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What Would RJ say if Sabres Win the Cup

OK here is what I think RJ would say if the Sabres win the Cup. "FInally the wait is Over the Sabres have won the Stanley Cup, Finally The Sabres are Champions" And just for a Joke "Finally I can...


Can we keep this up and still win?

I can tell you know because the offence needs to put more on the board some way we have these great wide outs and we can't get in the endzone we have 2 great Backs and still can't get into the...

5 Reasons To keep Tyler Myers

  1. Youth
  2. Size
  3. Great Potenial
  4. Great offence and Defencive Skills
  5. And He could be a top 2 D-Man This year or next year

Great 1st half of season so far

i love what lindy has done this year with his defence this year being a control team. I think we should say like this fo ra while because it looks like we are playing it very very well.


Why not a Penalty on Edwards Injury?

Ok everybody knows that the hit on Edwards was a penalty right he was down and he got him right in the head after the play why does a push on a QB get a penalty and not this?


Playoffs? Can we still make it?

OK i know it is just one win but i was just thinking can the bills till make the playoffs i know it is not likely but you never know because anything can happen in this leauge just ask the Eagles...


Fitzpatrick Playing VS Jets?

Ok i know the jets lead the divison by two game yea shocking i know we can still win this but we need are offence to step it up like are defence have with all the injurys. Now i know it is a long...


Are we a Defence team first now?

Ok watching all three games so far it looks like we are a defence first team i think this would be great to say like this.

5 Things Buffalo Need to do to try and make it a fighting battle the rest of year

  1. Get Rid of Head Coach
  2. T.O. and Evans Ball More
  3. Trent Needs to go Down Feild
  4. Running Game Need to Be Better
  5. Defence needs to keep playing good

Call me Crazy but a blow up from T.O. Will be Good, Right?

I know i put this up before but i just wanted to say this again T.O. Needs to BLOW UP ALREADY... This would wake up the offence and Trent Edwards. I am Sorry but total wake up call for the whole...

Name Your Top Five Fav Sabres of ALLTIME and why

  1. Derek Roy ( Way underrated in early career and still underrated)
  2. Hasek (So many GREAT SAVES)
  3. Pat LALALALALAFONTAINE (Do I really had to say)
  4. Rick Martin (I think Martin Ran that line really such a great leader)
  5. And Finally Ryan Miller (He will take us to the cup)

T.O. Blowing Up is would be a good thing for Buffalo, Right?

OK now i think Brian and POZ will not agree with me on this but, I think a Blow up From T.O. Will be a good thing for this team because it would be a huge wake up call for the both sides of the...


Are you shocked that Owens Did not Do anything After TD?

Ok Yea i seen him show muscles on sidelines but that is it. Is anybody shocked he did not do anything cuz i am.

Reason Bills Beat Tampa Bay

  1. Fred Jackson had a great game Rushing the Ball
  2. Trent Great Game manageing the game
  3. Defence Held Tampa to under 100 rushing yards to 2 week in a row
  4. Held Tampa to a lot of check down plays and geting to the ball fast
  5. And Finally I have to say this Ryan Lindell had a Great game Kicking

Can we Beat the New Orlean Saints?

Ok Drew Brees 9 TDS in 2 Games that is Crazy But i seen that Brees look like he had a bad time with the Eagles Blitz in the Early Part of the game i am not saying that we sould Blitz everydown i am...


Pat LaFontanie a coach in Buffalo?

Ok i was just think what if Patty LaLa Was a coach in Buffalo would this be good? I think it would be a great thing Vanek and Roy could learn alot from Patty LaLa. This would also Help Out Miller...

What this Bills need to do to beat the Pats (Brian to You)

  1. Trents needs to control the ball and the feild
  2. Fred Jackson Needs to be on his A Game tonite
  3. The Defence Needs to find a way to hold Moss tonite
  4. Defence need to make turnovers happen
  5. Finally

The Bills make me wanna Shout! Kick your heels up and Shout! Throw your hands up and...


The Bills make me wanna Shout! Kick your heels up and Shout! Throw your hands up and Shout! Throw your head back and Shout! C'mon now, the Bills are makin' it happen now. Stand up now c'mon and Shout! Yea-ea-eah! Say you will- Shout it right now baby. Say you will- C'mon, C'mon. Say you will- C'mon and Shout! Say you will- Yea-ea-eah! Shout! Buffalo's happenin' now, Shout! We're on the move now, Shout! The Bills' are happenin' now, Shout! They're makin' it happen now, Shout! We've got the spirit, Shout! A lot of spirit-Yeah! Shout! We've got the spirit, Shout! Just watch it happen now! Hey-ey-ey-ey! Hey-ey-ey-ey! Hey-ey-ey-ey! Hey-ey-ey-ey! Lets Go Buffalo! Lets Go Buffalo! Lets Go Buffalo! Lets Go Buffalo! The Bills make me wanna SHOUT!

Top Reasons Sabres Will make PLAYOFFS

  1. Miller
  2. Vanek
  3. Roy
  4. Pominville , Connolly, Hetch
  5. Gerbe yea I said Gerbe

What will the Bills Record Be this year?

ok looking at the game the record of the bills is going to be 10-6 possible 11-5 if they beat the pats two time. They will win the east. Yea Yea laugh if you want but i know they will do better...


What do you think the Monday night Score will be?

Oki think the bills are going to win 24-21 in the dying seconds of the fourth. T.O. is going to make the touchdown catch to win the game but that is just what i am thinking will happen.

What should Owens do when he Gets his frist TD Monday?

  1. Make fun of Moss
  2. Elvis Dance
  3. Dance on Pats logo in Endzone
  4. Hand Ball To Trent and say this is the first of many
  5. What do you think he can do?

Reasons the Bills will Keep T.O. Next year

  1. He will be a great leader to Trent and Evans
  2. Lynch will learn from him and stop his mistakes off feild
  3. Defence will get better around him making them better
  4. Owens will have over 10 Td's this year
  5. Evans and Owen and Johnson will be a good Triple Threat

5 Reasons Bills will win the Opener

  1. Edwards is going to Control the game
  2. Fred Jackson over 100 yrds Rushing
  3. T.O. & Evans(Don't need to say more)
  4. Defence is going t sack Brady
  5. Specail Teams will have TD
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