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Jay Cutler Said Whaaaaaat?!?!

"I've played against him before.  There's no reason to shy away from him. ... If we had to play him tomorrow, I'd go at him every time if I could."


I Hate Alex Barron

Let's clear one thing up right away.  Cowboys fans should not be mad at Alex Barron for the last play of the game last night.  Get mad at him for all of his other mistakes through the game if you...

Haynesworth trade talks still going on


For the record, I am one of the people who puts no stock in these kinds of reports. I think Haynesworth will be here all season. The money's already been paid, and whether Haynesworth is in DC or not, people will still be asking Shanahan about him all year. The article mentions that the Redskins want two (unspecified) draft picks, and the Titans still think that's too high a price.


A suggestion to Kevin and Sugar

Unless any trades happen (still possible), the Redskins will be sitting out today.  That doesn't mean you have to, though.  How about a piece on Jeremy Jarmon, the Redskins' 2010 3rd round draft...

Saints interested in Haynesworth?


Haynesworth for Brown straight up perhaps? The Redskins drafted Trent Williams last night, but the consensus is generally that he's better suited to the right side anyway. Haynesworth could be a monster in Gregg Williams' aggressive, free flying defensive schemes.


Storyline for Every Redskins Game in 2010

Here's my quick take on what talking heads will be talking about going into each week.  Of course, if the Redskins are actually doing well, the talking heads will have a chance to talk about that,...

Peter King respects Redskins fans


I rarely read MMQ, but did today. Buried in there, near the bottom page 4, is a remark on a WP poll taken last week. King respects that Redskins fans recognize that the sexy pick is not the best pick for us. Momentarily, I will respect him.

No Compensatory Picks for the Redskins


Well that sucks. The only team in the division to get any was the Eagles (2). I'm a little upset that recent Super Bowl participants like the Steelers and Patriots get 7 combined compensatory picks, and a rebuilding team like the Skins gets nothing, but it's the system. Meh.

Campbell will still be a Redskin in 2010


No guarantee that a QB will or will not be selected #4 overall. No word on whether or not Campbell will start.

Lebron James was wrong!! WRONG!!!!


Lebron had the Colts in the Super Bowl... Who Dat!

Office of the Chancellor Tuesday, February 9, 2010 Faculty, Staff & Students, With the...


Office of the Chancellor Tuesday, February 9, 2010 Faculty, Staff & Students, With the Super Bowl victory in hand, New Orleans has reached this momentous point in its history and recovery. As a key part of this community UNO encourages you to participate in the celebration that has brought us all together like none before. For this reason, the University will be closing at 1PM today. All classes at all locations are cancelled and all are encouraged to go to the parade and take part by supporting the Saints in their victory that symbolizes how far New Orleans has come!

University of New Orleans cancelling class for the parade. Now that's love.

Percentages for keeping anyone on this team?

OK, seven weeks ago, Jason Campbell and Jim Zorn were dead men walking -- two guys expecting pink slips in their stockings and with no one else interested.  All of a sudden, the Redskins wake up in...


The injuries stink, but there's no need to panic

According to a chart on this article (which has nothing to do with the Wizards, except for the chart), the Wizards have had the second toughest schedule in the league so far, according to...

Randle El Will No Longer Return Punts!!!!


OK, 3 years too late, and absolutely meaningless when the team is playing this badly, but at least we have one less thing to complain about.

Last chance to extend rookie contracts


Foye seems to be a perfect fit for our offense and players. I know it's only been three games, but do you reward the kid while you still can and extend his contract now, or hope that he doesn't turn too many heads during the season so that you can re-sign him without someone upping your bid?

ESPN staff preview the Wizards


Nothing too surprising here. 5 writers have us as #6 in the East; one each for numbers 4, 5, 7, 8, and 9 (yes, that's right, David Thorpe has us finishing outside of the playoffs this year). Two writers have us at #4 in the SE (Thorpe and Chris Sheridan). Chris Broussard seems to love us: number 2 in the SE and #4 in the East. Thanks man. Sheridan's pick really confuses me. He writes that we should get 44 wins, but has us as the last team into the playoffs... We're talking about the Eastern Conference, right?


Sherman Lewis

If I hear the phrase "one more set of eyes" one more time I'm gonna lose it.  Really.  JC said it.  Zorn said it.  Snyder said it.  Cerrato said it.  Robert Thomas probably said it to the guys...


On the brighter side...

Antwaan Randle-El is averaging 15 yards per punt return! OK, so he's only returned one punt since has already signaled for two fair catches on his three punt returns.  But dammit, that one return...


Never thought I'd say it, but I see a Zorn-Campbell rift coming

We've been talking about it since Sunday.  Jim Zorn took Jason Campbell out of the offense during our last two trips to the red zone against the Rams.  FYI I'm not talking about the victory...


Oh my gosh!!

Colt Brennan just completed a 21 yard pass to D.J. Hackett!! Let's make him the starting QB for the rest of the season! Cut Campbell, Cut Campbell, Cut Campbell!!! Hey, we have to make Colt the...


Wait just a minute on that trade.

OK, so I've been thinking about this for about a week, but it was part 1 of Prada's latest post that spurred me into writing this.  In it, he talks about the way the young guys were developed last...


5 more questions...

Here's some more questions for everyone to contemplate... Hope you enjoy. 1. Who will start at right tackle for game 1? Game 9 (AKA: the start of the second half of the year)? 2. Who will/can...


5 Questions going into training camp

I got this idea from the Saints blog (Canal Street Chronicles), so thanks to Saintsational!  3 of his 5 questions I've got here verbatim, the other 2 I've changed just slightly per our team.   1....

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