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Bye Travis and thanks for 2010! Good luck with the Brewers!
Llama me JESUS!! VROOMING to second base somewhere near you.

Sig 2010
co-dad w/AfDC of
Ishikawa, the Topps Rookie All Star Team's First baseman. Does he get a chance in 2010?
"Because I don’t know what it means anymore, in the PCL. It’s almost like years ago."
"That’s not to say Buster isn’t fully committed or all-in. He is. He’s smart and he’s got the advance reports. Anybody who said he’s not ready to catch in the big leagues is crazy because he’s a pretty good catcher, especially throwing." - Sabean 7/11/10

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Pacheco defends Twitter post


This cracks me up way more than it should. Posted as an FYI and a chance to chuckle (maybe ruefully), but let's not get back into the entire kerfuffle.

Yungo Gigante


My wife and I went to the special screening of a rough cut Gigante last night. You may remember that this is a documentary on Andres Torres and his struggles and triumphs as he has dealt with his condición, ADHD. The film itself is super touching, with interviews of family and friends and re-enactments of Torres's early life to begin the film and then interviews with Torres, teammates and coaches in the second half. All cut with interviews with docs and experts on ADHD and the brain, so I feel I left with an education as well. The young boy that portrays young Torres that the director pulled off the street where Andres grew up does great, and those scenes are quite fun. Likewise, the majority of the filming took place after the Giants World Series win, so you see SF, Torres and fam triumphant! The interviews with Torres are really affecting as you see his struggles on the field last year shake him to the core as he ramps his workouts to 20 hours a day. Of course, on the day that is an emotional roller coaster - this past Monday May 28th his wife gives birth, he vents to the director, and sits 8 innings - he ends up with a PH double. Torres remains a awesome professional despite other turmoil. The special screening was hosted by the NYU School of Medicine's Adult ADHD Program. Torres, the director (Chusy), and the ADHD program director all took questions after the screening. The audience was full of fans, students, and people with ADHD - with plenty of overlap between those groups. Torres's fam (and newborn! so cute!) and the kid that played him in the film were there. That was cool. It was an awesome time, insightful and moving. If any other McCoven were there and took photos, it would be great to share them. Unfortunately, I'm not one to snap pics myself. http://www.yungogigante.com/y/home.html

Getting Richmond Tickets


In June, I think I may get down to Richmond to watch a game or two (and venture the deepest into the South I've ever been). But when I popped over to Richmond MiLB site and tried to check out/buy tickets, I don't see the little green box to click on in the schedule. Maybe this is a browser or user error thing. But... Any advice on getting tickets to the Flying Squirrels? They aren't sold out for through June are they? Any advice for enjoying myself near the ballpark or in Richmond generally?

Baggs: Travis signs minor keague deal with Brewers


Another little piece of the 2010 WS Champs walks away. FIEDLER FER ISHIKIWA! Ishi may have made a good choice here with a chance to grab a 25-man roster spot, with Fiedler walking and only like Mat Gamel and Hunter Morris on the 1b depth chart in the Brewers system. (I may be missing someone totally more famous/obvious). Fielder played 162 games last year and 159 at 1b. I guess I need to pay attention to the McC adoptee draft for the first time in a few years. Good luck Travis!

Rotoworld: Javier Lopez agrees to a contract

http://www.rotoworld.com/content/playerpages/playerbreakingnews.asp?sport=MLB&id=3618&line=311520&spln=1 Lopez joins Cody Ross, Jonathan Sanchez, Santiago Casilla and Ramon Ramirez in avoiding arbitration by agreeing to a contract. Terms not disclosed yet (~$2mil). Now just pay Torres!

Who is the whipping boy now?

Baggs' post game wrap was basically a post road trip wrap, where Sabean took stock and laid blame.  And his vet love oozes all over the page and then he names the primary culprits for the...

(One of) Ten things you should know about Sotomayor


Let's not mix politics and baseball too much, but I want to point out that Obama's first pick for Supreme Court "saved" baseball in 1995 by ruling against the owners and ending the strike. From 5/15 NYTs and reprinted at the Huffington Post: After play resumed, The Philadelphia Inquirer wrote that by saving the season, Judge Sotomayor joined forever the ranks of Joe DiMaggio, Willie Mays, Jackie Robinson and Ted Williams. The Chicago Sun-Times said she "delivered a wicked fastball" to baseball owners and emerged as one of the most inspiring figures in the history of the sport. For Obama's next trick can he get rid of Bud?

Fangraphs Article on Tim's release point


Author speculates on how awesome the Enchanter is. also an article about how Perdomo is being used by San Diego.



Baggs talks Nate. Discuss.

OT: R - Statistics Software Environment


Have any of you geeks used R? I am thinking about delving into it for some basic descriptive statistics and regression analysis (for social science applications), and maybe some pretty graphs. Is R worth it? Is R "easy" to use/learn? I've used SPSS and STATA. If you haven't heard of R, maybe you'll want to check it out too. It is a freeware-GNU software environment for playing with (large amounts of) numbers and graphs.

Monday's cuts


Per Schulman: In other news, the Giants made six cuts today, with no surprises. Pitchers Jesse English and Henry Sosa, and infielder Conor Gillaspie, were optioned. Catcher Eli Whiteside and infielders Matt Downs and Jake Wald were reassigned to the minor-league camp. Personally, I'm a little surprised to see English go down after 3 innings pitched. I guess despite his spot on the 40 man roster, the Giants never considered him for a spot out coming out of spring training. I still think we might see some English in the season after someone in the bullpen wears out their welcome (I'm looking at you, Special Agent).

Baggs on Uribe


"Juan Uribe has impressed me thus far. He really seems to have a plan in batting practice, going to right field and then working his way to pulling the ball. Seems to control his bat very well. He hit an impressive double, but was thrown out trying for a triple." This sounds disturbingly similar to Jose Castillo news from last year. "have a plan" "going to right field" "impressive double" "thrown out".

Brian Wilson will make his first Cactus League appearance Friday, pitching sometime after Randy...


Brian Wilson will make his first Cactus League appearance Friday, pitching sometime after Randy Johnson. Among Wilson's goals this season is to save Johnson's 300th career victory. "I'm already growing out my mullet," Wilson said. "It's going to be awesome." per Baggs


Top Giants Prospects, nonGroupthink edition expanded and revised

Way back in December of 2008, I put up this fanpost so that we, the McCoven, could express our individual views of the top 10 Giants Prospects in comparison with the our McCovey Chronicles...


Giant's Top Ten Prospects, nonGROUPThink Groupthink edition

At this point I think it might be cool to see how people's individual top tens are reflected in the community top ten. I was going to post this in a comment in the #11 poll, but didn't want to...

The Endless (Off-) Season By DOUG GLANVILLE


And we thought Baseball fans got bored in the off season.

Timmy Wins Player's Choice for Outstanding Pitcher (Yahoo! video)


Interview with Tim Lincecum on Yahoo! Sports after winning the Players Choice Award for Outstanding Pitcher in the National League. He shows off his intelligence, gives recognition to his change-up as his out pitch, and that mix of humbleness gratitude and arrogance you expect from a top flight professional athlete winning an award. (Cliff Lee took the AL award, and his video displays some Giant swinging and missing.)

Burriss hits his 1st homer, and the Reds broadcast drops it


Watch and listen as the Reds announcer interviews some teens, and no one calls Burriss's first home run. Good highlight clip dudes. Sorry if the link doesn't work, but you should be able to find the clip at sfgiants.com pretty easily.

Fransden might play in Sept - Merc News


and he resents being left off Grant's list. He also said this: 'Frandsen has a reputation in baseball circles - fair or not - as a guy with more hustle than talent. But he hates that image and points out his career .322 batting average in the minor leagues. '"I'm a little tired of people saying, 'Oh, he's just an average major league guy,' " Frandsen said. "How does anyone know yet?"' Will he be back this year?

Ted Robinson - Bonds should have left earlier


Did anyone catch this first time around. Ted Robinson blogs (July 2nd) on the Giants. And I almost agree with him. I think Bonds should still be around - but that the rest of the old vets shouldn't fer sure.

Lincecum to Pitch Tuesday versus the Mets


Andrew Baggarly blogs that Bochy has shifted Tim up a day. Now Tim, Jon, Barry in NYC.


Timpner and Schierholtz

So the Giants send Roberts to the DL and call up... Clay Timpner.  Not nasty Nate? Warum? Since, I just looked at the stats on baseballreference.com here some are: Timpner career minors:...


Junk mail: Complex - A marc ecko production

Did anyone else get an advertisement posing as a men's magazine in the mail this past week? Somehow, I got an issue of Complex mailed to me.  Now I'm on some damn mailing list.  And I have an issue...

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