melky and getting interest anyway? Don't know if a trade will be made, but this can't be bad news.

Mike Montgomery healthy?


" Kansas City prospect Mike Montgomery, who had been scheduled to pitch Friday, is healthy but had his turn in the rotation skipped. The 21-year-old left-hander, 2-4 with a 5.83 ERA, is winless in nine starts since May 4, and leads the Pacific Coast League with 46 walks." Despite the numbers, he's the best pitching prospect on that team. Skipping his turn to help Omaha win a game doesn't make sense, so my read is that he's either injured or the team wants him to take some extra time to clear his head....but isn't 5 days between starts plenty of time to clear one's head? I hope this doesn't turn into a surprise TJ surgery announcement in a month, but I suppose I wouldn't be too surprised.


About the video ads

Every page you load on RR for the last month automatically uploads about 3-5 minutes of random sports highlights video, sometimes more if multiple ad sections load videos. Every time you click...

Royals 4th in AL in OBP and 5th in Runs Scored


For all the complaints we continue to see about how bad the starting pitching is, let's remember that the offense is pretty solid. Also worth noting as that the oldest regular playing behind the mound is 27 year old Chris Getz.

Chris Getz improved average 50 points over last 10 games


I'd 100% given up on Getz, but he's gotten on base in 18 of his last 39 plate appearances (excluding any sacrifices and HBP's that aren't showing up), and in doing so, has raised his season Fangraphs WAR to 0.8. Getz is a solid defender at 2B and is great on the basepaths. At the plate, he works walks and rarely strikes out. But he doesn't hit for average, and that kills his value entirely. Does this hot streak give us a sliver of hope that he might someday post a .280 average?


Best farm system ever having a bad year?

It seems to me that there's a general sense around this community that the farm system was over-hyped last off-season and has disappointed.  Let's take a quick look at RR's Top 10 and how they've...

Q: Does Yost realize that batting Gordon lead off is actually near ideal according to lineup...


Q: Does Yost realize that batting Gordon lead off is actually near ideal according to lineup optimization theory... or is he just trying to shake things up? Bob Dutton (The Star): Yost is familiar with those lineup studies and can talk about them in-depth. So, no, it's not a random shot in the dark.

KC Star chat with Bob Dutton

Yost fields line-up; could score runs


Yost fields line-up; could score runs

1. Aviles, 2B 2. Cabrera, CF 3. Gordon, LF 4. Butler, DH 5. Francoeur, RF 6. Hosmer, 1B 7. Betemit, 3B 8. Treanor, C 9. Escobar, SS

The Royals can contend this year

Whether the Royals can realistically hope to contend this year has become a hotly debated topic with the promotion of Eric Hosmer.  It seems that the general consensus of the Royals saber community...


Gordon and making contact

This isn't a real post so much as it is a conversation topic and a request for someone more capable to dig a little deeper. Just before the start of the regular season, Jeff wrote up a profile of...


Royals Top Prospects: ETA to Majors

  The MLB team is still boring.


Royals-Endorsed Pointless Veteran Guessing Game: 2010 Edition

Even ignoring concerns about the future, it has become increasingly clear that the present Royals team would be better on the field with Guillen, Ankiel and Podsednik removed from the roster.   We...

"Now, it’s a six-inning game. If we can get the lead through six, we feel confident we’re going to ...


"Now, it’s a six-inning game. If we can get the lead through six, we feel confident we’re going to have a good chance to win the game." -David DeJesus What? Did the addition of Wood and the return of Tejeda's effectiveness really change the perception of the Royal's bullpen from historically bad to bordering on lockdown?


Alex Gordon--a week of games in Omaha

What are people's thoughts on Alex's first 7 games in Omaha?  His position switch seems to have been going okay--reports haven't been glowing, but they've suggested he'll handle LF fine. ...


Aaaaand it's that time again--Looking to 2011

Well, this team sucks, it's weirdly really old and unexciting, and even Greinke isn't as fun to watch because the team refuses to give him any help.  In short, it's clear even at the start of May...


Chris Getz?

Is anyone else impressed with Getz so far?  I was pretty unexcited when the Royals acquired him (although I thought it was a good move since Teahen's usefulness with the Royals was clearly...


Opening Day Roster

There are a lot of names and options floating around out there for 25 spots.  Most of the guys who make the cut will deserve to be there, but some likely won't, at least in the eyes of the RR...


half-formed idea for pitching statistic

Although I can't find it at the moment, I remember reading an analysis a while back about why ground balls are often hit to a hitter's pull-side and fly balls are often hit the other way.  The idea...


Some people think Sabathia should win the Cy

Premises: (1) Wins are traditionally the most important statistic for determining the Cy Young winner (2) Greinke is quite weak in wins, but clearly the strongest candidate by any other yardstick (...

Moore will be extended through 2014


I don't mind it as much as some of you will. I think Moore is a very average GM. I like his focus on building the farm system, and while this strategy has yet to bear fruit, it's still early, and I think over time, the focus will inevitably pay dividends. His acquisitions at the Major League level have left something to be desired, obviously. All in all, there are better GM's, and there are worse GM's. It'd be nice if Kansas City would have one of the best, but I'm a fan, and I try not to let myself get too frustrated with the whole process. I'm okay rooting for .500 seasons.


Find sand, insert head.

Well, this season has sucked in just about every imaginable way.  What makes it especially tough is that there's no realistic hope for things to turn around in the future.  Even long term, things...


Time for some call-ups?

Some quick facts:   -Kila Ka'aihue is hitting .267/.405/.466 in Omaha. -Our DH is often a catcher.  Our catchers can't hit.   -Jordan Parraz has hit a cumulative .351/.435/.551/.986 this year...


Upcoming games

This will be purely a, "How great is being a Royals fan today compared to seasons past?" post, so expect nothing thoughtful.... The Royals currently sit at 8-6 and in first place, which, as any...


Davies, Ponson positioned early as #3 and #4 starters?

Dutton mentioned in his article today that while it may mean nothing at all, Davies and Ponson are lined up to start the 3rd and 4th games of the season on normal rest if no changes are made. ...


Value Over Replacement Defender

In the process of trying to say everything that can be said about the Crisp trade, I'm afraid we've hit a problem.  A big problem.  Is Crisp really better than Teahen?  I know we all think so, but...

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