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Ryan Clady out for the year


Also, this will be the first time he has missed any games, I think. Sad Face.

New Mexico Coach leaves for UCLA


I know UNM has a lot of fan support for their BBall team, but I think a lot of UNM's recent success has been because of Alford. If they don't get a similarly successful coach, the best team in the MWC for the past few years will likely face something of a downturn.

Bruce Feldman suspended by ESPN


Feldman, one of the (if not the) best college football writers around was suspended by ESPN, apparently because of the release of a new book my Mike Leach (that Feldman assisted with) that says mean things about Craig James. It seems that Feldman had permission from his bosses to do this, but was suspended anyways. Does the evil of Craig James know no bounds?


Phil Steele spoilers: Complete Boise State team, unit, and individual rankings

A review of Boise State predictions from the new Phil Steele college preview magazine.


The OBNUG Boise State Roster

So, thanks to the amazing work of your OBNUG editors, here are links to every numerical countdown in one post. Sorry if this was already posted, but if not, here are your BOISE STATE BRONCOS! ...

Kevin interviewed on pre-snap read


I don't know if I missed a link to this before, or if this will be linked in the future, but a cool interview at pre-snap read with Kevin (thought I'm not sure that Williams and Evans are both better than Mathews).

Chargers Pick Up Another Texans Leftover


This time we don't get a draft pick, like we did with Travis Johnson, but still.


BSU VaTech Bingo

So, here is BSU VaTech Bingo.  A little more than half are in-game events, the rest involve the broadcast of the game (since Mark Johnson isn't broadcasting, I didn't do a Doug Harper entry). ...


Any NYC/Jersey/Philly fans driving to the VT game?

Sorry for a selfish post.  Anyways, I just found out that my girlfriend has to work at 7:30 in the morning the day after the VaTech game.  As a result, she won't be going.  Further, she needs the...


Fighting Strength of Schedule ... with MATH!

So, lots of people complain about BSU's strength of schedule.  For a very good strategy of dealing with them, see Mikrino's thorough overview.  But, it must be said, there is something to these...


Phil Steele BSU player rankings

So this will in no way attempt to match Kevan's recap of the Street and Smith/Sporting News preview magazine, but at least has some of the player rankings from Steele's annual magazine.


FO officially defines weightspeed

So Stephanie Stradley, over at her blog, gets an interview with the managing editor of Football Outsiders, to discuss...


Boise State hires Leon Rice as new men's basketball coach

Boise State hires Gonzaga assistant Leon Rice as new men's basketball coach. Can Rice put Bronco basketball back on the map?


Here is an old running back we might want

Thomas Jones.  The guy is 32, but last year he put up 1400 yards and 14 touchdowns for the jets.  The year before: 1300 yards and 13 touchdowns.

Craig James for Senator


Seriously. At least maybe this way he would no longer be an AP voter?

Reeve's PI call the worst call of the year?


Well, I still think Kubiak should stay. But to distract from that, here is Peter King saying Frenchie's PI call was the worst call he's seen this year (its 7a).

Tomey is done at SJSU


Its probably too bad, both because Tomey seemed like a decent guy, and now SJSU will probably have at least 3 years or so as (yet another) WAC bottom feeder. But maybe there won't be any more scary @SJSU games.

Assuming they don't have espnU. It's not on espn360, apparently. So does you garden variety chain...


Assuming they don't have espnU. It's not on espn360, apparently. So does you garden variety chain bar (i.e., TFIG or Chili's) have this channel? Because otherwise I think I have to drive into Trenton, which sucks because A) Its Trenton, and B) I have to drive home. Oh and the image: I guess I'm drunk, so this is the only way I can make the fanpost work. So, ya, star wars rock band.


Scott Wolf: BSU enemy #1

Well, perhaps not, but close. Check out his AP ballot here.  He has the Broncos ranked 11th: lowest of any voter.  He also has Oregon ranked 20th: again lowest of any voter.  And for the...


Schaub and Pressure

  Very interesting stats from Paul Kuharsky about QB ratings in the AFC South broken down by situation here.  Perhaps not surprisingly, with standard pressure Schaub decimates all other AFC South...


Dunta to start Sunday

Hadn't seen anyone link this yet at brb, but Paul Kuharsky is reporting that Dunta (and Cushing) will start on Sunday, though with playcounts.  Seems like good news as long as its because of their...

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