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Raised as a manchild by a pack of wolves in the pacific northwest, Kenshin discovered Giantsfandom and western civilization at the age of 13 when a friendly trapper dressed in orange and black rescued him from a lonely misanthropic existence. He attended the University of Chicago ("Where fun comes to Die") whence he graduated in 2004. He recently graduated from medical school in DC and has been unleashed upon an unsuspecting populace somewhere in the US.

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A good start (warning: sample size)

I don't know about you guys (and gals) but I am as pessimisitic and melancholic as good fan of 80s british post-punk rock can be. Yes, we may have won the world series but victory was only a...


So the Giants are good now?

So I fall of the face of the planet for a couple of months and all of a sudden the Giants are in contention. How the hell did this happen? :-) Hope you all are doing well, kenshin

Open Gameday Thread Part 2

  I think we should trade Bumgarner for Matt Holliday

Open Gameday Thread Part II

I have a soft spot for the pirates for 2 reasons.  1. We swiped Bonds from the Pirates, dooming them to 20 years of irrelevance.   2. They gave us a sweat-heart of a deal for Matt Morris, a move...


Giants' Player Worth Through June

Here's part 3 of my monthly look at the contributions in win values of the Giants position players and starting pitchers. As many of you know, the win value stat represents the latest, and by far...

Open Gameday thread part 2

  Blah Blah Blah Long-winded diatribe railing about Sabean's horrid roster construction and his complete lack of understanding of modern statistical techniques. *Kenshin suddenly convulses* OMG!!!!...

Open Gameday Thread Part 2

Thread on, you crazy diamond.


A Necessary Trade (AKA: How to Pay for a Kia and Drive Home a Lexus)

Preface:  Rosterbation is extremely boring and utterly pointless.   We have no idea about player availability and what the potential trading partner is demanding in return.  Therefore, I am not...

Most Epic Thing In the History of the World


I found this story on deadspin. Essentially a disgruntled baseball father created a website for a single 16000 (!) word diatribe against a college baseball coach. No one has ever been able to read the entire thing. It's like Ulysses or a JoshfromHollywood Script.

Draft day thread part 4

John Hart loves this game day thread.   He thinks it has tremendous makeup.

Open Gameday Thread Part 2

As Randy sits at the bar and waits to see if destiny turns up, we the fans are left to contemplate deep mysteries.    For instance, if a space ship traveling at the speed of light were to pass...


Randy Johnson Pitch Value

Part 5/5 of our evaluation of the Giants starting pitching is a look at the big unit which I am sure will make you SWELL with anticipation.  Johnson has proved something of a disappointment  1/3 of...


Giants' Player Worth Through May

Here's part 2 of my monthly look at the contributions in win values of the Giants position players and starting pitchers. As many of you know, the win value stat represents the latest, and by far...


Jonathan Sanchez Pitch Value

Part 4/5 of our look at the individual pitch values of the Giants starting pitching.   Methinks I  am a closeted strikeout fetishist because while I tend to underestimate Matt Cain's value...


Barry Zito Pitch Value (AKA none...ZING!!!!!)

Next up in my look at the pitch types of the Giants starter is Barry Zito.  Apologies to those of you who dislike this stuff.   Barry Zito has us Giants fans in something of a quandary these days...


Matt Cain Pitch Value

At the risk of inciting my fellow Mccoven to violence, I will admit to my luke warm feelings on Cain.  Allow me first to produce my now standard caveat: Matt Cain is a good pitcher.  He is young,...


Lincecum Pitch Values

We all know Tim Lincecum is totally ridiculously awesome.    He legitimately deserved his 2008 Cy Young and one can make  a legitimate argument that his 2009 season has been better so far (1.85 FIP...

Open Gameday 2

This is absolutely not a jinx thread for the Colorado Rockies pitcher.  Nope, No Sir, Not at all.

Open Gameday Thread part 2

We have a documented report of Giants offense.   Do not be alarmed!

Open Gameday thread Part 2

Fred Lewis-----> Epic Fail

Chris Young: Giants nemesis/player with serious problem


Rarely do I read a baseball article that makes me go "holy shit". The above one did just that. Chris Young is a pretty decent pitcher who has made the Giants looks silly twice this season;however, he absolutely cannot prevent steals (over the past 75 attempts against him, the baserunner has been successful 97(!) % of the time. Teams should absolutely be running him off the mound.


Fun with Win Values

As many of you know, the win value stat represents the latest, and by far the best IMO method to evaluate players.   Using the best available offensive stat (wOBA), defensive stat (UZR) and...

4/24 Open Gameday Part 2

hmmm.... do you think the Alex Rios for Tim Lincecum deal is still on the table?

Open Gameday thread 4/21 part duex

Go Offense!   Go Cain!   Go Giants!

4/19 Gameday thread part 2

A summary of the game in visuals.   Longtime readers know of my affinity for win expectancy.  As you can see the game has been pretty close   PS: NO FRIGGIN TALKING IN THE DUGOUT (that goes for...

4/16 Gameday thread part 2

Woe is Giants baseball.

4/15 Open Gameday thread Part III

MLB baseball has instituted a new rule:   The Giants player in question must provide photographic evidence of any actual Giants homerun or it didn't happen.

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