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Merriman so far in preseason.. maybe a little Gilmore

He didn't look so great to against Minnesota. And I was curious what others thought. Of course we all thought he looked dynamite last year after the Chicago preseason game and that meant nothing,...

P.King on K. Williams


• Surprised at me having Kyle Williams 27 while the players, apparently, don't have him in the top 100? Watch some video of him. He consistently occupies two blockers. Always moving forward. A machine. I remember talking to Chan Gailey about him last year. This is a man who coached Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin -- and I do believe I have never heard him rave about any player the way he raved to me about Williams

P.King getting it wrong


3. Buffalo Bills Will Pick: Von Miller, LB, Texas A&M Should Pick: Anthony Castonzo, T, Boston College Buffalo's biggest needs are a left tackle and a run stopper, but those will be addressed in later rounds, because Miller's potential is so great. He has the chance to be a double-digit sacker, the guy '09 first-rounder Aaron Maybin hasn't become. But projecting pass rushers is always risky. For a team whose QB was hit way too much last year, I'd rather have a Day One left tackle. Castonzo started 54 games at BC and was never overmatched. We are prettty good at LT, we need a RT... we may pick miller but I get miffed when he says that is our need.. whatever, he makes the big bucks

Gailey Breaks down Championship QBs


Just as Ryan Fitzpatrick did Wednesday with the four defenses playing in conference championship games this weekend, Bills head coach broke down Aaron Rodgers, Jay Cutler, Mark Sanchez and Ben Roethlisberger for Sports Illustrated.


And here it comes...

  Buffalo’s schedule will be far from a cake walk in 2010. Half of their 16 game slate will be against top 10 defenses in points per game allowed (Balt, Cin, GB, Minn, Jets and Patriots twice). But...

Ross Tucker Draft Recap


Buffalo Bills What I liked: Not bowing to public pressure and drafting a quarterback early just because the fans and media wanted them to. Levi Brown from Troy in the seventh round gives them a legitimate developmental prospect for 2011 if their current crop of signal callers proves they can't get it done in 2010. What I didn't: C.J. Spiller in the first round. He better end up being the playmaker that Buffalo craved because running back is one of the few positions of strengths on this football team. Moving forward: The Bills look at Brian Brohm as the quarterback prospect who can potentially play winning football at the game's most important position. He'll need to because Trent Edwards and Ryan Fitzpatrick appear to be better suited for backup roles.

Gailey mentioned in SI article


Return we didn't see coming, coach -- Chan Gailey last year couldn't even keep his job as the Chiefs offensive coordinator through August. Now he's the new head coach in Buffalo, and back in the 32-man club he left after the 1999 season in Dallas. Then again, how many guys can say they've never missed the playoffs in their entire NFL head coaching career? Read More: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2010/writers/don_banks/04/01/offseason/1.html#ixzz0jsumjuDL Get a free NFL Team Jacket and Tee with SI Subscription


A New Face of the Bills

Good teams have a face of the franchise, and that most often is the starting quarterback or head coach and often times both, with one or the other being more prominent in some respect. All-Time...

Very Good College QB article


Talks about College QBs having a %60+ completion their last year in college and how it translates better to the pros... The comments below, to me, are just as good. That www.nationalfootballpost.com is a site I may frequent a bit more now, as the people on it don't seem to be trolls, just as we don't have a lot of that here on the rumblings

SI story about Anthony Hargrove


Its too bad he didn't get better under our watch, but this is a good story of redemption.

Any thoughts on Troy Smith?


I know the heisman doesn't mean anything in the NFL and I know that he is a little on the short side, but he was looking good before getting very ill flacco's rookie year, and while I understand that Baltimore drafted Flacco in the first with Smith on the roster, it doesn't mean he hasn't been able to develop mentally, and could be a stop gap and possible steal if the new GM decides to go OT-DT-LB in the early rounds (which I might think they rather do at this point)


Buffalo News Err on All-Time Bills team picture

In the Wednesday, November 4, 2009 edition of the Buffalo News, they have as the poster at the back of the Sports Page a picture of Ralph Wilson Junior, and inside his silhouette a collage of the...

BS about TO to CHI


I think they are just digging for anything, but we could use a LB

I've been asked 64 times via e-mail, Twitter and one funny talk-show rant how I can possibly still...


I've been asked 64 times via e-mail, Twitter and one funny talk-show rant how I can possibly still have faith in Trent Edwards as Buffalo's (or anyone's) quarterback of the future. I have two answers. One: I watched the first Monday night game of the season, when Trent Edwards hit his receivers in stride, stood up to a hostile crowd and Patriot pressure and had his team up by 11 points with six minutes to play. Once you see enough perfectly thrown balls and coolly executed drives, you tend to want to give a guy chances to do it again. Two: This is his second starting season. With quarterbacks, assuming they work hard and have the requisite talent, patience is a virtue. All the young ones can't be Ryan and Flacco.

Peter King

Interesting quote from Mike Martz -- Fitzy


"If A Starting Quarterback Went Down For The Season (Like Brady Did Last Year), Who Do You Think The Best Back-up Quaterback Would Be? Mike Martz John Kitna. I believe he's a starter in this league. Ryan Fitzpatrick. He has everything it takes, he has it all. He'll get another opportunity, too, to lead a team, I'm sure."

LB Nic Harris top ten rook


Peter King acknowledges our young draft pick Nic Harris...even if briefly

T.O. Injured


Doesn't seem to be too big of a deal....maybe just a pinky toe

Jauron and the 3-4


"Jacksonville's Jack Del Rio and Buffalo's Dick Jauron sat down to talk about their respective teams, and both coaches said they worked on a 3-4 defense as a variation of their 4-3 schemes. Each believes it will come in handy this coming season, especially in passing situations." So is that how Maybin will be used as an OLB? Two DEs, one DT, and Maybin? I can dig it

Mike Williams is cutting the FAT


Former fourth overall pick Mike Williams is currently a Redskin, and is looking to play more football. In a way I would be even more pissed if he came back and was successful, then if he just would have been a bust for the Bills, and that memory would fade...now its lingering


Maybin mentioned on Sirius NFL Radio 2 minute drill

The brief mention at the end of the news blurb stated, "Bills have discussed moving rookie Aaron Maybin to outside linebacker if they feel he is too light to play defensive end" I am sorry there is...

QB of Sin City -- JP Losman


"Losman is still an interesting player with a lot of ability. He struggled with inconsistency in Buffalo but also had to work magic behind a shady offensive line, and—outside of Lee Evans—he never really had many weapons at his disposal. The UFL will be his stage to show the NFL what they're missing out on." I can't wait



This, especially what is said by Chris Long can relate to our very own Aaron Maybin. And by all accounts here, Maybin is putting himself in a great position to succeed as a rookie.

Bills 29 of 32 teams ranked for the decade


Basically, we've sucked, and this is no joke...we need us some playoffs

Top 100 Fantasy Players


Bills rank: 42. Terrell Owens 44. Marshawn Lynch 80. Lee Evans Fair enough...unfortunately

Really Peter King...Vick to the Bills


4. Buffalo Bills Buffalo signed Terrell Owens and the town didn't burn the football offices down. In fact, I think the fans were totally behind it. If owner Ralph Wilson, desperate to catch the Patriots, thinks Vick will help, I can see him wearing a flak jacket to take all the criticism.

2nd Round Pick Byrd to miss OTAs


That sucks...hopefully it won't set him back to far, but it is a setback

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