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NCAA vs PGA - Who got it right?

Every organization must have rules and guidelines to exist and regulate their membership. Interpretation and enforcement of those rules is important for ensuring fairness to the members of the...


NCAA Tournament teams to pull against.

Now that we don't have a dog in the hunt other than back up favorite teams and the inherent urge to pull for the underdog, I thought it might be fun to list our top ten teams to pull against in...


The IU Challenge.

Managing the mental state of a team is one of the biggest challenges that coaches face. X's and O's give the players the how to do it part of the game and talent affords the ability, but...


Tweeting the Hate

Just read a bunch of the tweets Indiana University fans are sending to Coach Cal. Most of them are just juvenile and stupid, a few are actually threatening but all of them are over the top. I...



Am I the only one scouting this game? Wisconsin can't hit the side of a barn and they are only down one at the half. UNC just doesn't seem to have it together lately. The second half of this...


Coach, now that you asked.....

Now, we will all admit that we are as good, if not better, coaches than whoever happens to be at the helm of the Wildcats at any given point in time.  So let's indulge in a sports fantasy...


NCAA gets it right (for a change).

NCAA adds restricted arc under the basket.


A house divided,

 the famous saying goes, soon falls.  I can hear  Henny Penny starting to mumble and stare at the sky.    Coach Cal can't win it all with freshmen, we hear, based upon the notion that he hasn't...


NCAA investigates Bledsoe.

Brace for an outpouring of hate.  Coach Cal had to be behind this, right?  It won't matter to the haters that the NCAA accepted Bledsoe's academic credentials before he came to UK.  Heck, that...


Another chapter written.

As the story of the 2010 NCAA Tourney unfolds it once again plays out like a fine suspense novel.  A main character gets killed off early, mystery teams pull off upsets right and left, and the hero...


Now we know.

According to Jerry Tipton, Patrick Patterson will jump through the hoop Sunday and still might return for one more year.  Pat also said something to the effect of jumping through the hoop again...


Grand Theft: Basketball

At a joint news conference Sunday afternoon, the Attorneys General of Mississippi and Tennessee announced the filing of charges against the players and coaches of the University of Kentucky men's...


Random thoughts during Sunday BBall withdrawal.

UK holds on to beat UNC and it was obvious that the Cats have much room for improvement.  That is exciting. So far this season we have: Come back from an 18 point deficit to win on a last second...


Pet peeves.

Just watched Texas Tech defeat Washington and, like  the Wisconsin/Duke game last night, the students stormed the floor.  This practice, encouraged by Dickie V until the crowd ran him over one...

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