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KU not playing WSU may be made illegal?


I'll keep my political feelings out of this. I would love to see the match-up but I do think HCBS makes a good point here. My first Fanpost since the conversion...will anyone see it?

KU Spring Game Highlights


KU Spring Game Highlights

Stay Classy Mizzou...


This is from the Star, not Tigerboard. I think this article pretty much sums up the priorities of the average Tiger fan. Man, I'm glad I'm a Jayhawk....

How it feels to be a Jayhawk


Any chance we can get Sarah Kelly to be a guest writer here at RCT?

Sporting News Feature on HCCW


HCCW's vision of success in the short-term: "...going on the road somewhere where everyone thought you had no chance, and their fans heading for the rafters before the game is over, and those couple thousand Kansas fans that got tickets scattered throughout the stadium all end up behind your bench waving towels. I want this program to experience that this year."


Labba's Top Ten Reasons Why This Is His Favorite Time of Year

March/April has always been a great time of year to be a Jayhawk. It is the time of year that is the focus of most Jayhawk fans. We dream of March the 11 other months of the year, even those of...

Is HCCW making inroads into the one of the top NJ high-scool programs


A Tevin Shaw article about how Rutgers missed on this kid but also offers some insight into Kansas and HCCW establishing a relationship with a high school that has produced 3 NFL 1st rounders.

Jay and Truman duke it out in the court of popular opinion


Lots of laughs and a wee bit of Schadenfreude. Good stuff from the Star. --just don't read the comments section--

Is anyone else having the issue with SB sites of only seeing the top 2 articles and no Fanshots or...


Is anyone else having the issue with SB sites of only seeing the top 2 articles and no Fanshots or Fanposts? This happens often to me and on different machines...

Is it just me??

Big East fans not happy with move to the ACC


Or so it would seem from the commenters on this article. The article is good too...

Fascinating NY Times article addressing potential congressional involvement in realignment.


"Congress has the nexus to engage," he said. "These are tax exempt organizations now making billions of dollars off of unpaid athletes. When it’s a regional league it seems to make sense. When you’re taking schools practically from coast to coast and putting them in big profit revenue leagues, we may be at a point where the N.C.A.A. has lost its ability to create a fair system for all universities to play in." ..."The sudden consolidation of the B.C.S. conferences may raise any number of issues that Congress will want to explore, especially because these conference affiliation decisions have been made quickly and out of view of all concerned constituencies — student athletes, alumni, fans, and the governments who control the public universities that overwhelmingly populate the B.C.S.," said the lawyer, who was not authorized by his clients to speak publicly on the subject. The extent of Congressional interest could come down to how many universities get squeezed monetarily from the shift in landscape. "If my school is somehow left out, my constituents are going to demand I do everything in my power to stop that," the congressman said.

Don't forget, Victor Ortiz vs Floyd Mayweather Jr. tomorrow night!


Don't forget, Victor Ortiz vs Floyd Mayweather Jr. tomorrow night!

The 12-yard cushion is not a new wrinkle, unfortunately for us...


3 defensive coordinators ago we were moaning about the same thing. Here's a fanpost from 2009 after a winnable Texas Tech game in Lubbock (in which we were rockin the blue pants) that breaks down our press vs. sagging zone coverage and the results they yeilded.

With all the Kool-Aid being poured around here, this really shocks me...


With all the Kool-Aid being poured around here, this really shocks me...

Rivals: KU lands top targeted QB recruit


6'4" Dual-threat QB out of Garland was also being recruited by OU and Brent Venables.

You Can't Measure America's Grit


A somewhat topical take on stat-heads vs all-American grit.

Geneo Grissom still not on the two-deep


Still smarting after losing this kid. Think we can show this to Mr. Rose?

This needz capshund.


This needz capshund.

Could be worse, at least this guy isn't our owner...


On one very special night, I got to observe the ludicrous spectacle of (Dodgers' Owner) McCourt currying favor with Tiger Woods, as financial and sexual hypocrisy merged in a ludicrous carnival of late-Bush-era faux-alpha-male arrogance.

College Hockey -> NHL is better than NCAA Hoops -> NBA


Puckchaser explains why the relationship between the NCAA and the NBA is dumb.

Well, there goes our team.


Well, there goes our team.

Judging the Royals makes it's triumphant return


Despite objections from metrics fans, I thought it did a good job of analyzing players and the way they play the game. It told you Scott Podsednik played the wall poorly, had a weak arm and took too many called third strikes. It told you Jason Kendall was a terrific situational hitter and great at blocking pitches (which is part of why his teammates valued him more than the people who just look at numbers). It told you Yuniesky Betancourt was better than we all may have thought, but inconsistent, especially on balls to his left. So the site gave fans a lot of information about how the players actually played and what fans could observe during a game. (Several coaches and players told me the evaluations were pretty much right on and included many of the same conclusions they'd reached privately.)

A series of bad moments adds up to disaster for KU


Blair Kerkhoff over at the Star weighs in with some solid analysis.

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