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Lidge blows save, then gives up 3-run bomb


The streak is over. I can only hope tonight's performance leads to three years of ineptitude. Apparently the Padres never say die.

Worth an extra $3 million this year? You decide.

Lowe IP 8.0 H 2 R 0 ER 0 BB 0 SO 4 HR 0 ERA 0.00 And just for poops and laughter, here's the line from Ollie's tune-up start on Saturday: Perez IP 0.2 H 2 R 6 ER 1 BB 4 SO 0 HR 1* ERA 4.50 ---- *grand slam

NYTimes lays the smackdown on Captain Clutch


"Davey Johnson, the United States manager, rotated Jeter and Jimmy Rollins, a better defensive player, at shortstop. The Americans promised Jeter he would be the starter, so they could not slot him as a designated hitter."

Real, actual baseball news from Mets camp


Quoting Ben Shpigel: Another Mets pitcher, J.J. Putz, has been throwing for a few week, and he had his first session this morning with his new catcher, Brian Schneider. With the pitching coach Dan Warthen watching, Putz threw about 40 pitches, including a few that had some of the nastiest spin I’ve ever seen. The bullpen catcher Dave Racaniello was kneeling a few steps away from Schneider, and he said it was a splitter — "a really, really good one."

WSJ: Citi Explores Breaking Mets Deal


"Citigroup Inc., eager to quell the controversy over how lenders are using government bailout money, is exploring the possibility of backing out of a nearly $400 million marketing deal with the New York Mets, say people familiar with the matter. "Officials at Citigroup have made no final decision about whether to try to void the 20-year agreement, which includes naming the Mets' new baseball stadium after the bank, say these people." (subscription required to read the whole article)

Let's revisit that Citi Field Inaugural Season patch.


Does anyone like this one better? I re-worked it a bit. stat of the day: 2009


Current Met Carlos Delgado has played in 2009 games (with 2010 hits, interestingly enough). Former Met player and manager Gil Hodges produced 2009 runs.


Let's go meta: Welcome to Amazin' Avenue

The Amazin' Avenue community certainly has grown a lot in recent months. I'd like to welcome new members to the fold. It's a great place to talk baseball and root for the New York Metropolitans. O...

Shea entering another phase of destruction. Very sad for me, considering how much time I spent at...


Shea entering another phase of destruction. Very sad for me, considering how much time I spent at that damn place. But look at how cool the New Shea looks in the other pictures in this slideshow.

"And let's see what happens when the person pitching starts off the inning. And... THAT happened....


"And let's see what happens when the person pitching starts off the inning. And... THAT happened. Apparently it was an "S," according to the board..."

This Call to the Bullpen Is Eroding My Stomach Lining: The cruel torture of watching the New York Mets' relief pitchers.


Good story from Slate's Josh Levin. "All in all, Ayala and his comrades-in-noodle-arms have blown 29 save opportunities in 2008, the most of any playoff contender. Now that's bleeping brutal." Frackers! If they could have closed out a mere 25% of those games, the Mets would have run away with the division.


Hands down, far and away, by all measures, without a doubt

The worst loss of the season. Seventh inning: Man on third, no outs.Eighth inning: Man on third, no outs.Ninth inning: Man on third, no outs. One run to show for it, and the Mets can't get one more...

Nice little story on Reyes


Jose Reyes is seeking U.S. citizenship. Also, this is pretty cool: "Reyes isn't abandoning his native country by any means. He's even sponsoring an entire youth baseball league back home - treating the players to everything, from uniforms to equipment. "'I've got like six or seven teams,' he said. 'I just tried to give everything they needed. I did that for the first year this year. It's gone great so far. It's great to see the young guys in the Dominican, people who don't have a lot of money to buy equipment, that I'm able to help them out. I paid for everything. They don't have to worry about anything. They just have to worry about playing baseball and being there on the field on time.'"

One more reason to give Castillo his outright release


A little nugget from my buddy at ESB: "Since [Luis Castillo's] first game for the Mets last July 31, they are 56-62 when he has played and 42-23 when not." OK, I know that one player does not make all the difference, and it's not the hugest sample size, but he remains my least-favorite Met, and I can't wait to see him go. I hope the Mets keep him mothballed for the rest of the season and beyond. (By the way, the link to the picture is just because I had to include a URL of something to get this to post properly. I also thought about using this one.)


AA Day at Shea

Not Alcoholics Anonymous*--Amazin' Avenue! Who wants to go see the Mets this Wednesday, August 6 against San Diego?  I have four tickets to the contest, and I was thinking it could be fun to get...

Nationals release Lo Duca


Washington releases Paul Lo Duca. He was hitting .230/.301/.281, with seven doubles and no homers in 139 at-bats. His OPS+ was 55. Can you blame them?

When Manuel took over as manager, he said that he would watch Pérez’s starts from the top step of...


When Manuel took over as manager, he said that he would watch Pérez’s starts from the top step of the dugout so he could, if needed, retrieve him that much quicker. "I haven’t been on the top step in a while with Ollie," Manuel said. "Ollie told me sit down and be quiet over there, so that’s what I’ve been doing."

From today's New York Times

CBS Sportsline: Alou done for the year

Mets' Alou done for year now: Moises Alou has a torn hamstring that likely will require surgery. He will be making a decision on that, but he is likely out for the season. Injury Report Hamstring - 15-day DL. Out for the season Fantasy Analysis Alou might head into retirement now, so cut and ignore him in all Fantasy leagues. He just could not get or stay healthy late in his career. (Updated 07/10/2008)

Beltran hits a laser.


Beltran hits a laser.

Open Thread - Game 78: Mets vs Yankees


Don't know where Eric is, but I'm throwing this game thread up here for your enjoyment.  Let's go Mets!

Insubordination! Chacon supended indefinitely

Astros pitcher Chacon attacks GM Player suspended after exchange turns violent "So at that point I lost my cool, and I grabbed him by the neck and threw him to the ground. I jumped on top of him, because at that point I wanted to beat his (behind). Words were exchanged."

Stop me if you've heard this one before


Eddie Coleman is on the radio reporting that Moises Alou is back on the DL. As if that isn't ridiculous enough, the Mets are calling up Robinson Cancel, a catcher, to fill out the roster.  @#$%...


Oh, the irony

I was at Shea the other night for Pelfrey's gem, and I couldn't help but notice the cover of the scorecard the Mets are selling for the current homestand. The cover story is called "Taking care of...

Fatal fall from Shea Stadium escalator last night


A 36-year-old man who was descending a Shea Stadium escalator fell to his death. Antonio Narainasami fell onto the concrete floor, in the section near the left field stands, and fell at least two stories, possibly four stories (the Times says 30 feet). Yikes.

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