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I think the Vikings are picking #3 in April and here's why

What a finish to the Vikings/Ravens game! Just amazing. It's a tough loss, but the silver lining is that we didn't crater our draft with a win. In that spirit of accentuating the positive,...


Bill Musgrave accepts your apology, but Matt Cassel isn't so sure.

I jest, but it seemed like they did pretty okay today. Before I get too far, let me confess that I didn't see all of the game. I saw sizeable chunks of it but missed significant parts too. I...


KCSkol's Truly Offensive Analysis

There were a lot of debates about our quarterback situation last season. A lot of the criticism (fair or unfair) seems to focus on the accusations that he is an inaccurate passer, runs from the...


KCSkol's Defense of the Defense (kind of sort of)

Sunday's game against the Cleveland Browns was a tough game to watch. Like many, I thought we'd beat them. In fact, I was pretty confident we'd beat them, if only because I thought that the...


Kris Jenkins agrees with Christian Ballard: Playing DT isn't fun.

Christopher Gates posted a front page article about Ballard's sudden departure from the team. I'd been wondering what had caused Ballard to leave the Vikings at such an odd time. The article...


Getting Licked by the Wonderlic. Does it really matter?

Word on the street is that Cordarrelle Patterson didn't do very well on his Wonderlic test while at the Combine this year. That's too bad of course, because if you score poorly on the Wonderlic...


A Look At Ponder's Most Recent Six Games

While kicking around Ponder's stats for the past few weeks, I was interested to see that Ponder's statistical passing performance in 2012 has more or less fallen into 6 game segments; Ponder's...

Saints Are 0-3. Can...not...stop...laughing...(help)


Saints Are 0-3.  Can...not...stop...laughing...(help)


Same stuff different game: Vikings/Chargers

One more week of preseason to go before the real action begins against Jacksonville. After Friday's performance, it's a good thing that we're starting the season with the "cake walk" portion of...


Some Vikings/Bill's Observations

What a difference a week makes. Last week's outing against the 49ers was pretty depressing. This week's play against the Bills was quite different. Why the difference? I'm not entirely sure....


Observations from Our Game in San Francisco

After much anticipation, I had the opportunity to sit down and watch the Vikings do their thing in San Francisco this past week. Overall I found the experience slightly unsettling. Granted, it’s...


Spielman on the draft: "If one of those QBs is too good to pass up..."

A couple of weeks ago, I posted an interview with Robert Griffin III. I really liked what he had...


Interesting RGIII interview with Sports Illustrated

I read this interview online and liked what I read from RG3. I already knew he was talented on the field. He's also got a healthy amount of confidence which I pretty much expected. But the part...


Ponder might not play on Sunday.

Just read an article that said that Ponder hasn't practiced this week due to the injury he suffered on Sunday. Apparently Webb has taken all of the 1st team snaps this week. Peterson practiced on...


Response to CCNorsemen: Webb deserves more credit

  This response to CCNorsmen’s response to my original post is too long to get put in as a comment.  So, like CCNorsemen, I’m going to make a post out of this.  I think you’ll see that CCNorsemen...


Ponder's stats compared to Webb's

I will confess that at the end of Sunday's game against the Packers I was actually pleased with the result.  We had a chance to see Christian Ponder do his thing with a full week's practice, and he...


Upon further review, my thoughts on the Vikings-Bears fiasco

  Sunday night’s game between the Vikings and Bears was tough to watch.  In my opinion, this was the first game all season in which the Vikings looked like an absolutely horrible football team...


Upon further review, my thoughts on the Vikings/Cardinals game.

  So we’re now five weeks into the season, and whichever you slice it, things are looking pretty ugly.  On the one hand we’re 1 – 4.  On the other hand, we’re at least four teams away from landing...


Upon further review, my thoughts about the Vikings/Chiefs game...and what it means going forward

  This week I went to Arrowhead Stadium to watch the Vikings lose their fourth game of the season to the previously 0-3 Chiefs.  I have to give kudos to the Chiefs fans.  They were very good...


Upon further review, my thoughts about the Vikings/Lions game

Okay. I admit it. I did not think this team was going to do great things this year. In fact, in the offseason, I wanted the Vikings to give Webb and Ponder their shots and see what happens. My...


Upon further review, my thoughts on the Vikings/Bucs game

  This past Sunday was a rough day for the Vikings and their fans.  After the previous collapse against the Chargers, it was tough to see history repeat itself.  As the 4th quarter played out, it...


Jaworski says that McNabb was okay against the Chargers.

Today's Pioneer Press had an interesting article about Ron Jaworski's opinion of McNabb's performance in San Diego on Sunday.  His view is pretty much the same as my own view after I rewatched the...


Upon further review, my thoughts on the Vikings/Chargers game

So I spent a while watching and re-watching every play of the Vikings vs. Chargers game over the last couple of days. I used the NFL’s game re-wind service which includes a 10 second back up...


Interesting article: Tyrell Johnson vs. Sanford for safety

Here's an interesting article I read yesterday and thought I'd share with you all.  Let me be the first to admit that I am not a fan of Tyrell Johnson.  I'd like to see him be cut from the team. ...


I owe our O-line an apology

Okay.  This is a few days overdue, but it took me that long to go back and watch the game again.  My impression during and after the game this weekend is that the Vikings 1st string offensive line...


Other sites make me like the Daily Norseman even more.

I was just surfing the Web looking at Vikings' articles and noticed some nicely decorated (i.e. picture) articles at the Bleacher Reporter.  The first article was "Top 15 Biggest Disappointments...


Shortest DN Fan Post of all time (aka List of reasons why Berrian should make the final cut)

Umm.  Can't think of one.  Oh wait a minute!  Here we go:  If we cut Berrian, what would happen to all the people who make bright yellow cleats? Now I'm tapped out.  Seriously.  We've got too...


A prayer to the Daily Norseman gods for an edit button

Maybe this has been discussed before and thought about and perhaps even decided against, but in the absence of certainty, I thought I'd petition the powers that be and ask for one little teensy,...


Give us a window into your Vikings fan soul.

From the time I first joined the Daily Norseman I’ve been curious about some of the icons (those little picture thingies that appear next to people’s nom de guerre) I’ve seen people using on the...


If You Could Bring Back One Vikings Player, Who Would It Be?

One of our posters has come up with a great topic for discussion. Jump on in!

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