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I hope he signs somewhere and gets to play, I am fascinated by the enigma that is Losman, and what he can or can't do, and I will follow his career till the end

Curry slipping to the Bills?

If this scenario happens, the Bills should take him...I would if that means anything "Could LB Curry be option for Bills at 11? By Chris Brown - Posted April 21st, 2009 With the rapid ascent of USC QB Mark Sanchez into the top 10 and Missouri’s Jeremy Maclin reportedly coveted by Oakland’s Al Davis, a premier linebacker talent could be slipping all the way out of the top 10 in Wake Forest’s Aaron Curry. Once thought to be a lead pipe lock top five pick, Curry is sliding according to several draft insiders because he’s considered by most to a be a strong side linebacker. That’s the one that grinds with the tight end in the run game and does most of the dirty work. If Curry slips out of the top 10 and is still on the board when the Bills pick, that’s going to make for a very difficult decision. Strong side linebacker is unquestionably a need, and Curry might be the safest pick in the draft, but he is not going to help your pass rush. I want to say that a pass rusher is still the play at 11, despite the trade of Peters and the possibility of Curry slipping to 11, but Curry is special. If he slid that far it would really give me pause if I had to make that call. Granted, Buffalo could still get a solid linebacker prospect at 28, 42 or heck even 75 that could compete for that starting role vacated by Angelo Crowell. But Curry is a great talent and a future defensive captain (he has that kind of presence). If it’s Everette Brown and Aaron Curry at 11, it’s a good dilemma. If you believe in getting your big men early you take Brown and help Buffalo’s pass rush. If you believe in trusting the value on your board I think you take Curry. What would you do?"

SI.com full draft prospect grades

700 players graded using some cockamamee point system

Rush Brandon dishes on Peters

At least someone expects Peters to wear a Bills uni


The TO addition (refrain)

Before the 1990 season, the Buffalo Bills acquired James Lofton, a finesse, deep threat WR known for gaining big yards and having a high average yards per catch, but in the twilight of his career,...

"He says eight or nine tight ends will be drafted in the first three rounds. He loves the best of...

"He says eight or nine tight ends will be drafted in the first three rounds. He loves the best of the bunch, Oklahoma State's Brandon Pettigrew. (I'd love to see the Bills land him, by the way. Perfect offensive weapon for a coordinator, Turk Schonert, who loves to use the tight end." -Peter King in reference to Mike Mayock's top ranked TE prospect, Brandon Pettigrew of Oklahoma State

Pettigrew out of 1st in Banks mock 3/12

Looks like the Bills could nab the falling TE in the early second if they wanted and have Maybin at 11. My only question is whether anyone else could help Buffalo more at 11, and if maybe Detroit wants to trade us their pick 20 for our 11 and a second. But I'll be fine with Maybin

Karney cut by Saints

I have liked him in the past and think he is exactly what the Bills need. McIntyre is terrible, and while I didn't see alot of the Saints this year, when I have watched them in the past few years. I have liked KArney


3-4/Cover 2 Hybrid

Thinking about our defense. I was wondering what you guys thought of our defense changing some things up on defense in certain situations. Our Bills have done some things like have two lineman,...

Whitner a combine legend?

Seems like he did all the right things in his workouts, and was a "surprise" at number 8 for everyone, including most of us. He's good, but Ngata would have been better

Suggs and Sproles hit with Franchise Tag

Looks like no Suggs, as I would have expected, and if the Ravens are true to their public word, they will also retain Lewis. This leaves Bart Scott as an option for the Bills if he were to leave for free agency, but with the Ravens' strength being the D, could it be possible that they keep all three?


If Marshawn is suspended...

WHo do we bring in? Fred Taylor got cut from the Jags, could certainly help mentor Marshawn into being an all-around professional football player...not to mention, a one year deal would be...


Mike Mayock's Position Rankings

In lieu of the author mocks, I have posted this from Mike Mayock at NFL.com, someone whose opinion i do respect, as in the past he has predicted, I believe our last three first rounders, but...


Edwards wins this game

Here are my 75 or so words. I watched a good amount of this game and all of every other, and I truly believe that if Edwards were playing, in ALL of the losses since San Francisco, we would have...



While many of us are try to "keep it real", as the season moves towards another year of fingers being crossed and trying to analyze post season potential by mathematical reasoning, let us please...


Second half, a time for Rookies

Injuries in three key areas...CB, WR, and DE. CB - When the season began, and especially after two very solid, almost pro bowl talk sparking performances by Ashton Youboty, the Bills seem to be an...


Regroup -- Could 4-4 win us the division?

If we can be 1-1 vs. all the AFC East foes, and be 9-7 at the finish, that could win us the division...I think. And if we can go 5-3, and repeat our first half record, then 10-6 might secure it....


Snow is Coming

While many of us Rumblers (myself excluded) will be feverishly hitting the open thread today during the first game of what i think will be renewed rivalry for years to come, i'd like to divert your...


Whitner FS

Whitner at Free Safety was talked about at times on rumblings over the offseason, but with the success last week, it might be a main stay in the defense.  L...

BUF vs SD nfl.com GOW

Good 11 min video by NFL films of last sundays win



Great time for a big loss in my opinion.   Jauron's Bills have been best at bouncing back, especially in the second half of the season. Let's hope this will be a good chance for the Bills to...


Hardy, please step up

Turk made it a point to give the rookie WR James Hardy the opportunity to make plays and score points, but Hardy did not deliver. He had a bad drop that hit his hands, even if it was a little high,...


Too early for this

New contract for Jauron?   Dick Jauron of the Bills is on the verge of getting a new contract. Until this week, Jauron wasn't sure he had a future in Buffalo. Finally, the team began...


Offensive Tackle Depth, the running game, and a prediction

Now with Peters back in the fold, a versatile Langston Walker, a servicable Kirk Chambers, the athletic rookie Demetrius Bell, and the work-in-progress Matt Murphy back practicing today; it looks...


BAD NEWS - No #55 on Sun.

http://buffalobills.com/news/news.jsp?news_id=6531 Bills linebacker Angelo Crowell is out for Sunday's game after deciding to have his knee scoped for a persistent knee problem. According to...


Final preseason game

These are quick thoughts of the most meaningless game of the year. Dwayne Wright is done...safety, fumble, penalty on special teams...his career is in jeopardy. He just looks small, runs small, is...

9. Buffalo: J.P. Losman -- The ex-Bills starter isn't thrilled with his task of serving as Trent...

9. Buffalo: J.P. Losman -- The ex-Bills starter isn't thrilled with his task of serving as Trent Edwards' understudy this year, but with the free agency market awaiting next offseason, he has to make the best of it and hope he can resurrect his starting career elsewhere in 2009. Losman did some of his better work last year coming off the bench in relief of Edwards.



Apparently, T. Edwards was 1/1 for -6 yds and ran the ball for 1 yarder. And I swore he was on the sidelines in a T-Shirt

Dolphins sign Pennington

Looks like El Tuna Parcells will get a window into the Jets strategy and will have a QB he knows all about. It makes no difference for the Bills, but is bad for the Jets. Belichik must have gotten is devious qualities from somewhere, and you can look no further than Parcells.


Preseason Week One - "Vanilla"

A term we are very familiar with after last preseason, "vanilla" is used to describe the type of playcalling that is utilized during the preseason so as to not show a team's strategy or full...

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