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User Blog

Joe Saunders --------> Mariners


Reportedly a one year deal.

Oliver Perez back to Mariners on 1-year deal


Dave Cameron's Offseason Plan


Personally, I don't like the idea of taking away everyday play from Saunders and Gutierrez to give it to Smoak, and I think Carlos Villenueva blows, but Melky Cabrera and Nick Swisher are good targets.

Chrome extension for more readable Lookout Landing


I threw this together really quickly this morning. If you have Chrome, install Stylebot and use this (or customize your own) CSS for use on Lookout Landing. Changes: - Cut down the size of the giant image (which, often, was too low of resolution to be shown that large anyway - Almost all font sizes dropped slightly, font changed back to Arial. - Comment font changed to Arial, I kept the subject line font the same because I think that styling is nice.

Vargas and Millwood ------> Waivers


I'm sure someone will bite. The logical move as I see it is to get rid of Millwood and bring up Erasmo, and only trade Vargas if we get a good return.

Guti --> 25-man || Casper --> Tacoma


At least Figgins is still here!

Carter Capps -----> Tacoma


I don't know how much I trust the source, though.

Ichiro ----> Yankees


The Yankees have acquired Ichiro Suzuki for RHPs DJ Mitchell and Danny Fahrquar, a source said. Yanks also get undisclosed cash in deal. ------------------ I think I just died a little inside.

Cool article and video on the Rays and defensive shifts


Pretty fun video. Seeing Brett Lawrie throw out Pena fron shallow right field is neat.

BREAKING: Mariners release Shawn Camp


Devastating news for Shawn Camp fans. Just a few weeks ago we thought Shawn Camp as a long shot to make the opening day roster. Today, after a very Shawn Camp kind of Spring (8.1IP, 8H, 3BB, 6K) he was released from the Mariners. What could have been 60 innings of low innings, slightly above replacement level pitching is now just what "could have been" rather than "what will be". We will miss you, Shawn Camp. I hope you extend your career long enough to become the first result in Google for "Shawn Camp".

Playoffs expand from 8 to 10 teams, starting 2012.


Holy shit. Didn't see this coming

Seattle Mariners 2012 ZiPS Projections


In a world where Vincent Catricala is going to be a better hitter than Justin Smoak and Milton Bradley is one of our better hitters. Oh yeah, and Matt Tuiasosopo is an average defensive catcher.

LaCava could be the next GM of the Orioles


He was my favorite of the M's GM candidates at the time. It will be interesting to see how he performs in a "hey what if" kind of scenario. I'm also looking forward to seeing every AL East team win 85+ in the near future.


OFFTOP 7/28/10 - Looking to the Future

Here's prompts with a future bent, in celebration of the release of Starcraft 2 and because it parallels the last one: What is your favorite science fiction movie? Game? Book? Author? Which...


Season of Disappointments

2010 has sucked. The Red Sox got a version of Beltre we had only dreamed of, the White Sox saw Declining Rios transform into Super Rios, and the Twins are watching Liriano try to win a Cy Young....


Where do we stand heading into 2011?

Any realistic hope of playing October baseball in 2010 is over, and it's time to start thinking about the future. Fortunately, we have a strong core and some valuable assets that will carry us into...

Individual Stats up at kenpom


Don't be worried about it too much yet, I'd wait until we have the first Arizona State game under our belt to start really caring, but there's some interesting stuff here. 1. Pondexter and Thomas are 410th and 411th in the country in % of minutes played, both with 76.3%. They're also right next to each other in % Possessions at 175 and 176 with 27.2% each. If that isn't a dual threat, I don't know what is. 2. Gant, Suggs, and Turner are our least impactful players thus far, I can believe that. 3. Overton assists a lot more than I thought, I guess he deserves the minutes he's getting. 4. Thomas and Pondexter know how to draw fouls, both cracking the top 50 in FD/40. 5. Breshers is 2 months of hard training away from being a huge impact player, his rate stats are solid all around.


Sounders Playoffs Gamethread

  CONTEXT The Seattle Sounders FC and the Houston Dynamo will face each other in the 2009 MLS playoffs, which begins tonight in Seattle. KEY PLAYERS Seattle: Roster Houston: Roster Both the...

Ricciardi Canned


This is what happens when you don't move Halladay when his value is at his highest... I'd rather have Ricciardi than a lot of current GMs, but tough luck for him. He should be able to find another job, though.

Mariners' turn for the Community Prospect List on Minor League Ball


Add your vote if you know anything about the Mariners minor league system!

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