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Rage against the armchair GMs

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GUEST POST: Ryan Kesler and The Wasteland


Anaheim Calling's Kid Ish drops by to talk Fallout 3 and Ryan Kesler. This one goes out to all you gamers.

Palmieri by the Numbers


What does Kyle Palmieri do for/to the Ducks? In chart form.

Kid Ish Barfs Thoughts


(Not as gross as it sounds)on Kesler, the Draft, Thompson and other things

RFA Review


Take a quick look at four key RFAs as we head into free agency.

The Center Trade?


Spezza and Kesler and Thornton, oh my!

Bob Murray, Hero


This is a positive piece about the wonders and glories of general managing hockey teams.

Handshake Line: Yes this is a thumbtack on my palm


This series would have been better with the Kings wearing purple and gold and the Ducks wearing teal and eggplant. What could have been.

Playoffmetrics, Round Two: Game Seven


The Ducks got beyond the first round and gave one of the best possession teams in the league a real run! Chins up, kids.

Playoffmetrics, Round Two: Game Six


The Ducks had a strong push at the end of the game, but a better showing from the top guys early on could have prevented its need.

Playoffmetrics, Round Two: Game Five


That game was an exciting as game one but with a better result. That's my official analysis, thanks for coming out!

Playoffmetrics, Round Two: Game Four


...more like game bore, amirite?

Playoffmetrics, Round Two: Game Three


Kid is back to tell you something about retrieving pucks off the dump-in, buddies!

Playoffmetrics, Round Two: Game Two


The Ducks can still make this a series, but don't get too high on the game two numbers, ok?

Playoffmetrics, Round Two: Game One


Don't worry, the Kid is here to tell you about life!

Handshake Line: The Future


The fans in Dallas were great in all three games and they have a lot to look forward to with this team, just not in the next month and a half.

Kid Ish's Playoffmetrics, Game Six


The Anaheim Devos starring Nick Bonino beat the Dallas Benns starring Trevor Daley in a riveting miracle game full of joy and the power of positivity.

Kid Ish's Playoffmetrics, Game Five


P-D-O, P-D-O!

Playoff Metrics: Game 4


I play the heavy game.

Kid Ish's Playoffmetrics, Game Three


Best wishes to Robidas. He was only with us for a short while, but he was manly and smelled really good all the while.

Playoff Metrics: Game 2


The Ducks hold a two game lead over the Stars after two games. Hot take, I know.

Playoffmetrics, Game 1


Mexico has no good pizza. Burritos make terrible possession metaphors.

P-Mets: End of the Season & Quick Playoff Thoughts


Out-possessed the Sharks and had a good first period against the Kings?! Plus what the possession numbers mean for the first round matchup with Dallas.

P-Mets: Short Shift


In this episode, I save the universe for all the future pizza eaters out there.


GameThread: A Fast(h) Turnaround

Can the Ducks score first in a game!? Stay tuned!

The Ducks fly to Oil Country


The Anaheim Ducks are coming off a very disappointing home showing against the Nashville Predators. It was one of the games the Ducks had in hand over the San Jose Sharks. After San Jose's 3-0 loss...

Kid Ish's Pizzametrics, Week 24: Thought Slices


I've pretty much fully abandoned using pizza pie as a metaphor for possession ever since I broke it down straight up a bit ago. That being said, pizza is still the best.


GameThread: Teemu vs. Jets 2.0, for the last time

Numbers for Nerds: The Ducks are 0-0-1 in games during which I have to hold up my television because of an earthquake, so they really need to figure their lives out. [Ed. note: that would have...

Winnipeg "Jets" into Anaheim's "Pond"


The Ducks look to avenge themselves of a Pavelectric performance the last time the Jets rolled into PDO town.

P-Mets: Come Back for Seconds


Catching up on two weeks worth of games.


Game Thread: Panthers @ Ducks

Good News everyone! Florida's special teams are abysmal.

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