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No, the Nets are not still "in the mix."

Chris Sheridan: Orlando would have to accept a package of Brook Lopez, Kris Humphries, Gerald Wallace, MarShon Brooks and multiple future first-round draft picks, and the Howard deal would take...


Jared Sullinger at #19

Bleacher Report has Jared Sullinger falling to us at #19. I don't read too much into their reporting, but they raise a good question here: Is he worth picking if he falls to us? I tend to think so....


trade proposal, just for kicks

It seems to me that working out some kind of trade involving Dwight Howard and the #2 pick would make sense for the Magic and the Bobcats. Here's what I came up with. magic:#2 pickcorey maggettec...

Why Would Howard Want Van Gundy Gone?


I'm not all that familiar with, so I don't know how much readers should be taking this at face value. If it's true (and I'm inclined to buy parts of it, because they make sense), it offers a lot of insight into the real story behind the SVG-Dwight rift. Here's an excerpt: To say the Magic groveled is an understatement. They begged. They pleaded and they promised. When asked directly about what needed to change, coaching, namely the manner in which the team was coached, was openly discussed. The idea of replacing Stan Van Gundy was broached before training camp. The Magic made it clear that changing coaches just days before camp wasn’t reasonable and that maybe talking things out with Stan might lead to a better situation. There was an hour-long meeting in which Stan was asked to be more flexible. He was asked to allow the leaders of the team in Howard and Jameer Nelson to police the team on the floor and for Stan to lighten up. And for the most part Stan Van Gundy tried, but at the end of the day, you are who you are.


using the stretch provision on Turkoglu?

Pretty much a given we'll be amnestying Gilbert Arenas. But what about using the stretch provision on Turk? Instead of owing him $11 mil over each of the next two years, we'd owe him $4.5 mil each...

Dwight Howard on Staying in Orlando


"Orlando's the most attractive place for me right now," Howard answered, a smile on his face. "They have a sexy new arena, a beautiful franchise, nice banners around here and been in the top four in the Eastern Conference for the past four years. Yes, Orlando's the most attractive place right now." [...] "I don't want to say you have to team up with another great all-star in this league to win a championship. I think it takes a team to win. If you get hot at the right time, it doesn't matter if you've got three all-stars or four. You can still get beat." Josh Robbins reporting for the Orlando Sentinel

No, the Magic are not done. That's like asking: Are the Lakers done? Because they are struggling...


No, the Magic are not done. That's like asking: Are the Lakers done? Because they are struggling similarly. Take a deep breath. It is early-February. Let's see if Gilbert becomes the old Gilbert given a little more time and a little less trauma (that was not the first time Laura Govan had a process server awaiting Gil at an NBA arena). Let's see who they add as their backup big, and how healthy Brandon Bass can stay. More than any team in the East, they are a team that should be watched closely in early April to see how they are playing together.

Chris Sheridan, asked if the Magic are "officially done."

Abbott: Orlando's defensive coaching challenge


One of the only insightful articles the national media have written on the Magic trades. "[...] the big question for the Magic: is it really possible to add Jason Richardson, Hedo Turkoglu and most amazingly, Gilbert Arenas -- three mushy defenders, for sure -- to any team and remain good at defense?" "The Magic made it to the Finals a couple of years ago with reputed poor defenders Hedo Turkoglu and Rashard Lewis (and a rookie, Courtney Lee) all starting. Statistics suggested Ray Allen was a horrible defender before he arrived in Boston and was an integral part of the most memorable NBA defense of the last decade. But coaches like Doc Rivers, Tom Thibodeau and Van Gundy have been able to make good defenses that include bad defenders."


Opinion: Gil and Turk Ought to Repay Franchise by Forfeiting Portion of Salary

  Wow. That happened. I don't know how I feel about today's trades, and I'm not going to be certain until May. But one thing is for sure: The Orlando Magic just did Gilbert Arenas and Hedo Turkoglu...


the obvious trade

Every serious Orlando Magic fan has contemplated the idea. Marcin Gortat is arguably the best player in the league to average under 14 minutes. Brandon Bass, our 11th man, previously averaged 20...

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