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Alternative to Pro Bowl?

I like the changes to the Pro Bowl format in theory and look forward to seeing how it works out, but I had an alternative curious idea for a pre-superbowl fiesta. Disclaimer: I'm not sure this is...


Byrd has Plantar Fascitis

by Larry Hartstein | CBSSports.com(07:19 pm ET) Bills free safety Jairus Byrd is dealing with plantar fascitis and says he's working "as much as my body can endure" to get back on the field,...


Preseason Game 1 Observations

The QB's - I've seen mostly praise for EJ's performance with some criticism peppered in regarding him "checking-down." From appearance it looked like the Colts were playing a vanilla cover 2 and...


KGun201's Top 5

1. Ryan Nassib - Probably not the best player available at 8 but I have him somewhere in that 10-15 range and frankly when it comes to QBs that's close enough for me folks. This team isn’t going...


Why I Think QB at #8 is a Safe Bet

I'll present my "evidence" and let you guys decide. Exhibit A: Nix acknowledged "it's a bad time to need a starting QB..."Exhibit B: Nix acknowledged his willingness to release Fitzpatrick prior...

What's the Word? The word is HUGE! Wow... I knew Mario Williams was a big dude, but seeing him...


What's the Word? The word is HUGE! Wow... I knew Mario Williams was a big dude, but seeing him dwarf George Wilson really gives it some perspective.


Observations from Preseason Game 1

Front Four: The starting unit looked very quick and explosive, particularly Kyle Williams who looks like he's back to his old form and also Mario Williams, who on one play in particular, almost...

Diamond Formation

Interesting piece I came across today.

Happy Draft Day from NYC!


Happy Draft Day from NYC!


Quit Mocking Me! Mock

Rd 1. #10 – Reilly Reiff, T, Iowa When I first put this mock together Jonathan Martin was penciled in here and it stayed that way for quite some time. In recent weeks I’ve had a change of...


Finding the Elites - Draft History 2006 - 2010

The question of whether an elite player is easy to find outside the top five-to-seven picks has been being thrown around this blog for well over a month. So I thought I’d take an admittedly...



The 2006 draft is infamous in Buffalo Bills history. I remember the day like it was yesterday... a bright, beautiful April Sunday here in New York. My wife (then new girlfriend) was over my...


Send the RIGHT Message — Sign Stevie

I haven't commented much in recent months, but I've been reading regularly and, like most of you, I want Stevie Johnson re-signed. Here's my thinking from both camps: Why Stevie DESERVES #1 cash: W...


Key to Beating the JETS

After seeing Tebow basically run through the Jets defense, I believe the most powerful weapon the Bills have against the Jets is to put Brad Smith in a conventional formation—by that I mean not...


'11 Bills Have "It" Factor

As you all know, I’m biased in my opinion of our beloved Bills.  That being said, I’m as excited about this team and season as I’ve been since the ‘90s.   On paper these Bills certainly...

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo

I just wondered if any of you had seen this before. It's hard to wrap my head around what the sentence is actually saying, even when it's reformulated.


"Drawing" Double Coverage Myth?

I've heard this thrown around all day today and it's something I think maybe I don't fully understand— you be the judge. Double coverage is a BIG part of every defensive gameplan (NFL or not) and...

NFL Wants It's Lineman Big, But Not Tall

"The Patriots were very creative about exploiting mismatches last season, using cornerbacks and safeties as on-the-line pass rushers who could get under and around blockers’ pads. Charles Woodson’s success in Green Bay will turn the slot-cornerback blitz into an NFL fad." An excellent, insightful piece. Really.


Opinion of Gabbert

I'll admit up front that Gabbert wasn't even on my radar before the new year.  So, considering the praise he's received leading up to the draft I thought I'd get to know him a little better. My...

Delaware QB Pat Devlin

I'm not sure if Devlin is on any radars around here, but he probably should be. He's completed 70% of his passes this season with a 20-2 touchdown-to-interception ratio and both int's were from tipped passes(!!!); albeit, he plays in the FCS (formerly I-AA). Frankly, there's nothing better on TV today! Cheers!

Bills BILLIEVE in LeGrand

I was really moved by the sincerity of these guys in their expression of support for Eric LeGrand. As a Rutgers alum and fan, I plead guilty for trying to get this more views. Eric is a great kid from a great family and I wanted to extend my support in some way. There's a fund set up for Eric (medical bills can be incredible, we all know this) as well. http://www.scarletknights.com/believe/


Clamouring for the #1 Pick?

I thought I'd do a little surface analysis of the idea that the Bills put themselves in a better position by losing games and acquiring the first overall pick.  How has that little idea really...


Time to Move Evans?

I think it's high time the Bills consider parting ways with Lee Evans.  This season is lost and the Bills will not be ready to compete by the end of next season either (assuming there is a...


The Revolution Will Not be Televised... Due to Local Blackout

I've mostly refrained from posting since the '10 debacle has begun.  Mostly because the frustration of losing saps all of the energy from me to write or even think about this team. It's...


Attended Lynch's Autograph Signing? Tell Us About It.

Lynch was scheduled to have an autograph signing on the 5th and I was wondering if anyone attended. How was the experience. I.e., how did he seem to respond to the fans?

Meredith Piece

I don't usually bump fan articles, but this one was good.


Billieve - The 2000 Baltimore Ravens

  So you're bummed that the Bills didn't draft a LT or a QB in the first few rounds.  Maybe you're thinking about giving up on this team, taking your kids out of school and moving to Montana. ...

"A Raiders employee confirms, [the Raiders] contacted the Steelers about Big Ben. He said the...

"A Raiders employee confirms, [the Raiders] contacted the Steelers about Big Ben. He said the Raiders are unwilling to trade their #8 pick overall straight-up...the Steelers are willing to throw in their #18 pick to sweeten the deal."

James Ford WPIX - NY
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