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Ranking Northwestern's Prognosticators, Week Thirteen (Or, Only two people thought NU would beat MSU, so at least we're getting better at that)

With each passing week of the Big Ten season, there have been fewer and fewer reasons to expect Northwestern to win its football games. And despite this fact, people keep predicting that they will....

Ranking Northwestern's Prognosticators, Week Twelve (Or, What does it even mean to make predictions that coincide closely with this comically unlikely string of events?)

It's hard to understand exactly how unlikely the things we've seen from Northwestern football actually are. Consider the end of the fourth quarter of the Michigan game. In college, 44-yard field...

Ranking Northwestern's Prognosticators, Week Ten (Or, ____________________ )

Let's just get this out of the way right now so no one has to think about this game ever again. For the second time this season, the median predicted scores for the two teams were the same, but the...

Ranking Northwestern's Prognosticators, Week Nine (Or, Losing makes this way less fun)

As the season goes on and things don't go that well, enthusiasm wanes. Week 9 saw a season-high six people fail to make a prediction about the outcome of the game. It also saw me put of writing...

Ranking Northwestern's Prognosticators, Week Eight (Or, Well, maybe the week after...)

No time for words, just tables. Actually, apparently I have to use at least seventy-five words, or else it won't let me publish this post. Bummer. In that case, word word word word word word...

Ranking Northwestern's Prognosticators, Week Seven (Or, There's always next week)

The game against Wisconsin was predicted to be the closest of the season so far - the median NU prediction, which I calculate by combining the median predictions of each team's score, was 31-31,...

Ranking Northwestern's Prognosticators, Week 6 (Or, We finally played an FBS team that has the same coach it had last year, and predictions improved markedly)

After four weeks of playing opponents about whom fans could know very little, Northwestern went up against a known commodity this week, and it seems like the volume of information available on Ohio...

Ranking Northwestern's Prognosticators, Week Four (Or, AHHH, WE SUCK WE SUCK, HOW WILL WE EVER PREDICT B1G GAMES CORRECTLY?)

I'm getting nervous, you guys. Last week I still felt fine. Once could have ben an aberration. Everybody has a bad day once in a while, and maybe that was just everybody's bad day. But this is two...

Ranking Northwestern's Prognosticators, Week Three (Or, Most people's predictions would have been better if Fitz weren't such a nice guy)

Almost everybody overestimated the 'Cats offense (or Fitz's willingness to use it for the entire game) this week, just seven days after everyone did the opposite of that. In fact, in none of the...

Ranking Northwestern's Prognosticators, Week Two (Or, Everybody underestimated the 'Cats offense this week, some more than others)

Two quick notes before this week's rankings. First, I've added predictions from MNWildcat, who posts them weekly at OTE. If I'm missing any other sites that have consistently published weekly...

Ranking Northwestern's Prognosticators, Week One (Or, Rodger really is the smartest person in the world, at least this week)

Northwestern's football team isn't the only thing that's seemingly deeper than it's ever been before. The Northwestern internet is pretty deep, too, and lots of people on the Northwestern internet...

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