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Nate Robinson - State of Nate


Pretty cool video of Nate in Brooklyn for the first round series with the Nets. With appearances by Taj, Daequan Cook, and Rip.

Best Derrick Rose mix ever made


This should be a fixture of BaB. It's the best DRose mix ever made and should be required monthly viewing for Bulls fans while he's out. I really feel like a lot of us tend to forget how good he is and this serves as the perfect reminder.

Give Thanks for that Knee Injury


This is an article by Chris Herring of the Wall Street Journal talking about NBA players improving their shooting after suffering knee injuries, particularly ACL tears. I saw it posted as a comment by White Mambah in the open game thread from Sunday's early games and thought it was interesting and deserved a fanshot.

Miami Heat Harlem Shake


I thought this was pretty funny, especially "Super" Mario Chalmers.


Sign and Trade Possibility for BG

I was looking through this hoopsworld article, and it says: "Gordon and BYC:  Assuming Gordon would accept a contract starting at roughly $10 million a season, the Bulls would have to send out...


Solution to BG and Deng Contracts

So the Bulls have been negotiating with Deng and Gordon for a while now, and there seems to be a good chance that they'll sign and trade at least one of them (probably Gordon), and possibly both....

ESPN Article on James Felton


This is a great article on ESPN about a guy named James Felton. He was dunked on by Tracy McGrady at Adidas' ABCD basketball camp, and they say that the dunk was what put McGrady on the map in high school. There's more info in the article, but in the end James Felton died at the age of 27 because of liver problems and other complications that are caused by heavy alcohol consumption. I know this isn't Bulls-related, however I think that this is a sad story and deserves to be read. The main point that I'm trying to get to: I can't find video of the dunk that is referred to at the beginning. I checked on YouTube, but was unable to find video of it. In the future, if anyone finds video of that dunk, can you please let me know? It would be greatly appreciated.

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