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User Blog

Broncos vs Patriots Postgame +/-'s

Well that sucked. Coming off a resounding performance last week, the Denver Broncos came back to Earth this Sunday. And in the words of Dennis Green, the Patriots were who we thought they were, and...


Broncos vs Raiders Postgame +/-'s

My first installment was met with rave reviews here at MHR, as evidence of getting as many Recs(6) as the Raiders scored points. So I have decided to write up my second installment of plus/minuses....


Broncos Texans Postgame +/-'s

After taking a few hours to clear my thoughts in regards to the battle at Mile High today, I have decided to come up with +/- grades for today's game(I'm a hockey fan as well and the +/- rating...


Why the last season was special for me

As I sit here loaded off of Vicodin and gagging on gauze after having my left side wisdom teeth extracted(which I should have done 10 years ago instead of waiting til 30 years of age), I decided...

Raider Hating


Meme I made while waiting on Manning decision


Could Tim Tebow be a locker room cancer???

National attention for a franchise is always good, it means you matter. Tebow wins his first playoff game. Has a winning record. Has a ton of room to grow. Knows how to win, is a winner. Probably...


Kyle Orton in December on the Road...Why Denver Fans Must Make Mile High Rock on Sunday

(I tried to find a pic more related to the post but...meh) Kyle Orton's record in December games on the road is 2-11. Clutch games are played in December and Orton is 2-11 in those December games...

Elway in the locker room congratulating Tebow on the win vs the hated Raiders


Elway in the locker room congratulating Tebow on the win vs the hated Raiders


Broncos at Raiders Trip Report-Mission Accomplished!!!

One Broncos fan's experience in The Black Hole!


Are We Gonna Just Sit Here And Cry Over Spilt Kool-aid? Hell No, On To Oakland!!!

Ok, so we got our a$$ kicked by the Lions on Sunday. Damn near all of our Kool-aid spilled all over ourselves and it looks like we pissed our pants. Orange piss. The media loves it. We are the...


Diamonds in the Rough - Tim Tebow and our 2011 Denver Broncos

  via I've been training some new hires to prepare our store for the upcoming holiday season and the "diamonds in the rough" that I have been working on got me thinking about the...


Do you believe???

via I, like many other Bronco fans waited the past two weeks for what seemed to be an eternity eagerly anticipating Sunday's game, hoping for a great start to the Tebow era in...


A look back in time and what has led the fan base to near mutiny

via As I sit here staring at my McFarlane Sports Picks Tim Tebow NFL Series 23 figurine...I start to think about the Broncos past, present, and future(I sell jewelry) and wonder how...

Orlando Franklin's Brother dead at 20


Thoughts and prayers out to Orlando and family.


Denver Broncos Week 4 Review(plus thoughts on the future)

via After the 49-23 loss at the hands of the defending Super Bowl Champs, the Denver Broncos sit 1-3 tied with the KC Chiefs in the AFC West. The game epitomized our season...


Denver at Green Bay- What I am watching for...(plus possible Neckbeard sighting)

via So I'm at work...a bit nervous and excited about tomorrow's game and I am thinking of all the possible outcomes and scenarios...and I look up and and see this guy and...

If Plummer hit the weights like Tebow does.


If Plummer hit the weights like Tebow does.


On to GB...and why we will win

via   It's already Tuesday in Denver and I am done crying over spilt milk and ready for Week 4, and here's why...


Bengals at Broncos...What I'll be looking for

via With the bitter taste of a home defeat at the hands of the team I hate the most in all of sports still in my mouth, I realize it is damn near Saturday which means only one...


Tebow makes the Broncos better than Orton RIGHT NOW!

via I am not writing this to change anybody's opinions.I am writing this as a lifelong Broncos fan that grew up watching the Mag 7 pull game's out of his ass on a regular basis...

Orange 3rd Jersey Bad Luck?


Link is to an old article where jerseys were being brought back in '08 after being used in '04. Anyone out there happen to know our record with the alternate 3rd jerseys...besides the Chiefs game last year, all I can remember are heartbreaking defeats...NY Jets, Colts, raiders on Christmas Eve, Raiders tonight are the ones I remember off hand.


How can a defense stop Orton? (and other rants about tonight's game)

via Silly question, isn't it? Any casual fan that watches Orton for more than a game could devise a basic philosophy on how to stop Orton. Simple enough, bring the heat and...


Oakland at Denver...What I will be looking for

As the time nears for our Broncos to take the field against my most hated team...I will be anxiously awaiting and watching for a few things to happen Monday night and I'll reveal them after the...

Another tearjerker story from plane crash involving Skrastins


Don't believe this has been posted here yet from what I've seen, just a gut-wrenching story.


Players that will earn their Roster spot in AZ

With the 4th and final preseason game on the horizon, I am done basking in the glory of the first half demolition of the Seahawks offense and ready to look forward to the battles before final...


What I took from the Denver vs Dallas game...

I just finished watching the game on the Preseason pass and here's my thoughts on the team's performance...

Just checking out the crock tees Stiffs shirts and realized there's a guy wearing one two guys to...


Just checking out the crock tees Stiffs shirts and realized there's a guy wearing one two guys to the right of Lebron in the front row on their home page pic...and he looks unimpressed.


Home Field Advantage and the Fans who Can Create it

I went with my Cousin who happens to be a Dallas Stars fan to Staples Center for the Dallas Stars-LA Kings game the other night. We had great seats, 6 rows up behind the goal. I of course am...

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