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JayPa and Bill Kenney file federal suit vs PSU? I did not see this reported in the local CDT, and have not seen any talk of it here on BSD. It is dated yesterday. Are there any...

Hockey: Men's B1G Tourney Preview Day 2

Ed: bumped because we've all been focused on wrestling and basketball, but we can't forget about hockey!--CG B1G conference ice hockey tourney continues Friday in Minnesota, on the ice where the...


Men's Hockey B1G tourney preview

B1G conference ice hockey tourney starts today in Minnesota, on the ice where the NHLs Minnesota Wild play. TV: BTN All 6 teams compete in the tourney, with the top 2 seeds receiving a bye. ...


Hockey-where's the love? Weekend preview-crush the Buckeyes

3 hours to puck drop on the last weekend of the regular season. I recognize Spring Break is winding down, but where's the preview? Foe: the silver and red team from the state to the West,...


Michael O'Connor and Anna Orso

since I need the main stream media to tell me how I feel about something, how do I feel about this: Anna Orso, Penn Live reporter supposedly sees grey shirt QB Michael O'Connor inebriated on...


Michigan road trip

I was looking at the schedule and besides the Croke Classic, another attractive road trip would be the Michigan game. Middle of October, so the weather should be good. Bye game the week before...


Let's share our Joseph Vincent Paterno stories today

Today marks the 2nd anniversary of the passing of Joseph Vincent Paterno. I thought the BSD writers would post a story, but as of 4 PM EST, there is not one. Anyway, I thought I would start a...


Croke Classic-planning thread

Okay, so I ordered tickets for the Croke Classic off of (the Ireland version). I placed the order Sunday and was surprised to find them on my doorstep Wednesday, so I am now in...


Ed Ruth suspension - DUI

I'm guessing this is the reason he was suspended, although trying to get confirmation from PSU probably will not come forth.h...


LaVar on the Peter Schrager podcast LaVar talks openly about IT 2 years later, his relationship with JVP and JS and clarifies his comments about being...


Call the league office about Friday night and no suspension for Emery

212-789-2000 ask for Brendan Shanahan's office. cite league rule 28.1 28.1 Supplementary Discipline – In addition to the automatic fines and suspensions imposed under these rules, the ...

PSU Sports auction-wonder what the final price will be


On a related note...why are they replacing the current banner? After hanging on a wall for 25 years, it's worn out?

Costas to revisit Freeh Report Wed after NHL


After game 7 of the Chicago/Detroit game, Bob Costas will reexamine the Freeh Report. If I were a betting man, I would say the hockey game goes 5 overtimes and the program airs about 4 AM.


The Lettermens Club tells their members to "Retire Suhey" by not re-electing him This is a letter that went out to the Lettermens Club members. It looks like the decision was made not in haste, but rather with due...

The Hershey BoT meeting just got interesting


about 30 former players plan to attend, and I am sure there will be cameras there.

NCAA contradicts itself-Sporting News


even the Sporting News gets it. This might be the legal undoing of the NCAA, to the benefit of PSU!


Another sports writer gets it---the NCAA is a bully and out of control

I came across a nice story about the Montclair St womens basketball team and how they are being 'punished' by the NCAA because of the state of NJ trying to legalize sports gambling. They don't...


Step away from the ledge Caps fans...55 points gets us there

If we learned nothing from the 2011-2012 season, we found that you just need to make the playoffs to have a chance to earn the Cup. I did a little analysis of the past 20 or so years of how...


Womens Beach Volleyball

Nebraska announced that they are adding Women's Beach Volleyball as a varsity sport this Spring. Could Penn State also add it? Where would they hold the home matches? What would the...


2013 FB scehdule...bye bye UVa, hello Rhode Island????

I saw that the York Daily Record is reporting that the Sept 14 game versus Virginia has been replaced with Rhode Island. h...


Pony up more cash for BOB?

from today's CDT (the local State College newspaper) Guy Cipriano is...


Pro Combat Uniforms???? No!!!!!!'

Was told a rumor, I hope it's just that, that Penn State will wear Nike Pro Combat uniforms on Saturday. I am a traditionalist, and complained about the names on jerseys, but to be honest, that...


Is it time for the WWL to stop beating the dead horse of Ficken?

Ex-Lions kicker struggles. Penn State transfer Anthony Fera, now kicking for Texas, missed a 41-yard attempt Saturday with about five minutes left that would have tied the game against West...


I don't want to be that guy..What exactly is holding and Pass interefence?

We've all been there either in the stands or watching at sports bar. When the other team (it's always them, never us) does something that looks like a hold or PI and the guy from 50 feet over...


Homecoming Weekend - time to express our displeasure with the BOT?

With Homecoming next weekend I am surprised there has not been a grassroots effort to express our displeasure with the way the BOT have handled everything. -The way everything was handled in...


Navy game-flyover?

I was wondering/hoping there would be a flyover tomorrow at Beaver Stadium. I searched the internet to see if they had announced one, but was unsuccessful. Does anyone know if there will be one,...


PS4RS Key Failures of Freeh Report Lots of items that they recapped, a couple of things that stood out to me: they point out that the FR was commissioned...


Is it Bandwagon jumping?

I've been a fan for about 40 years, I don't live in Maryland, but I try to get to one game a year. I was there for game 2130 and 2131, I selected my confirmation name after my favorite Oriole...


Thurs 4 PM: John Ziegler vs Buzz Bissinger

from the newsletter: "Tomorrow (Thursday) could be a big day for . I am currently scheduled (with two confirmation emails) to appear for a full hour...

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