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what you just saw, or missed

Every week of football is epic in it's own way.  Writeup commenced.


NFL 2010 Season Predictions

I cannot, in good faith, predict anything about the Steelers season seriously.  I assume that just like every other fan in the universe, I am biased towards my team, even if I don't necessarily...


jack klompus makes a foray into yahoo fantasy mock drafts and entirely too long post titles while making sure you don't draft scrubs and get embarrassed in fantasy football this year on BTSC

I know that we have at least two leagues happening this year on BTSC, and that a few people participating are relatively new to the fantasy scene, and even if you aren't, you might still learn some...


at the risk of sounding nycsteelerfan-y, the media wants you to hate brett favre

Alright, the media might not directly want you to hate Brett Favre, but I am of the opinion that this offseason, all hate towards Brett Favre should be redirected to the media.  It's no secret that...


trying to mix optimism with realism when looking at 2010

    I know the phrase "every team is a super bowl contender in august" is known for a reason, but this offseason -- despite certain aspects -- has made a great number of Steeler Nation very...


Klompus' Fantasy RB's Post - Updated

Despite QB and WR starting to run RB out of the late first round, the RB will be the meat of your points on your fantasy roster, because they pile up yards and touchdowns more consistently than...


Somewhat Football-related only in that it concerns BTSC, which in itself, is somewhat related to the topics of Football

I'm sure this opening paragraph will turn off many people that will click on this poast and attempt to read my ramblings, but I think it is a necessary evil to framing what I want to say to the...


The NFL Offseason

They call baseball America's past time, but I beg to differ.  America's past time is past it's prime and people barely even tune in for the World Series anymore.  America's new past time has risen,...


On Football fandom, the NFL draft, and whatever else I want because it's my damned post

Recently, in some random ass topic that I can't remember exactly due to completely legal reasons, Johnny Statistics asked me why I haven't been posting much as of late.  I'm usually not a man of...

I'm going to post this all over the Cincy Jungle when they get swept next year by us and Bmore. ...


I'm going to post this all over the Cincy Jungle when they get swept next year by us and Bmore. And yes, I autotuned myself.


Why Jack Klompus is not afraid of Anquan Boldin

Short, succinct, and to the point, like Arn's love life.   Since Anquan Boldin has entered the league in 2003, the Seahawks have fielded a defense ranked better than 15th only twice, and worse...


Non-Football: Hip Hop Music as an artform

  A while back, whomever was doing the series on "songs that get you pumped" a person or two insinuated that rap or hip hop was below other genre's when it came to music as an artform.  I don't...


NFL Opinions - wanted or not

I've decided that since it's the offseason, and not much else is going on at the moment, I can afford to post a discussion piece with a touch of statistical analysis.  Threadjack, comment, bicker,...


Jack Klompus: Jerry, I had a little mishap with the car.

via For those of you who are huge Seinfeld fans, you'll most likely recognize the quote and picture.  They are both from a scene where Jerry is buying a Cadillac from Jack...


Perspective of a new-ish user

I should probably preface this by saying that I have only registered recently (I think maybe the day of the Oakland Raiders game...?) but have been reading this blog and following the rec'd...

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