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Mayo Rumblings to Portland...


(BTW - if there is a better thread to consolidate rumors, point me in that direction...) Sam Amick ✔ @sam_amick More free agent rumblings - OJ Mayo's likely suitors: Jazz, Bucks, Minnesota, Clippers, Blazers, Bobcats, Bulls.

Bynum drawing interest from PDX?


The source specifically mentioned the Portland Trail Blazers and Cleveland Cavaliers as two teams expected to reach out to Bynum along with all of the clubs with cap space pursuing center Dwight Howard Read more at

Coby Karl coming to camp


The Trail Blazers have signed G Coby Karl, bringing the training camp roster to 19. He will wear No. 7. #RipCity

Ronnie Price to blazers?


Odd - i saw this account from a Damian Lillard Re-tweet.... "Crazy that @Dame_Lillard @wessywes2 and ‪#Ronnie‬ ‪#Price‬ are playing together for the 2012-2013 season. ‪#ripcity‬"

Lamarcus: top 3 most consistent scorer in NBA?


Interesting - admittedly i was too lazy to read the ENTIRE article, but basically the gist is similar to the idea of 'shake', in that it attempts to measure Volatility of scoring. They put Lamarcus as top 3 behind KD and LBJ. **keep in mind the parameters are 20+Ppg scorers only im sure the measurement can be faulty (as with most stats), but in any case kinda cool. Player Volatility Carmelo Anthony 44.0% Dwight Howard 41.5% Monta Ellis 40.9% Brandon Jennings 40.6% Kevin Martin 38.6% Chris Bosh 38.4% Deron Williams 37.2% Russell Westbrook 35.7% Derrick Rose 32.7% Kobe Bryant 29.6% Kevin Love 27.2% Blake Griffin 25.7% LaMarcus Aldridge 23.7% Kevin Durant 23.3% LeBron James 20.8%

Little Marquette Fan Loves the 3 Goggles


I randomly found this, but thought it was pretty cool - this little kid loves the 3 goggles, and Marquette passed out the 3 goggles cardboard cutouts. random, but i found it interesting.

Mahoney: Nate McMillan Has A New Element

Rob Mahoney of the New York Times' Off The Dribble blog takes a look at Portland Trail Blazers coach Nate McMillan's lineup flexibility... -------------------------------- McMillan has been given a fascinating group of players with which to formulate lineups, and adding Wallace only diversifies his options. A player who can swing between positions in order to pair up at the forward spots with Aldridge for balance, Batum for intrigue, or Matthews for mayhem? Wallace’s presence may not create an entirely stable rotation in Portland, but he opens up a startling number of possibilities. The blessing in this for fans of creative rotation-making is McMillan’s recent two-year contract extension. Security is practically a prerequisite for experimentation, and inking McMillan for the next two seasons should rid all of his tinkering of the smell of desperation. This isn’t a coach on his last legs digging for that job-saving lineup, but one who has been empowered by his front office to make crucial decisions that are anything but straightforward. -------------------------------- ed: bumped to front page

Bill Bayno and his Mental Struggles


great read on Bill Bayno and Alcoholism, mental health issues, and his past. sorry if dual posted.

Portland/Miami most watched NBATv Regular Season game in History

Notes: Tuesday's Blazers-Miami game drew 681,000 viewers on NBA TV, making it the most viewed regular season game in the history of NBA TV

Gerald Wallace Rap


this is from Rufus on Fire, it was on the Gerald Wallace Facts site... this is absurd...but now that hes on our team, we HAVE to love it right? i mean....bust a bucket? its in our blood to like bad blazer raps. (including that terrible intro from last season to our homegames)

Oden was Sticking Point in NJ Trade?


thank god we didnt trade oden away. interesting.

'Most Underrated NBA Players of last Decade


2001-02 SEASON: Andre Miller PER GAME NUMBERS: MINUTES: 37.3 | POINTS: 16.5 | ASSISTS: 10.9 | REBOUNDS: 4.0 | STEALS: 1.6 You may know Andre Miller as a solid player for Portland right now. You may also remember him as the point guard who helped Carmelo Anthony come in to the NBA with guns blazing and then being the key player who was traded for NBA superstar Allen Iverson. Before all of that, Andre Miller played on the Cleveland Cavaliers who were horrendous before drafting LeBron James. While in Cleveland, Andre Miller put up phenomenal numbers for a point-guard, but was still never talked about and not even considered a contender for any awards. Take a nice look at his numbers and compare them to the NBA’s last point-guard to win back-to-back MVP Awards, Steve Nash (’05/06: 20.4 PPG, 10.2 APG, 3.7 RPG, .6 SPG). Not so far apart, are they?



"Though Rudy Fernandez was not dealt on NBA Draft Day and appears to be staying put with his team, it may be that his days with the Portland Trail Blazers are numbered: He has reportedly "fallen out of favor with coach [Nate] McMillan," Wesley Matthews has joined the Blazers, and Fernandez is now "officially" getting shopped around." This could be a shoddy source (it is an espn affiliate), i just came across it randomly...but dated today.

Google Buzz for Blazer Fans


Who else is on google buzz? click the link that is my profile, im just messing around, feel free to add and share.

Does Roy Read Blazers Edge?


"That's great," Roy said. "I'm good with it. I hear everybody is getting mad at me now over this whole Andre thing. I don't know why. ... I never did anything. I've never wanted anything but what's good for the team. It makes me a little sad. But I'm cool."

Surprising Stats from Basketball-Reference


Please take these with a grain of salt. They are Formulas, and Stats. But not the be all end all. - Oden has highest Block % - Oden has highest total # of blocks - Rudy has highest Steal % - Oden is #1 in TOTAL REBOUNDING % Top 5 Defensive Rating Players: 1. Oden 2. Przy 3. Garnett 4. Rudy 5. Dampier Oden is #4 in defensive Win shares (aldridge is #7) Roy is #6 in Win shares Aldridge is #2 in Turnover Percentage (!!)

Oden #5 and Rudy #9 ranked soph


INSIDER LINK but here is Rudy and Oden blurb: 5. Greg Oden, Trail Blazers This big guy's confidence is coming on strong. He's averaging 11 points, eight rebounds and two blocks a game in November, while hitting almost 62 percent of his shots. All in just 24 minutes a game. (It's not his fault the Blazers have the best rebounding center in the league playing behind him.) He's often been dominant on the defensive end and on the backboards. If he begins to assert himself more on offense, we'll be talking about All-Star Game appearances soon. and Rudy 9. Rudy Fernandez, Trail Blazers Some guys take major and obvious steps forward in their second season. Others, such as Fernandez, take incremental but pivotal steps that significantly impact their team. Fernandez is still shooting and making a lot of 3s this season (19-for-47 -- 40 percent), but it's his defense that has people taking notice. Fernandez may well be the Blazers' best perimeter team defender. In other words, their defense may be at its best when he's in the game compared to any other guard or wing. O/U On ODen, 10.4 PPG, 8.4 RPG


They got the O/U on Oden as 10.4 ppg, or 8.4 RPG....thats almost a cant lose Bet if you go the over...ether way the other Prop bets look interesting for the Blazers as well: Andre: 14.4 PPG, 6.4 APG Aldridge: 18.3 PPG, 7.5 RPG Roy: 22.5 PPG I think they did a good job with the others, but Oden at 10/8??? I think 12/10 is on the low end for him....hmm....

Anyone got Google Wave? if so, want to start a Blazer Wave with me? I Wanna see how it could work...


Anyone got Google Wave? if so, want to start a Blazer Wave with me? I Wanna see how it could work with Sports.

Follow all NBA Media on Twitter from one Web Page


This has a stream of all NBA Media on Twitter and ask they instead of following it through your own account, you can just take a glance.


Some Positive for Oden from Thorpe (ESPN)

I dont think i have heard anyone compare Oden to Horford, but this is a great little synopsis by David Thorpe who puts Oden at #7:   This slimmer version of Oden is starting to make an impact...


Blazers Fans and Twitter

hey all, so I am a big fan of twitter, but relatively new.  I know Bustabucket is on twitter (as of a few days ago), but I was wondering who else is on Twitter?    For those of you unfamilar with...

"Stuart scott from espn said greg oden looks 42 , lol dats funny - Shaq on Twitter" Guess he was...


"Stuart scott from espn said greg oden looks 42 , lol dats funny - Shaq on Twitter" Guess he was watching the game last night!

Darius Working Out (ESPN)

Darius Miles"The Celtics had him in camp and released him in late October so he could have a chance at hooking up with another team, although it hasn't happened yet. Miles is said to have...


Kevin Love RE: His Homecoming to Portland (wow)

This is from his blog, was anyone at the game??? was it really that bad? MY HOMECOMING TO PORTLANDI got a mix of boos here and there. I got a few people on my side out there, but I felt...


Trailblazer Blog Roll

Just curious about what other blogs people read regarding the blazers.....just want to see if i missed any:    - O-love blogs  - Mike Barrett -  Casey's   - Trailbloggers  - Rip City Project ...

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