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Should Tribe Target Morse, Moore?

The Nationals have signed Adam LaRoche, which would seem to make Michael Morse or Tyler Moore available for prospects. Either Morse or Moore would look great in LF for the Tribe, no? And Brantley and Stubbs could platoon in CF.

Let the Oswell Munoz watch begin

Ordinarily I don't follow the Dominican Summer League too closely, but you have to be intrigued by this Oswell Munoz guy. He's 2-0 with a 2.20 ERA. He's pitched 32+ innings, given up 26 hits, with 0 walks and 41 strikeouts. He's a 19-year-old Venezuelan righthander. And it looks like he has some room to fill out: he's 6'5" tall and weighs 179 pounds. Wonder if he needs some dental work.

So if you're Joe Gardner, what do you do for an encore?

Our best young pitchers are supposed to be at Kinston this year, but it appears that Joe Gardner made a pretty good impression at Lake County on Friday night. 4 innings, 1 run, earned, on 3 hits and 2 walks. Here's the awesome part: 11 strikeouts. The one out that was not recorded by way of the K was a groundout. Gardner was a 3rd-round draft choice (94th overall) in 2009 out of UC-Santa Barbara. He didn't play last year, so Friday was actually his professional debut. I'm guessing he won't be able to sustain his present K rate of 24.75 per nine innings. I'd settle for half of that. Were there any LGTers at that game? I'd like to know what kind of mojo Gardner was using to rack up all those Ks. BTW, Rob Bryson (2 innings) and Antwonie Hubbard (3 innings) struck out 3 apiece, for a total of 17.

Riggleman Regrets Kerry Wood's Rookie Workload

Chico Harlan, in today's Washington Post, reports that in 1998, rookie Kerry Wood made 26 starts for the Chicago Cubs. On nine occasons, manager Jim Riggleman left him in for more than 120 pitches.

Today's Washington Post

I'm not a big fan of Thomas Boswell's (he likes to throw around statistics, but he doesn't really know how), but today's column in the Post, which was right next to a story about the Nats' managerial job that lists Mattingly and Valentine (and Bob Melvin, as well as Jim Riggleman) as active candidates, caught my eye. It's about Charlie Manuel, Manny Ramirez, and Jim Thome. More than that, it's about the difference between players who strive for success and those who strive for excellence: "Don't get hung up on success and what people think of you; focus on excellence, play the game the right way, enjoy the moment and don't be scared of it." Jimmy Rollins is entered as Manuel's Exhibit A. The column made me think to myself, how many clutch players (i.e., players who strive for excellence, rather than success) are on the Indians' roster (now that Victor is in Boston)?

Ask BA: Tribe Pitching Prospects

Elliott P. Legow of Youngstown, noting the injuries that have derailed Kelvin de la Cruz and Adam Miller, asked JIm Callis to rank the pitchers in the Tribe pipeline--guys like T.J. House, Hector Rondon, and Alexander Perez. Several other pitchers, such as Trey Haley, Zach Putnam, Bryce Stowell, and Eric Berger, are mentioned in passing. Not Jeanmar Gomez, though.

Martin Shines at AAA Syracuse

J.D. Martin has paid some serious dues, and it pleases me to see him have some success. Here is a link to his 2009 stats. 58 K's against 7 BB's is pretty awesome.

Weglarz en fuego

Baseball America lists Daddy Wegz #1 on its "Prospect Hot Sheet" this week. When he's hot, he's hot. When he's not, he's like Trey Haley, also mentioned in this BA piece (free content).

Blake Gopnik on Baseball Art

In today's Washington Post, Blake Gopnik reviews new installations of art at Nationals Park. Sorry about the earlier botched FanShot.

Tribe signs Tim Fedroff

Baseball America is reporting that the Indians have signed UNC right fielder Tim Fedroff for $725,000, which is well above slot for a 7th rounder. Of this year's Cleveland's draftees, only first-rounder Lonnie Chisenhall ($1.1 million) has signed for more. BA says that Fedroff "has strong forearms and wrists and packs a powerful punch at the plate." He has good speed, but his arm is likely to make him "more of a candidate for left field at the pro level."

Your mission, should you decide to accept it....

Baseball America' is reporting (subscribers only) that 2b Cord Phelps, our third-round pick in the recent amateur draft, has signed for $327,000. Here is a link to his Stanford profile.

Pigging Out on Minor Leaguers

Tony Lastoria has posted his photo gallery (some 600 images collected in Winter Haven this spring). My mancrush on Santo Frias continues, but then there's (N.B. Voltaire!) Candido Jesus.

Taxidermy's Gain

Jason Davis released by Rangers, 03/28/2008 P.S. Sorry, gang, I'm just trying to learn how to do FanShots.



In case you hadn't noticed, a player-development obsession helps to ease the pain of MLB post-season disappointment.Adam Miller and David Huff led the Surprise Rafters to an Arizona Fall League win...


Peralta seeing the ball better....

Here's a link to a national story:;_ylt=Ap1xVN6BKJsc0lWRGuacvRsRvLYF?slug=ap-playoffnotebook&prov= ap&type=lgnsNot a single word, of course, about how he overcame...


Salcedo Weighs Offers

The rest of you guys can get all excited about the post-season and stuff, but here in kenfromalexandriaville, the prospect watch never sleeps.Chris Kline is reporting in BA that the Indians are...


Indians sign fourth-round pick

Looking for some positive news about the Tribe? Yeah, me, too.Here's a morsel.Baseball America is reporting that the Indians have signed fourth-round pick (#137 overall) T.J. McFarland, LHP out of...


Droobs Promoted

This is a little redundant given ASP's diary on the Bisons' game tonight, but Stephanie Storm reports on Asdrubal Cabrera's promotion here: has had a...


The Pitching Pipeline

I don't know about you, but when the parent club isn't performing well, I tend to focus on the farm.  As therapy goes, it's not great, but the price is right.I've noticed what appear to be changes...


The Entitled: A Tale of Modern Baseball

Terry Pluto fans will enjoy his review of a book by Frank Deford (title above), the story of a Cuban baseball player who becomes a star--in Cleveland, natch.Here's a link: h...


Filling the Void

Buffalo beat Ottawa this afternoon, 8-3.  Adam Miller was just okay, though he made it through 6 innings.  Juan Lara, Mike Koplove, and Brian Sikorski combined for 3 hitless innings, 3 K's.  The...


Warden, Ramirez, Lofgren, Herrmann

Here is a link to a piece by David Hall and Chris Kline that provides some insight into Rule 5 clubhouse culture.Re Warden, sidearmers seem to be a different breed, and some have made pretty good...


Guthrie and Bell

In today's Washington Post, Jorge Arangure, Jr. has a kind of interesting piece on Rob Bell and Jeremy Guthrie, who played for the Buffalo Bisons last year, and who are now competing for a job in...


K-Tribe Report

I made the pilgrimage to Prince William County expecting to see Chuck Lofgren yesterday.  Instead, it was Thomas Cowley, who pitched very well.  Maybe I just miscalculated.  Jordan Brown remains...


Sowers Query

How pathetic is it that the highlight of our season so far is a late June (too little, too late) roster shuffle?Anyway, here are two questions having to do with Sowers. First, how concerned ought...


Adam Ball

Here's a scouting report from Bowie, MD, where our #1 prospect, Adam Miller, faced the Orioles' #1 guy, Adam Loewen, in Eastern League action. The good news is that Miller looks completely healthy....

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