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Raised as a manchild by a pack of wolves in the pacific northwest, Kenshin discovered Giantsfandom and western civilization at the age of 13 when a friendly trapper dressed in orange and black rescued him from a lonely misanthropic existence. He attended the University of Chicago ("Where fun comes to Die") whence he graduated in 2004. He recently graduated from medical school in DC and has been unleashed upon an unsuspecting populace somewhere in the US.

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4/15 Gameday thread part II

The Giants continue to frustrate :-(


Open Music Thread: Anticipated Albums of '09

Ok, my fellow music nerds,  this OMT is pretty straightforward.  What albums coming out this year are you most looking forward to.  I will start us off:   1. The Decemberists- The Hazards of Love ...


The Giants are a good bet!

Every year there are a couple teams that outperform the general sports public expectations (for instance 2008 Rays [whom many stat oriented fans liked in the preseason]).  This year, I think the...


Giantdonkey asks "should the Giants cut Zito?"

  NB: this a fanpost by Giantdonkey reposted with a less misleading title   The Dodgers just released Andruw Jones.   maybe "cut ties" is not completely accurate. dodgers will still be on the...


Giants "aggressively pursue" Ramirez

According to ESPN (television) and,  the giants are in talks to sign Ramirez.  Ramirez remains a great hitter, posting a remarkable 432 wOBA last season.   However, Ramirez...

I heart fangraphs


Fangraphs has posted Wins Above Replacement and marginal cost for all position players. These stats are totally awesome in addition to being the best way to analyze baseball. Check it out. Now, if xanthan would get off his lazy ass and post the projected win totals for the 2009 Giants we would really have something to talk about.


Fred Lewis

So I just realized that Fred Lewis was actually, you know, good. On cursory inspection, Lewis'  .282/351/440 line with 9 home runs doesn't look that impressive.  However  wOBA  reveals a slightly...

Open Game Day Thread part 2: threadophobia


There is a bugabear hanging over this game:  The dodgers players roast sweet innocent babes alive in a giant pit fueled by the all that is evil.   There I said it.


OT: Apple killed the Music player.

I HATE the new itunes. I find the layout of songs by album far less intuitive than the previous versions. I also mourn the death of the shuffle feature which I have grown to love. Am I being a...

Open Gameday 9/13: Threadfather part 2


If the Giants each had to play a role in the godfather universe, they would do so in the following manner:   Lincecum would be Michael, Cain would be Sonny,  Eugenio would be Fredo and Zito would...

Open Gameday Thread 9/7 part 2: The Thread Warrior


In a shocking move, ESPN has learned that the Giants have called up 1 hour old zygote, Mark Lively, to the bigs.   Citing Lively's plate presence and precocious development, Sabean told this...

Game Day IV: Game Day, A New Hope


In Soviet Russia, Coors Field hates you.

Open Gameday Thread, 8/13 Part 2: Threads in Paradise


Jose Castillo ranks shockingly low on the list of distainable Giants.   If you think about it, Castillo was essentially Pedro Feliz without the all world defense.   Perhaps brevity makes the heart...

Open Gameday Thread, 8/12 Part 2: Threadaggedon


The thought of Matt Cain and Tim Lincecum spending the primes of their respective careers on a team that scores run like Natto scores chicks makes me sad inside.   edit:  BRAD AUSMUS HAS STOLEN...

Open Game Thread 8/10 part 2: The Threadocalypse


In a Sabean Vs Colletti head-to-head no holds barred matchup of who has the more ignominious trading history,  I think Sabean wins by a nose.   Of course, he has been doing this for longer and is...

Open Gameday Thread 6/24 Part duo


Sanchez's emergence as a legitimate major league starter has been one of the bright spots this season.

Open Gameday thread 6/7 redux


0-0 game in the 5th.   Testament to two tremendous pitching performances or indictment of two woeful offenses?    Your opinion speaks volumes on the type of person you are.


Open Music Thread

Many days, albums, and Giants losses have passed since we last  indulged the darker side of our internet geekdom.  Yes,  I refer to the music snobbery that permeates through the site like the...

Open Gameday Thread, 3/13


Thanks to wilriv for staying on top of the spring training games.The Giants hold a 2-0 lead in the 1st.Ed. note: The new format that's coming will allow me (Grant) to put these damn things up well...

Open gameday thread 3/11


The Gigantes are playing some team or another in a some spring training game.For those who do not wish to watch the game, I will summarize.  A Giants pitcher not named Cain or Lincecum surrendered...


I for one fear change....

I meant to post this awhile ago... but, I'm lazy.  I don't like change. I am so reactionary that Metternich told me "Dude, you gotta chill"h...


M's near Silva signing

http://www.ussmariner.comThe M's are near signing Carlos Silva to a 4 yr 44 million contract (wow).  This can only increase the value of Lowry, right?I know Lowry is a question mark, but...


open hairy palms thread: rosterbation free for all

By popular demand (ok, really only jp and the good baron), it's time for us all to reveal our embarrassing secrets, our deepest hopes, our darkest fears.Yes, its rosterbation time!Do you have a...


Open Indie Music thread

To my embarrassment, I have discovered that I actually like indie rock.  I would highly recommend anyone into singer/songwriter music to check out The   Mountain Goats. Specifically I like...


Open rally kenshin thread

I take the boards tomorrow and feel a mite bit of apprehension.  Can I get some rally images goin'?

gameday thread 5/16


The AP recently published a standardized form for writing game recaps for the 2007 Giants.   Behold:  Starting Pitcher ____ was masterful through 6 innings.  He scattered 4 hits while striking...

Open Game Day Thread 4/13


Funny Story... The Giants have one of the highest payrolls in baseball.Giants vs Pirates.Go get 'em boys


k-rod = cheater, angels fans = insane

Derek Zumsteg, author of the newly released book "The Cheater's Guide to Baseball" and long-standing author of, recently came across  footage of Francisco Rodriguez doctoring the...


Good News on Benitez Front?

Warning: Pure speculation ensuesMariners closer and all around really good pitcher, JJ Putz,  recently had an MRI on his elbow and the initial grumblings are essentially that "it is not good".    ...

open gameday thread 3/7


Why did the secretory protein cross the Endoplasmic reticulum? . . . . . To Get to the golgi complex

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