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I'm nice. Really I am. Don't listen to redfloyd.
And I love my hAlos! I'm into the intangibles. Screw stats.

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5k Funwalk 03/29/2014


Here are a few pics of the 5k fun walk. We all survived! It was a lot of fun.

Angels 5K & 1 Mile Family Fun Run/Walk Race


The HH girls are going! Let's get together and represent the bestestestest baseball site in the galaxy!

UMP booted for drug use!


Let's get these guys tested! Maybe all these horrible calls are made while 'under the influence'!

Follow up on Kemp's 'feel good' story about the kid with cancer


Kemp flew the kid & his family down to Doyertown for the game. What's really cool is Trout makes an appearance and jokes that he probably won't even get talked to since he's an Angel.

A much needed 'Feel Good Story'...


It may be Kemp of the Dodgers, but this is the kind of story that really gets the point across about it being 'more than baseball'. This kid is dying of cancer and Kemp was told about it by one of the coaches. What he does may be trivial to some, but I'm sure it is one of the highlights in this guy's short lifetime. This community of HalosHeaven...where we really can call each other 'friends'. Through good times and craptastic times.

Groupon tickets to some games


Choose from 13 games, different ticket price levels. See the link for the games.

Throwbacks is closing


Jason's lease at Throwback's is not getting renewed. The owner wants to turn it into a Mexican Cantina :-( Saturday night is the last night Jason will be tending bar for those of you who are close by and would like to say bye to one of the best pre & post game traditions.

Happy Birthday, Rev!! I am so very glad that we've reconnected after all these years. ...


Happy Birthday, Rev!! I am so very glad that we've reconnected after all these years. I am very honored to call you 'friend'. Have an amazing day.... hugs & smooches

McCarthy released from hospital and tweeting about threesomes

Oakland Athletics pitcher Brandon McCarthy was released from a Bay Area hospital Tuesday, less than a week after getting hit in the head by a line drive and undergoing surgery. And he said he plans to return to baseball once he regains to full strength in the coming months. great news! I like this guy-he's pretty funny. Can we have him?

OT: just a giggle about Red Sox fans


I just thought this was amusing.... In separate arrests in Florida and California, FBI agents last week collared two alleged bank robbers who wore Boston Red Sox caps during their respective armed heists, according to court records.

Yee Haw!!!! it's Stetson night JUNE 2nd (Sat) (UPDATED)


Sorry for the late notice, but our leftest neighbor, Eyespy, will be in the SoCal area and an impromptu HH game has been scheduled. Saturday, June 2nd with possibly a few shenanigans in the hours before the game. PLEASE, if you'd like to know, state so ASAP (like by Mon/Tues next week) so we can get tickets for all and schedule the funtivities. So far, eyespy, stirrups, bug, AF15, AF7 plus any SO's will be attending. Please state how many tickets you will be needing. thankyouverymuch

Fanfest 2012 photos


We had a great time! There was a thick marine layer, so when we got there around 10, it was chilly (for me anyway) and overcast. We wandered around a bit, got some photos, met up with pattimelt a couple of times and then headed into the game. The game, despite losing, was fun! It warmed up just enough to make it comfortable and wasn't too hot. enjoy the pics!!

Ozzie suspended for FIVE games for Castro comments


He is in Miami, land of Cuban refugees (hey, did you know Morales....) and says he likes and 'respects' Castro for staying in power. Kind of like standing in a temple and yelling "Hitler was a cool dude. I loved his moustache". Then Ozzie states " (he) has since said he regrets the comments and has had sleepless nights." I don't think Ozzie ever regrets what he says and has even said he has no regrets about anything. could be a blessing in disguise. He doesn't have to look at that monstrosity in center field for a few games.

Hell no...Abreu won't go

The Angels' deal to trade Bobby Abreu to the Indians fell apart due to salary concerns, a source familiar with the talks told Mike DiGiovanna of the Los Angeles Times. Cleveland wanted the veteran slugger but the two sides couldn't agree upon how much of his $9MM salary they would assume.

I'm in the process of organizing some photos; this was taken at the first HH gathering and I can't...


I'm in the process of organizing some photos; this was taken at the first HH gathering and I can't remember the names of the guys between WiHaloFan dammit, I mean redfloyd and Rev (#2-5 from the left). Please identify yourselves & sorry I forgot who you were. Though of course I'm going to do the "that's right...damn" after you reveal yourselves. thanks

AM830 to rebroadcast a vintage Angels game today at 4pm. Not sure if they've done this before but...


AM830 to rebroadcast a vintage Angels game today at 4pm. Not sure if they've done this before but it sounds like a neato idea.

7th inning stretch....HalosHeaven style!

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

7th inning stretch....HalosHeaven style!

215 MLB players voted on the meanest player in baseball


No surprise on #1. I AM surprised that Jose Guillen did not make the list. I cracked up at wussy boy Tex who made #15 So... who would be on your list?


OT: last minute HH meet up in the IE on Wednesday Aug 31

Opie & hubby are coming down the mountain and I was wondering if any IE people #1-would like to meet up for food/beer/watching the game and #2-have any suggestions for a great place that will show...

Batboy tell-all: Secrets of the Yankees


Interesting account of life in the Yanks dugout from the bat boy's perspective. The comments make for even better reading. Someone broke the sacred inner circle of trust with the spilling of secrets! hahaaa

Aug 7th-->Groupon for Inland Empire 66'ers package


for $40, you get a four-person outing to an Inland Empire 66ers Minor League Baseball game at Arrowhead Credit Union Park in San Bernardino (an $84 total value). This package includes the following goodies: * Four executive box-seat tickets (a $40 value) * A personalized welcome via the PA system and video board (a $30 value) * Two unlimited passes to the children's Fun Zone (a $10 value) * Parking for one vehicle (a $4 value) * A complimentary program Your GrouponLive voucher may be redeemed at one of 15 regular-season home games until September 5. All four game tickets must be used at the same time.

Discounted tickets for Wed Aug 17th game vs Rangers


Angels are having a special promo....great seats are available! Section 107 are $20 + the usual BS charges. See link for promo code.

A Rod pulls out......


Let the jokes begin...... 3 less Yankees...the game might be worth watching after all

What a nice ticket screw up!!!


MIKE LANGDON accidentally received tickets left for MARK LANGSTON at will call. He ended up in the owner's box, next to Arte Moreno himself, according to Yahoo Sports. What a great way to watch a game!

Bug's Coupons/Discounts of the Day

half off at Johnny Rockets in the OC Also, Starbuck's is bringing back their 'Happy Hour'...from May 6-15th, all fraps are 50% during 3pm to 5 pm

Inland Empire 66ers game *GROUPON*


Great bargain if anyone is interested in purchasing some tickets. $40 for Four Executive Box-Seat Tickets, Program, PA/Video Board Welcome, Two Fun Zone Passes, and Free Parking to Inland Empire 66ers Baseball ($84 Value)

So who has been naughty?? Santa made a list and he's checking it....


So who has been naughty?? Santa made a list and he's checking it....


Gallo Trial Goes to Jury

Trial goes to the jury I'm both angry and scared.  Angry that this jerk blatantly destroyed 4 lives. Scared that there is a potential that the jury will let this guy go to probably repeat history...

HK-47 signing autographs today in Seal Beach


Los Angeles Angels Howie Kendrick To Sign Autographs At Seal Beach AT&T Retail Store Today, Saturday, Aug 14 11:30a to 1:00p at Seal Beach AT&T Store, Seal Beach, CA On Sat., August 14, Los Angeles Angels second baseman Howie Kendrick will be at the Seal Beach AT&T Store signing autographs and taking pictures with area residents and fans.

Jerseys on sale at Amazon


all MLB replica jerseys on sale at Amazon. $39.99 each!! They have a generic Angels one and one with Torii #48. I think it's today if you want one....grab while you can!

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