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2014 Recruiting Class (for someone who's been under a rock the last few months)

Well, not technically a rock but close enough. I'm trying to get a feel for the class as a whole. Usually I know most of the big recruits names and other guys we just missed out on. This year I...

1st Time Rv'ing to Pullman for a game, any advice?

Hey everyone, I'm heading over to Pullman this weekend with a mix of WSU and Navy friends and have never RV'ed or even really tailgated before. What are some do's and don'ts? Namely, how strict are Pullman police in enforcing the open container law and how do we avoid trouble? We'll be in Region 7 by Reaney Park, doesn't seem like the usual RV lot so how's the tailgating there? Thanks!


Morality in Sports

Its a pretty common theme these days, star player gets in trouble, fans (mostly opposing) scream for his suspension, coach decides to handle things "internally", player plays. Inevitable outcry...


Thoughts from the East Coast -- Pullman/Seattle Edition (With Pictures!)

I decided to combine the last 2 weeks into a single post partly because I was back home and didn't have a chance to sit down and write anything. But, largely because I just couldn't bring myself...


Thoughts from the East Coast, Week 3

This post is a few days later than I intended. Admittedly, this was caused by the game starting at 9pm here on a Friday night. Combine that with some frustration at the play on the field and an...

New low for early season overreactions

Nope, not WSU fans wanting to bench Tuel or fire everyone. Wisconsin fires their new O-line coach 2 games into his tenure after a loss to Oregon State.


My Thoughts from the East Coast, Week 2

For this post you can blame none other than Nusser, he's the one who went and said nice things about the post I wrote last week so I'm writing another this week. I actually enjoy doing it so I...


My Thoughts from the game. Not that they're exciting (or factual) but I'm on the East Coast and posted them before you!

At this point I'm ok with our own fans being pissed off, wanting to bench Tuel, and generally complaining about everything. Shows we got rid of some of the apathy developed the past few years...

Charges dismissed against Kaufusi per

Not sure this changes much for Leach, but interesting nonetheless. I really like Kaufusi but rules are the rules (or are they?). Either way I wish nobody would get in trouble so we didn't have to see Leach's rules tested so early and often.

The Oregon Trail

I lost 2 people on the first river crossing, then another near the end. Only got 901 points. How did everyone else do?

Best reason to pick a school EVER.

Seriously. Picked Auburn over Clemson because Auburn has a Chick-Fil-A on campus.

Good recruiting debate on Twitter last night

I highly recommend perusing Kyle's Twitter feed for a few minutes. Also, it was hilarious to watch the meltdown following a Sark "Woof" on twitter. Nothing like watching dozens of so-called "reporters" freaking out and trying to contact High-Schoolers late at night to see who the "Woof" was for. Good stuff.

Potential recruits for Leach and WSU per Scout

9 players visiting this weekend per 7 of whom list other BCS offers on their pages. Pretty impressive Mr. Leach. This doesn't include Kenny Lawler who now lists us in his top 3. This would be a mighty fine way to finish up a recruiting class, I am personally crossing my fingers for Eldrenkamp from Bellevue choosing the Crimson and Gray.

Message Boards, Social Media, and Recruiting from the TNT

Interesting article from the Tacoma News Tribune about a few in-state recruits and fan's reactions to these players picking out-of-state schools. Pretty sad how low people can go, aided by largely anonymous internet message boards and social media. EDIT NUSS: Good discussion here. Join in if you wish.

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